Yes! Our WordPress 101 tutorial videos have been updated for the all-new block editor in WordPress 5.0!

The WP101 Plugin is simply the easiest way to teach your clients WordPress basics, cutting your support costs while providing an invaluable resource for your clients. It delivers a complete set of professionally-produced “WordPress 101” tutorial videos directly within your client’s dashboard!

Plus, the WP101 Plugin also includes a complete set of tutorial videos for WooCommerce, Jetpack, and Yoast SEO, if those plugins are also installed on the site. Videos for other popular plugins are in the works.

Simply enter your WP101Plugin.com API key to display our WordPress tutorial videos within your client’s WordPress administration panel.

You can choose which tutorial videos are shown, and even embed your own custom videos!

Stop wasting time teaching WordPress to your clients. Let the WP101 Plugin free your time to focus on what you do best!


  • The video tutorial selection and viewing interface.


  1. Go to WP101Plugin.com to get your API key.
  2. Copy your API key from your WP101Plugin.com dashboard.
  3. Install and activate the WP101 Plugin in the ‘Plugins’ panel.
  4. Go to the Video Tutorials menu item and click the Settings button to enter your API key.


How do I get an API key?

Simply go to: WP101Plugin.com and follow the instructions to set up an API key in less than a minute.

Can I choose which video topics are displayed?

Yes! You can selectively hide or show individual tutorial videos (or entire courses) through the app at WP101Plugin.com.

Can I add my own custom videos?

Yes! You can add your own custom videos, and they’ll appear at the bottom of the list of tutorial videos. Visit the [“Custom Videos” page in the WP101Plugin.com app.

What if I have the Classic Editor installed?

If the Classic Editor plugin is also installed and activated on your site, the previous version of our WordPress 101 videos for the Classic Editor in WordPress 4.9 and older will also appear in the list. You can hide or show these videos in the Settings.

Why aren’t the Jetpack, WooCommerce, or Yoast SEO videos showing up?

The tutorial videos for Jetpack, WooCommerce, and Yoast SEO will only appear in the list if the plugin in question is also installed on the same site. No sense showing videos that don’t apply to a particular site, now is there?

The plugin was installed by my developer, but their API key has expired. What do I do?

You can ask your developer to renew their subscription, or you can go to WP101Plugin.com to start your own subscription and get access to all of our videos.

Can I hardcode my API key into the plugin for use across multiple installations?

Yes! Simply define the WP101_API_KEY constant within your wp-config file:

 * API key for the WP101 plugin.
 * @link https://wp101plugin.com
I’ve been using the WP101 Plugin for some time now — will upgrading to 5.x break my site?

We’ve made every effort to ensure a smooth transition to version 5.x of the WP101 plugin from earlier versions:

  • Upon upgrading, your existing API key will be exchanged for a new API key automatically.
    • If you’ve defined the API key via the WP101_API_KEY constant, you’ll be given instructions for updating the value.
  • Hidden courses and videos will automatically be passed to the WP101 Plugin app as part of the exchange, and will be reflected automatically. No more having to filter out videos!


I've been using the WP101Plugin to support my virtual assisting and project management students for a couple of years now, and I've been blown away by the quality and detail of the videos. I appreciate that I can trust the WP101 brand to exhibit the same quality I strive so hard to provide to my students and clients.  In addition, my interaction with support (Shawn!) has been nothing short of stellar. He was able to turn what I thought would be a complicated request into a smooth transition as I upgraded my plan. I can't tell you how much of a relief it is knowing that I not only have quality resources for my students and clients, but that I also have access to wonderful support whenever I need it. If you're looking for a way to provide excellent WordPress training to your audience without the headache of actually producing the training, then WP101 videos are a MUST. They're worth every cent!
I've been a customer of WP101 for a couple of years now. They provide professionally made, high quality training videos for WordPress, WooCommerce, Yoast, JetPack and more... I always wanted a way to provide training videos to my website clients so they can administer their own website. I used to train every single client on how to use their website and besides being time consuming, most people can't absorb everything you teach them in one sitting. So this Plugin is the best solution!! Now I can give each of my clients access to these professionally made training videos that they can watch right in the backend of their own website, whenever they want. I don't have to provide one-on-one training anymore (unless of course they want to pay extra for it), and everybody wins. This plugin is a great solution. You just have to pay for the membership you want and it's definitely worth it! I highly recommend!
I have been a member since they started 5+ years appx, Shaun has delivered constantly and things are always up to date,I notice there are 2, 1 star reviews these should be removed there stupid people who didn't have a valid membership so they have no authority to write a review, they complained they can use the plugin for nothing. Typical idiots Good to see your now of clarity FM i will be booking some time with you:)
Professional, comprehensive videos for your clients on how to use WordPress. Saves hours of support time. As an added bonus, you can record your own training videos for the custom functionality you've built and make them available right in the WP Dashboard.
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Változási napló

For a complete list of changes, please see the plugin’s GitHub repository.


  • Run migrations across a multisite network via a background task.
  • Store public API keys based on the site URL, enabling better handling of domain changes.
  • Add the wp101_excluded_topics filter.


  • Ensure that legacy API keys are exchanged before making any other API requests.


  • Complete rewrite of the plugin and backing APIs to bring even more content to the WP101 plugin.
  • Custom videos, course visibility, and permissions are now controlled via the WP101 Plugin app.