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The Paste


Speed up your workflow by pasting images directly to the WordPress text editor
and upload them to the media library.

Copy image data from many desktop applications:

The most recent Desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge and Safari are supported.

The paste at GitHub


  • Pasting into rich text editor. You can either upload the image immediately or do so later.
  • Paste into media library ...
  • ... and choose filename and format before you upload.


Follow the standard WordPress plugin installation procedere.


Installation Instructions

Follow the standard WordPress plugin installation procedere.


The plugin does exactly what you expect. I would like to suggest something: it would be perfect if we could change the pattern for file names when uploaded to the server. By default, it uses the title of the post, but my language is not English, so the file is saved with special characters like ç and ã. This have caused me serious server issues in past (so I use to save images only in lowercase and no special characters). Because of it I'll will not be using the plugin, but for those who don't care about it, it's a good option. Thank you!
This is perfect. I find it crazy that this is not a built in feature within WordPress so coming across this plugin was great and saves me time having to build it myself.
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Változási napló


  • Prevent Editor Crashes: Only embed images up to 262144 px, upload otherwise


  • Support Text Widget
  • Better Media Titles


  • Fix JS Error in TextWidget


  • Performance improvements
  • Add Textdomain to plugin header
  • Remove unnecessary settings


  • Update plugin URL
  • Fix double pasting


  • Initial release