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With over 25 million downloads Duplicator successfully gives WordPress users the ability to migrate, copy, move or clone a site from one location to another and also serves as a simple backup utility. Duplicator handles serialized and base64 serialized replacements. Standard WordPress migration and WordPress backups are easily handled by this plugin as are zero downtime migrations.

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Duplicator is the most powerful migrator available. It enables you to:

  • Move, migrate or clone a WordPress site between domains or hosts with zero downtime
  • Pull down a live site to localhost for development
  • Transfer a WordPress site from one host to another
  • Manually backup a WordPress site or parts of a site
  • Duplicate a live site to a staging area or vice versa
  • Bundle up an entire WordPress site for easy reuse or distribution
  • Perform a full WordPress migration without struggling with messy import/export sql scripts

Migrate WordPress and Run WordPress Backups

Duplicator creates a package that bundles all the site’s plugins, themes, content, database and WordPress files into a simple zip file called a package. This package can then be used to easily migrate a WordPress site to any location you wish. Move on the same server, across servers and pretty much any location a WordPress site can be hosted. WordPress is not required for installation since the package contains all site files.

Improve Your Workflow with Pre-Bundled Sites

Duplicator lets you make your own preconfigured sites to eliminate rework. Instead of manually configuring your favorite theme, set of plugins or content over and over, now just configure a single site and bundle it up into a Duplicator package. Once you have the bundled site, you can migrate the WordPress site over and over to different locations to instantly create many preconfigured sites!

Duplicator Pro

Duplicator Pro takes Duplicator to the next level with features you’ll really appreciate, such as:

  • Drag and Drop installs – just drag an archive to the destination site!
  • Scheduled backups
  • Cloud Storage to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3 and FTP/SFTP
  • A special 2-step streamlined installer mode for mega-fast installs
  • Recovery Points added for very fast emergency site restores
  • Support for Managed hosts such as WordPress.com, WPEngine, GoDaddy Managed, and more
  • Multi-threaded to support larger web sites & databases
  • Migrate an entire multisite WordPress network in one shot
  • Install a multisite subsite as a new standalone website
  • Database and user creation in the installer with cPanel API
  • Connect to cPanel directly from installer
  • Email notifications
  • Professional support
  • … and much more!

Check out Duplicator Pro today!

Please Note

The underlying logic to backup WordPress, move WordPress and transfer WordPress are complex and it’s impossible to know how each system is setup; this is why your feedback is important to us. Thanks for helping us to make WordPress the best blogging platform in the world.


This plugin does require some technical knowledge. If you plan to migrate WordPress or backup WordPress please use it at your own risk and don’t forget to back up your files and databases beforehand. If you need to move or backup WordPress and would like additional help please visit the Duplicator resources section .

Active Contributors

  • Prashant Baldha (Development)
  • Andrea Leoni (Development)
  • Paal Joachim Romdahl (Training)
  • Hans-M. Herbrand (German)
  • Nicolas Richer (French)
  • Képernyőmentések

    • Main Interface for all Packages
    • Create Package Step 1
    • Create Package Step 2
    • Build Process
    • Installer Screen


    Does Duplicator have a knowledge base or FAQ?

    Yes. Please see all documents at snapcreek.com.

    Installation Instructions

    1. Upload duplicator folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Aktiváld a bővítményt a WordPress ‘Bővítmények’ menüpontja alatt
    3. Click on the Duplicator link from the main menu
    4. Check out the help by clicking the help icon and create your first package.

    The Duplicator requires php 5.3 or higher.

    Are there any videos I can watch?

    Yes. Please see the video section on the FAQ.

    Is this plugin compatible with WordPress multisite (MU)?

    Duplicator isn’t, however Duplicator Pro supports full multisite network migrations/backups and also can install a multisite subsite as a standalone site.

    Where can I get more help and support for this plugin?

    Visit the Duplicator support section at snapcreek.com


    I spent 1 whold day trying to manually migrate my local website made with elementor and was facing lots of url problems, elementor not opening anymore on some pages, broken layout...So I decided to give duplicator a try, as I saw a tutorial on elementor website. In 0.5 hr I replaced my broken installation with a brand new perfect one. Thanks a ton. Made my day!
    I have not had good luck with other WP migration tools. When I found this one, I was really amazed. After watching a quick tutorial, I easily migrated my site from one host to another in a very short amount of time, and without any issues. I am still shocked at how easy the whole process was. Disclaimer: I am familiar with FTP and MySQL databases. I can potentially see the process being confusing for people who are not experienced with FTP, and do not know how to add or edit users for a MySQL database.
    I thought I'd give this a try instead of cloning file and DB by hand and using a DB script to update. And I was pleasantly surprised - it worked fine. OK after the duplication I got 500 errors, but that was just because I'd renamed the cpanel generated .htaccess and .user.ini files ahead of the process. Just merged in the former and put the latter back in place and it sprang into life. But if you're playing with files like that and don't know what they are there for then you shouldn't be duplicating websites, even with a plugin like this. I'll use plugin again in future and will consider Pro version to show some support in the future. Thanks folks for saving me a bunch of time this morning.
    I've been a web developer for over 20 years and since before Wordpress. I don't know why I keep trying to use this plugin as I have issues every single time & always end up losing a lot money/time. I've used it dozens of times on dozens of websites. Have never had it work properly without doing backflips and having to reconfigure settings or try 100 times before it works. I thought maybe they would have fixed all the issues but no, I give up again and using an alternative. Sorry to complain about a free plugin but it's not free when it costs me hours of wasted time. Thanks.
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