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Smallpay is a company specialized in recurring payments with credit cards; Smallpay is a cloud platform that offers to the seller the possibility of sellingof goods and services in installments with automatic and recurring payment on credit cards.

Smallpay offers the Merchant the possibility of payments in installments on any purchase and to charge monthly each installment on the card of his client. It is possible to do this both for the operators of physical stores that access their account with Log-in and password, and for the owners of online shops who have downloaded the plugin and have activated it on their e-commerce site.
All merchant’s customers will only have to enter their credit card number in the check-out page for payment of the first installment; the installments following the first one will be debited automatically, on the same card, on the 5th of each month until the current installments are canceled


  • Ability to apply installments on product categories
  • Ability to set up to 3 price ranges on which to apply the installments
  • Ability to select the minimum and maximum number of installments for each price range
  • Merchant and customer can view active installment plans
  • Receiving installment plan updates in the Woocommerce back office


Being Smallpay a Nexi partner (https://ecommerce.nexi.it/), entrusts to Nexi all the security requirements related first transactions made online by the customer in favor of the operator. Smallpay will send payments after the first only after receiving a security code from Nexi (token), only once a month and only for the number of installments that the merchant has granted to his client for a specific purchase.


Plugin: free
Plug-in maintenance: free
Plugin updates: free


1 € + VAT per transaction Rate in% of the volume transacted according to the contract signed for XPay.
The monthly cost of the account is € 19.90 + VAT.

Account and Back Office

The account dashboard allows the operator to view the status of payments in real time, to analyze the statistics of the payments received and the planning of future payments of installments that will be paid over time.

What customers will appreciate

Being able to pay in installments an asset or service with interest 0 is the most important factor and pushes many customers to use the Smallpay service, preferring it to financial services that have very high costs. Furthermore, the activation of installments with a financial company is long and laborious and the practice can be refused. With Smallpay the outcome of the first transaction is given in real time and, if the first installment is successful, the subsequent installments will also be charged to the same card.

What merchants will appreciate

Allowing payments in installments for an asset or service with interest 0 allows the operator to sell items of greater value or offer longer-term subscription services. Furthermore, the system is easy and intuitive and no specialized staff is needed to activate an installment plan simply and quickly.
Not least, at the beginning of each month the operator receives in a single solution the total amount of the installments expiring in the reference month



  1. Check the compatibility of the SmallPay plugin with the version of Woocommerce/Wordpress installed on your site
  2. Go to your WordPress admin area and click on Plugins » Add New.
  3. Click on the Upload Plugin button on top of the page.
  4. Browse for the plugin .zip file on your computer.
  5. Click on the install now button and then hit the activate button.


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Változási napló


  • First Public Release


  • Changed – Payment flow
  • Changed – API timeout
  • Added – Payment in a single installment
  • Added – One shot payment for non-installable products
  • Added – More debug and error logs


  • Fixed – Missing file


  • Changed – Optimized backoffice widget


  • Added – Compatibility with WordPress 5.5
  • Fixed – Display issue showing unwanted characters on some themes.


  • Fixed – file attached in order mail


  • Added – New SmallPay API version


  • Fixed – Issue with WordPress back office visualization


  • Fixed – possibility to proceed to purchase even with unconfirmed installments.


  • Fixed – issue with wordpress installed in subfolders


  • Fixed – payment issue


  • Added – New SmallPay API version 3


  • Changed – Management of categories that can be paid in installments


  • FIxed – Incompatibility with variable products


  • Fixed – English translations


  • Fixed – SmallPay environment


  • Fixed – SmallPay privacy link