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The most popular WordPress Knowledge Base plugin

Our Knowledge Base is a powerful tool for creating articles, documents, and FAQs. It is easy to use and works with any theme.

Create modern, professional-looking documentation with our wizard with 26 predefined themes and over 500 icons.

Best Documentation Plugin

  • A proven product with 5-star ratings from more than 10,000 customers.
  • Setup in minutes with Wizard to help you choose your style, colors, and layout.
  • Get a professional look with the option to customize nearly all components.
  • Organize your docs by team, product, and service using Tabs Layout.
  • Benefit from constant improvements and new features.
  • Get friendly support, seven days a week.

* Basic Layout – Demo 1 here
* Basic Layout – Demo 2 here
* Tabs Layout – Demo 3 here (Multi Product Example)
* Tabs Layout – Demo 4 here (Multi Product Example)

See our knowledgebase documentation here

Main Features

  • Wizard with 26 Predefined themes.
  • Basic, Tabs, and Category Focused Layouts.
  • Articles with table of contents (TOC).
  • A fast search bar with listed results.
  • Up to five levels of hierarchical documentation.
  • 500 icons, with the option to upload your own icons.
  • Customization of any text on the front-end.
  • Shortcode and templates designed for Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Ordering of articles and categories alphabetically, chronologically, or in any order.
  • Ability to add tags, breadcrumbs, back button, and comments to your documents.
  • Coded for best SEO results.
  • Compatible with WPML, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, Visual Composer, and others
  • And much more

Add-ons Features

  • Control access and permissions based on groups, WordPress users and roles, and custom roles.
  • Control public and private articles and who can read, write, and edit articles.
  • Create multiple Knowledge Bases with separate articles, categories, tags, and more.
  • Create Sidebar and Grid layouts.
  • Vote on articles, a feedback form, and analytics.
  • Use widgets and shortcodes for categories, articles, and the search bar.
  • Replace articles with PDFs, external docs, video links, and more.
  • Filter search by category.
  • Use Advanced search analytics to determine the most popular and empty searches.
  • Use advanced search with custom backgrounds and support links.

Use Cases

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Internal knowledge base for company employees and teams on an intranet
  • External knowledge base for customers
  • Products and services documentation
  • Product manuals
  • E-commerce websites
  • Standards and policies at government agencies
  • Schools and colleges (eLearning)

Enjoy many other features to help you build better documentation:

  • Linking Categories to the Category Archive Page
  • Counter of articles in categories
  • Customizable article slug to include category name
  • Controlling the length of the list of articles under each category.
  • Uploading custom images
  • Resetting CSS
  • Developer hooks into article output.
  • And much more.


PRO Bundle
See our PRO Bundle.

Access Manager
Access Manager allows administrators, companies, and organizations to control and restrict access to their private Knowledge Base based on WordPress user accounts. Grant permission using roles and groups.

Elegant Layouts
Elegant Layouts adds Grid and Sidebar Layouts. Use Grid Layout or Sidebar Layout for KB Main page or combine Basic, Tabs, Grid and Sidebar layouts in a variety ways. Learn More.

Multiple Knowledge Bases
Create Multiple Knowledge Bases, one for each product, service, topic or department. Each Knowledgebase has separate articles, URLs, KB Main Page and admin screens. Learn More.

Advanced Search
Enhance users search experience and view search analytics including popular searches and no results searches. Learn More.

Article Rating and Feedback
Let your readers rate the quality of your articles and submit insightful feedback. Utilize analytics on most and least rated articles. Learn More.

Add Knowledgebase Search, Most Recent Articles and other Widgets and Shortcodes to your articles, sidebars and pages. Learn More.

Links Editor for PDFs and More
Set Articles to links to PDFs, pages, posts and websites. On KB Main Page, choose icons for your articles. Learn More.

  • (PRO) Grid Layout – Demo 5 here
  • (PRO) Sidebar Layout – Demo 8 here
  • (PRO) Links – Demo 9 here


  • Example of the Basic Layout of Knowledge Base

  • Easy setup with Wizard

  • Use your own images for categories

  • Wizards for fast editing and design

  • Example of the Tabs Layout of Knowledge Base

  • Professional and clean design

  • Drag and drop to reorder categories

  • Documentation hierarchy

  • Article with breadcrumbs, back button, tags and comments

  • Styles for Category Archive Page

  • Extend your knowledge base with add-ons

  • Article sidebars for Table of Content and Widgets


You can install the Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs from your WordPress Dashboard or manually upload it through FTP.

OPTION 1: Install Knowledgebase Plugin from WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New.
  2. Search for ‘Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs’ and install the plugin.
  3. Activate the plugin in the Plugins menu.
  4. Optional step: configure the plugin in Admin menu, in Knowledge Base -> KB Configuration page.

OPTION 2: Manually Upload Plugin Files

  1. Download the plugin file from the plugin page:
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Upload the ‘echo-knowledge-base’ folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins’ directory (do not rename the folder).
  4. Optional step: configure the plugin in Admin menu, in Knowledge Base -> KB Configuration page.


Where can I find complete documentation on your knowledgebase?

Full searchable docs can be found at Knowledge Base


We landed on Echo through a basic internet search for WordPress KBs. I could not be happier. We are using their full suite (premium) but the cost is nothing compared to any dedicated KB system, provides more features, and greater usability. We had planned to launch the KB environment 4-weeks after purchase. We started with nothing. The team and I assumed that this would be an aggressive release timeline. We are a week in, at the time of this writing. The system was so easy to set up and the out-of-the-box design so user-friendly, for our writers and users, that we are live - now. Echo's support team is extremely responsive, even before we purchased the premium offering. We began to author content on the free tier before launch and the premium transition was seamless. If you need a knowledge base for your business, school, etc - look no further. You'll be more than satisifed.
Most plugins have a way to fully reset the plugin. This plugin is great but when you delete all of your articles to start fresh, it breaks. Even if you uninstall and reinstall, the database cant be edited after it breaks.
We recently decided to centralize all of our documentation on our WordPress site. This software made it incredibly easy to set up and look great. No more subdomains, no more knowledge base SAAS platforms to pay for. Upgrading to Pro was a no brainer. When we've needed support the developers have responded quickly and solved our problems. Highly recommended!
Had a problem updating the KB plugin. As it turned out, the problem was not the plugin but some untidiness in my server files. Echo responded very quickly with a list of 9 things to try. The first solution took care of the problem immediately. The plugin is sleek, easy to use and attractive. The support is equally impressive.
All cool functions of knowledgebase can be changed and customized for free. There is also a wizard that makes management much simpler. Customer support pages made with this plugin looks really professional and hasn't any ads or branding. Love this plugin. It suits our project best.
Great plugin that covers all the needs of knownoledgebase & faqs pages for websites. Multiple options to customize and everything you need to start from 0 and leave the faq page for your project ready in a few minutes. I would like to highlight the support: very friendly, fast and concerned to help me to cover the concrete needs of my site even with the free version. Highly recommended!
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Változási napló


Release Date: Aug 9, 2020

* New: Ability to import articles with Import utility
* New: User can now delete all plugin data.
* Update: WordPress 5.5. compatibility
* Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release Date: July 10, 2020

* New: Previous and Next navigation between articles
* New: Manage KBs page
* Update: Control Archive page width
* Fix: Archive tags page
* Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release Date: June 7, 2020

* New: Import and export of KB config
* Update: Category Archive Page articles ordering
* Update: Update translation strings
* Fix: Initial KB URL and Wizard issues


Release Date: April 26th, 2020

* Update: Improve icon configuration
* Fix: Wizard issues


Release Date: April 15th, 2020

* Fix: Article sidebars and TOC for V1


Release Date: April 13th, 2020

* New: Article structure v2 with sidebars
* Update: Language translations
* Fix: Wizard issues

Find out more about our new features in New Features.