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Brow.si is a groundbreaking user engagement WordPress Plugin for the mobile web. It provides web publishers with powerful extensions that significantly enhance the user experience and engagement with respect to their sites and content on mobile devices. Moreover, the Brow.si Plugin assists publishers by having a simple installation to retain mobile users and unlock new revenue opportunities. From advanced shared tools, to content push notifications, Brow.si is the perfect enhancement to your current WordPress plugins list.

Brow.si is a one click customisable add-on (plugin). It is extremely lightweight and can easily be integrated to any site at any vertical or domain. Most importantly, Brow.si fits seamlessly in the mobile browsing experience, adding real value to both the publisher and the user without requiring the publisher to make any changes to the site.


Adding the Brow.si Plugin to your admin page, could not have been easier:

  1. Go to the “Plugins” tab at your WP armin page and click on “Add New”
  2. In the search box type in “Brow.si” and click on the “Search Plugins” button
  3. Activate the plugin


Do i have to pay for the Brow.si Toolkit?

Brow.si is entirely free for both publishers and users. We keep the right to use the new (and exciting) ads real estate to monetize the apps in the future.

Do I have to get hold of a developer account with Apple or Google in order to offer the Brow.si to my audience?

Not at all. All you need to do is to download the Brow.si plugin, activate it. Once installed and activated you may browse your site from your smart phone and the Brow.si icon will appear.

I have an e-commerce site that I would like to add Brow.si to. Do you offer other Brow.si configuration types other then the current content one?

Brow.si would soon be launched with e-commerce features that would increase purchase conversion and seller income. Please stay tuned.

Will Brow.si affect my website design in any way?

Not at all. Brow.si is being added to your site like any other Java Script add-on (Similar to Google analytics tag and advertising tags). No content and/or design changes expected.

Will Brow.si be available on my desktop site version?

The answer is no. Brow.si is only available on your mobile site. Despite that, Brow.si chrome extension will soon be available for your desktop browser. That will help you manage reading lists from and to your device.

I already have a mobile responsive theme in my site. Will I still be able to install and use Brow.si?

Yes indeed. Brow.si is on-site plugin that boosts your content discovery, regardless of your site current mobile presence.


I use this plugin for my blog. The results are remarkable. Blog trafick increased to 15-20% from the previous days. Thank you.
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Változási napló


  • Updated JS code with the new code from Brow.si
  • A notice now appears if Site ID isn’t defined.


  • Initial beta release