WP Notification Bell


Bell notifications for your website users. Display an on-site notification feed with notifications created manually or through triggers (new posts/cpts, WooCommerce, new comment replies, bbPress…).
WP Notification Bell is a custom notification and bell alert plugin for WordPress. (not push notifications and no emails)
This plugin lets you show real-time notifications to either logged-in users, or guests, or both.

Send on-site notification campaigns and let users know about news, promotions, events, product launches…
Or automatically notify users when you publish a new post or cpt (or when frontend users create a custom post type), or about comment replies, WooCommerce order updates…


  • Flexible notifications : Create any type of notification with as many fields as you need.
  • Target notifications : Broadcast notifications to everyone or send to a specific user role or specific usernames.
  • New posts notifications : Send notifications to users every time you publish a new post. Custom post types included.
  • New comments notifications : Facebook-like notifications to let logged-in users receive notifications for approved comment replies to their own comment, and let post authors receive notifications for approved comments on their post.
  • bbPress notifications : New reply notification in subscribed topics for bbPress.
  • BuddyPress notifications : Display BuddyPress notifications to logged-in users.
  • WooCommerce notifications : Notify customers about each order status update.
  • Unseen notification count : Display the count of unseen notifications.


For guides and tutorials, start from WP Notification Bell documentation.

Pro Features Available

  • New notification sound
  • New comments notifications for guest users
  • Display date on comment, buddypress and bbpress notifications
  • Custom edit WooCommerce notifications (modify content, add date…)
  • Restrict the bell display to specific user roles
  • Target notifications to logged-out guests only
  • Multiple custom post types new posts notifications
  • Move post or cpt notifications to trash automatically
  • Notification page redirection instead of drop-down box option
  • AJAX powered recent notification feed widget in real-time
  • Advanced Custom Fields placeholders (add ACF fields as default value)
  • Polylang integration
  • Display all notifications shortcode

Add-ons Available

  • WooCommerce back in stock notifications : Let your customers subscribe for wishlist to know when products are back in stock.
  • Dokan Multivendor Marketplace integration: Notifications for Dokan vendors (new orders, order status completed, new product reviews).
  • Asgaros Forum integration : Let users be notified on-site when they’re mentioned in a post, or when there’s a new reply in a topic they’re subscribed to.
  • WooCommerce new order notification : New order notifications for administrators and shop managers on the admin bar menu.


  • Step 1 is to enable ‘Add bell icon to menu’ either for logged-in users or visitors or both in General->Settings, or add one of the shortcodes.
  • Step 2 is to add fields in ‘Notification item’ tab in the settings.
  • Step 3 is to add a new notification.
  • Step 4 is to add an image (optional).
  • Notification bell for logged-in users added to a menu.
  • Notifications in a drop-down box with the comment reply trigger enabled, and manual notifications.
  • Notification bell for visitors (logged out users).
  • Empty notification box.


Most notification plugins only allow you to manually notify people. Or, they only email notifications. This is the only plugin I can find that does on-site comment notifications. Which is nice to have even if all you have is a simple blog. Your readers should know if someone has replied to their comment (without relying on email). I’d love it if there was one more shortcode added. A shortcode to show a list of the user’s notifications. In other words, I don’t think I want to use the bell and pop-up. I’d rather have a page with a shortcode that shows the notifications. Please create an add on for Frontend PM as well.
I have researched many plugins in this area. This was the only content that met my needs. thank you. It will be much better if you improve it a little more aesthetically from a visual point of view. In particular, we expect a more aesthetic display for mobile devices.
2021.06.25. 1 reply
I use WordPress for years (since version 2.0) and this is my first plugin review, so all of you can see how good this plugin is and how much I appreciate the author’s work! The plugin is simple and lightweight, yet with many powerful features and it is exactly what I’ve looking for. The only thing I miss is to give users the possibility to delete old/readed notifications – now I overcome it by simply „display: none” css code for old/readed notifications. Thank you again, please don’t let this plugin die!
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Változási napló


  • First version of the plugin.


  • Fixed deleting notification items
  • Added seen/unseen notification data
  • Added date of publishing


  • Added custom post type trigger
  • Added loading spinner and fixed closing speed
  • Changed database query
  • Added filter hook when saving new post for the trigger


  • Added notification bell for logged out users
  • Added time placeholder


  • Changed type checking order when adding custom post types
  • Styling fixed for visitors and added specific notification item names for visitors
  • Added a filter to possibly change the link for cpt
  • Fixed links for cpt


  • Added recipient role selection for new post and new cpt
  • Fixed ajax calls


  • Reduced server calls for logged out users
  • Fixed recipient role selected in editor


  • Fixed styling options for shortcode
  • Removed count increment on post update
  • Added post title placeholder
  • Added freemius


  • Notifications published after multiple post revisions fixed
  • Fixed date timezone for logged out users
  • Notifications only after first publish for logged out users
  • Removed woocommerce notifications if option disabled


  • Recent notifications widget for premium
  • Changed title of All notifications table to post title


  • Added nonce security checks
  • Sanitized logged out user cookies


  • Removed wnbell_notifications from custom post types to select
  • Added possibility to add notifications for imported posts


  • Added function to check in js script for wnbell_test_ls in pro
  • Added option to restrict the bell display for some user roles in pro
  • Fixed visited notification for woocommerce
  • Added a floating bell option
  • Added a full screen notification box for small devices


  • Changed z-index for mobile devices
  • Moved mediaquery js variable from js file to php file


  • Removed a permission check for custom post types


  • Changed how the count gets updated
  • Added a new table to improve performance
  • Stored server call interval as a global js variable


  • Delete custom table row on post deleting
  • Count for new logged in users is 1 instead of counting all existing notifications
  • Added ACF placeholders for pro
  • Joining with new role table for visitors
  • Fixed infinite loop if cpt option not set


  • Improved visitor count query
  • Added Polylang integration in pro
  • Changed woocommerce order display so it displays status label instead of slug
  • Updated pot file
  • Added table for usernames
  • Fixed post date format to correctly compare with user notifications


  • Now updates links on post update
  • Fixed new notification for cpt from frontend


  • Fixed seen notifications for woocommerce order updates
  • Fixed user notifications order with custom notifications
  • Added back in stock add-on


  • Fixed notification count display and notification sort for user notifications only use case


  • Removed default notification for new posts without meta box
  • Added logged out role for premium
  • Added page redirection for premium
  • Added filter hooks for query conditions
  • Added server call interval for widget


  • Replaced link a href tags with divs
  • Added a variable set check


  • Removed admin check in new user submitted cpt notifications
  • Adding custom fields for woocommerce order updates
  • Added css class to style the bell


  • Save ‘enable new post notification’ option from post meta box no matter its initial state
  • Added back the default notification function for new posts (type ‘post’)
  • Fixed admin css
  • Added multiple notification sound options in premium
  • Added hooks to add seen/unseen functionality to custom triggers


  • Constant bug fix
  • Fixed Polylang notifications


  • Restyled the dropdown box
  • Added comment notification for post authors
  • Fixed comment links for approved comments
  • Delete post or cpt notification automatically on post or cpt deletion in pro


  • Updated bbpress get subscribers function
  • Gave bbpress option, engagement or subscription notifications
  • Changed bell icon css in menu
  • Added guests comment notifications in pro


  • Changed woocommerce modified date access, order properties no longer accessed directly
  • Fixed box position and added padding in empty box
  • Fixed Polylang language for imported posts
  • Added time to trigger array


  • Fixed unseen notification style id for user notifications
  • Fixed Polylang language for imported custom post type posts
  • Added hooks to user notifications
  • Fixed sorting user notifications


  • Added display option
  • Fixed sql query for logged out user comment notifications
  • Convert first letter to uppercase in comment and bbp notifications


  • Added buddypress notifications


  • Added check for new comments by logged out users
  • Fixed buddypress bbpress notifications


  • Added title in list of notifications
  • Fixed the count for logged in first time users


  • Fixed comment notifications


  • Fixed date format to sort notifications


  • Fixed undefined variable for visitor shortcode


  • Allowed spaces in recipient username