WordPress File Sharing Plugin and Download Manager – Shared Files


The Best WordPress file sharing plugin on the market

The Shared Files plugin allows you to list and manage downloadable files on your site easily. Just add the files in the admin area and insert the shortcode to the page you wish to list the files.

Very easy to use and no complex settings to mind on, but also very scalable for a large group of files. Many options for different layouts.

14 days free trial available for Pro version, no credit card required.

See live demos at sharedfilespro.com.

Some use cases for this plugin:

  • List any number of files and keep statistics on downloads
  • Share downloadable files like using Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Add a single file to any article/post using a simple shortcode
  • Receive a notification when a file is downloaded
  • Sort files and documents to multiple categories

Features in Free version:

  • Simple and clean user interface
  • No options to set, ready to use right away
  • Separated from the media library
  • Custom images/icons for file types

Additional features in Pro version:

  • Multiple different shortcodes/views for various use cases
  • Sort files into categories
  • Fast search targeting file names and descriptions
  • File load counter
  • Bandwidth usage estimate
  • Alternatively, define an external URL for file and track those loads
  • Optionally receive an email notification when a file is downloaded
  • Password protected files
  • Set expiration date to a file
  • Limit number of downloads per file
  • Front-end file uploader
  • More features on the way based on user feedback

Contact the author here.

Thanks to Luciano Del Fico for translating the Italian version.


  • List of files on your site
  • Files listed in 3 columns (more layout options available)
  • Search from all files
  • Display only 1 specific file on page, using shortcode in post content
  • Opening a password protected file
  • Opening a file that's download limit has been reached
  • File management in admin area
  • Edit a single file


  1. Activate the plugin from WordPress plugin directory or manually upload it to your site
  2. See the Help / Support page for further instructions


I tried everything. All plugins deactivated, switched to twentytwenty theme, still no matter where I insert the simplest shortcode such as [shared_files], nothing appears on my screen. If I insert the uploaded file shortcode then I finally see something: "This feature is available in the Pro version." Is this a joke? How can someone test this plugin? I have no caching activated. Not working at all. I wanted to test it before I 'd buy it. Is it just me? Also the documentation lacks important info: The shortcodes are nowhere mentioned in backend. There is nowhere any info about how to insert them to a page. Someone has to visit your plugin page in order to search and find them. My PhP 7.2 / WordPress 5.5.1 This is clearly not a free plugin since... yes, you can download it. Yes, you can activate it, you can upload files, but you can't see them anywhere in any page.
I was one of the first users of this fantastic plugin, simple and light. I believed it so much that I completely translated it into Italian. Congratulations to the author.
Excellent plugin, I want to know if will soon it have a pagination. 🙂
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Változási napló


  • Bug fix: irrelevant alert dialog removed when saving a file
  • Folder icons added to [shared_files_categories]
  • CSS compatibility fixes


  • Free: fixed a bug, which caused the browser to constantly ask “Leave site? Changes that you made may not be saved.” when adding a new file


  • New settings: order and order by. You can now define the order of the files in the file list. These can be defined from the settings or directly using shortcode parameters.
  • Categories’ description field can now be used to sort the categories in [shared_files_categories]-shortcode.


  • Bug fix: hide empty dropdown when there are no subcategories present (for shortcode [shared_files])
  • New parameter: hide_category_dropdown (for [shared_files])
  • New parameter: not_sorted_by_categories (for [shared_files_search])
  • New option: “Show featured image in addition to file type icon”


  • New feature: custom file type icons. You can now set icons for all files with specific filename extensions (see the “Custom file types”-tab in settings).
  • New feature: file-specific icons. You can now define a custom file type icon for a single file by adding a featured image.
  • New settings: “Hide file size from card” and “Hide file type icon from card”


  • Bug fixes


  • Freemius SDK update
  • Tested up to: WP 5.5


  • New feature: front-end file uploader (see Help / Support page and live demo at https://www.sharedfilespro.com/shared-files/file-upload-1/)
  • Missing translatable terms added


  • Adding new file was broken in the last update, this is now fixed


  • Settings made more usable


  • Bug fix: there are now several different ways to detect a file type, which means no more crashes on certain server configurations when opening a file


  • Custom color option for card background
  • File list is now reloaded using ajax request when choosing category
  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: file has got a new date field, which is displayed instead of the publish date
  • New option: hide file date / publish date from file list item
  • Debug info -section added to Help / Support -page


  • Custom icons can now be added for .ppt(x), .indd, .psd and .svg files.
  • Bug fixed: file description can now be emptied
  • Some issues regarding displaying correct file type icon fixed


  • Category made sortable in the admin list


  • More columns made sortable in the admin list
  • Files can now be filtered by a category in the admin list
  • Mail delivery is now handled locally by WordPress
  • Bug fixes


  • Search form is now visible when a category is defined for shortcode, and the dropdown contains only the subcategories of the defined category.
    You may hide the search using the hide_search=1 parameter with the shortcode. (Pro)
  • Custom icon for YouTube-links (Free)


  • New feature (Free and Pro): options to set custom images for file type icons (see settings)
  • New feature (Pro): a new view to list categories / list files by category (see Help / Support -page)
  • Column made sortable: Expiration date


  • New feature (Pro): Password protected files
  • New feature (Pro): Set expiration date to a file
  • New feature (Pro): Limit number of downloads per file
  • More options


  • Bug fixes


  • New feature (Pro): A new shortcode [shared_files_search] that displays only a search form, that targets all files from all categories


  • Free and Pro: New settings for file list layout


  • Minor improvements


  • Bug fixes


  • New licensing model / 2019-12-09


  • Initial release / 2018-07-15