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Lightweight Widget Area Plugin – Content Aware Sidebars

Lightweight Widget Area Plugin – Content Aware Sidebars


CAS is the Fastest and Most Powerful WordPress Sidebar Plugin yet. Create tailored widget areas in seconds.

You can optimize conversion rates, boost on-site SEO, upsell products, and much more by displaying different widget areas on different conditions.

If your website is big or in growth, CAS is the ideal solution for you.

Show or Hide Widgets on Any Page (Yes, any)

Replace your theme sidebars on different conditions, or insert widget areas with shortcodes. The following Display Conditions are available out of the box:

  • Posts, Pages & Custom Post Types
  • Content with Tags, Categories, or Custom Taxonomies
  • Content written by select Authors
  • Page Templates
  • Blog Page & Post Type Archives
  • Author Archives
  • Taxonomy Archives
  • Front Page, Search Results, 404 Not Found Page
  • bbPress Profiles, Forums & Topics
  • BuddyPress Profile Sections
  • Languages (Polylang, qTranslate X, TranslatePress, Transposh, Weglot, WPML)
  • Pods Pages

You can even combine conditions in any way you like! E.g. target all posts in a select category and written by a specific author.

Add Unlimited Sidebars & Widget Areas

Create a post sidebar, a page sidebar, a category sidebar, or any custom sidebar you need – no coding required. CAS will never slow down your site, even if you create a lot of custom sidebars and conditions.

Sidebars – Quick Select© lets you add or select widget areas directly when editing a post or page.

Schedule & Disable Custom Sidebars

In the All-in-one Sidebar Manager you just pick a start and end date for when widget areas should be displayed, and CAS will take care of the rest.

1-Click Sidebar Activation© lets you activate or deactivate widget areas instantly.

The Most User-friendly Widget Manager

When adding new widgets to sidebars, Live Search will find widgets instantly, and the smart split-screen makes it a joy to manage a lot of widgets and sidebars.

The Enhanced Widget Manager adds the signature turquoise line to easily identify custom sidebars.

Sidebar Plugin Integrations & Support

CAS autodetects Custom Post Types and Taxonomies created by any plugin or theme. Built-in support for some of the most popular WordPress plugins means that you e.g. can create WooCommerce sidebars for select products or BuddyPress sidebars for your members.

Customize Your Widget Areas Your Way

Without writing any code, you can modify the HTML and CSS classes of widget areas, widgets, and widget titles. You get full control over the look and feel of your sidebars and widget areas, no matter what theme you use.

Sidebar Visibility lets you elegantly hide any widget area for logged-out users.

Content Aware Sidebars Pro – Complete control for your widget areas

Highlighted Premium Features

  • Totem – Smart Floating Button
    Like the button you may have seen by Intercom or Helpscout, only this is for all your widgets
  • Sticky Sidebars & Widget Areas
    Make any sidebar or widget area sticky without hurting site performance. No jQuery and no bloat
  • Widget Areas after Paragraphs
    Display a widget area after a specific number or percentage of paragraphs in your content
  • Even More Display Conditions
    • Advanced Custom Fields data
    • Meta Box data
    • URLs + wildcards
    • Referrer URLs
    • Date Archives & Content by publish date
    • BuddyPress Groups
    • Random
  • Widget Area Designer
    Add responsive widget columns and edit colors, backgrounds, paddings, etc.
  • Widget Areas in Theme Hooks
    Intelligently infuse new widget areas into your theme without coding
  • Automatic Widgets Backup
    Easily restore any changed or deleted widgets
  • Widget Cleaner
    Save memory and remove clutter by disabling and removing unused widgets
  • Extended User Visibility
    Show or hide widget areas for User Roles, BuddyPress Groups, and more
  • Time & Weekday Schedule
    Display widget areas only in select time ranges on given days
  • Container Widget
    Turn widget areas into reusable blocks and show the same widgets in different places
  • Duplicate Widget Areas
    A real time-saver when adding new similar widget areas
  • and so much more…

Upgrade at anytime instantly and securely from your website’s Admin Dashboard.

More Information


  • Easily create custom sidebars and display them on any content
  • See your widget areas at a glance in the easy Sidebar Manager
  • Filter widgets and sidebars in the Enhanced Widget Manager


Do I need to know widget logic PHP code?

Of course not!

CAS is praised by users for its unparalleled sidebar and widget visibility options. It’s the only plugin that allows you to display widget areas on literally any condition without any code.

Will this sidebar plugin work with my theme?


If your theme already has WordPress sidebars and widget areas, you can create new custom sidebars to replace, merge with or hide those on certain conditions.

You can also display custom sidebars using the sidebar shortcode [ca-sidebar id=””] anywhere in your content.

If your theme has a built-in sidebar generator, it is recommended to disable it and/or only use CAS for maximum speed and compatibility.

Can I really display sidebars and widget areas on any page?


In the Sidebar Editor, you can select where, when and to whom your sidebar should be displayed. Create a sidebar for each page, a sidebar for posts in a category, or any sidebar you need, all in a user-friendly UI.

You can also select sidebars directly when you’re editing a post or page.

Click here to read more about Display Conditions.

Will CAS work with block-based Widgets?


If you prefer to manage widgets in the traditional way, you can use Classic Widgets which CAS also supports.

Moreover, the Pro version makes it possible to infuse widget areas into theme hooks, as well as insert areas between content paragraphs.

Will this plugin work with page builders?


Many users already compliment CAS with popular page builder plugins such as Elementor, SiteOrigin Page Builder, Beaver Builder, and Visual Composer.

I have other questions, can you help?

Of course! Check out the links below:


2024.05.06. 2 replies
I invested in this plugin a long time ago… and let my license lapse ( it’s not worth $49 a year compared to several other plugins )… and once you’re on their list.. it appears that you cannot use their FREE VERSION again! (Their system checks and just tells you, to ‘renew’ your $49 SUBSCRIPTION) I hate Subscription ware! .. always try to just buy a LIFETIME for a GOOD plugin and avoid the .. Renew at FULL PRICE scheme. All I get is a DARKENED FROZEN SCREEN… and a NAG to purchase the Premium Version! Why this plugin is so popular and expensive is AMAZING to me! I’m glad others find it so. Can’t give ZERO Stars!
I rarely take the time to write reviews, but this plugin truly deserves a 5-star rating. From installation to full operation, everything has been seamless. What really stands out is the customer support team; they’re knowledgeable, friendly, and incredibly responsive, making sure that any issue is resolved promptly. The plugin itself is well-designed, intuitive, and packed with all the features I needed to enhance my project. I highly recommend this plugin to anyone looking for reliability and great customer service. Truly a game changer in its field!
I use this plugin to customise the user experience. For example, when a user is viewing my product user guide, I want the widget area displaying the list of steps in the guide. However, when someone is browsing the blog, I want to display different widget content.
An easy way to place sidebar where you visitors need them and hide them where you sidebar does not make sense. Huge SEO und User experience improvement.
I am using CAS since many years and it is the best plugin for my purpose (individual sidebar for each post / page). It works out of the box and is totally outstanding. Thank you very much for your work & support!
I use this this plugin for my shop since over a year now. Up till now, it has never disappointed me. Even in it’s „basic” version it highly configurable an fulfills all my needs to replace different sidebars all over the shop. Thank you and keep up the good work.
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Follow development and see all changes on GitHub



  • [new] wordpress 6.4 support
  • [new] minimum wordpress version 5.1
  • [new] minimum php version 7.0
  • [new] performance improvements
  • [updated] wp-content-aware-engine library


  • [new] wordpress 6.3 support
  • [updated] freemius sdk

Pro Plan:

  • [updated] sticky support for more themes


  • [updated] freemius sdk


  • [new] performance improvements
  • [new] ui improvements
  • [new] sidebar shortcode parameter for conditional display
  • [new] wordpress 6.2 support
  • [updated] freemius sdk

Pro Plan:

  • [new] „random” display condition
  • [new] widget revision support when updating via REST API or Block Editor


  • [new] support for hidden sidebars in generatepress theme
  • [new] wordpress 6.1 support
  • [updated] wp-content-aware-engine library
  • [updated] freemius sdk

Pro Plan:

  • [new] widget cleaner now recognizes widgets in use by elementor
  • [new] added sortable columns to widget cleaner


  • [new] wordpress 6.0 support
  • [updated] ui improvements
  • [updated] wp-content-aware-engine library

Pro Plan:

  • [new] display condition for guest author name premium by shoofly solutions
  • [new] ability to control totem location and design

See changelog.txt for previous changes.