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Yummy Recipes


Yummy is a recipe plugin for WordPress. This free WordPress recipe plugin helps you to share your tasty recipes to everyone!

Customize to match your site’s style, and share your tasty recipes with WordPress blog! Use blocks to insert recipe listings like a collection of recipes for example on a blog post. With recipe index and term index blocks you can create useful pages to list all your recipes and recipe taxonomies (like course, cuisine, special diet etc.)



If you are looking for a WordPress Recipe Plugin for free, you really should try Yummy Recipes!

Main features of Yummy Recipes

  • Custom post type for recipes
    • Keep your site organized having a separate dashboard menu for recipes.
  • Recipe Card block
    • Fields for prep time, cook time, yield, multiple ingredient lists with titles, instructions, video, nutrition facts.
  • Recipe Index block
    • List all recipes with a handy alphabetical navigation.
  • Recipe Term Index block
    • Index of all terms in taxonomies like courses, cuisines etc.
    • Choose what taxonomies are shown in the index.
  • Recipe Collection block
    • Hand-picked selection of recipes which can be shown for example on blog posts.
  • Custom taxonomies for recipes
    • Course, cuisine, special diet, difficulty, collection, tags.
    • You can also add your own taxonomies!
    • Upload image to a term. Image is used on the term card in the Recipe Term Index block.
  • Nutrition facts
  • Separate print friendly page to print the recipe
  • Option to show recipes along with blog posts on blog post listings on archives, author page, blog index
  • SEO friendly
    • Optimized for SEO with Google Structured Data.
    • Supports recipe structured data including how to markup for the instructions
    • Supports recipe list structured data
  • Customize styling with a live preview in the WordPress Customizer
  • Yummy Recipes can be translated and supports Right-to-left (RTL) languages

Highly customizable

Yummy Recipes is easy enough to customize even for beginners. Using the WordPress Customizer you can for example choose the styles for the recipe cards, choose colors, change the default recipe thumbnail image etc.

Advanced user can customize the plugin even further using filters, actions and pluggable functions. Template files and CSS files can be overridden with files inside your main theme or child theme directory.

If you need a filter or action to customize plugin even further leave a comment or contact support, and we will see what we can do!

Compatible themes

Yummy Recipes WordPress Recipe Plugin works with any theme. Sometimes there might small styling glitches in a theme. These are usually easy to fix. Just contact the support and we will help you!

Yummy Recipes Premium

Yummy Recipes free version works perfectly for basic use. Now we offer also a Premium Version which adds the following features.

  • Recipe ratings. Users can leave a rating for recipe along with a comment.
  • User bookmarks. Add recipes to personal bookmarks.
    • User Bookmarks block
  • Powerful recipe search with live loading results.
    • Search Form and Search Results blocks.
    • Choose which filters (keyword search, recipe taxonomies) to show on recipe search.
    • Sort recipes by date, name, or average rating.
    • Start writing search keywords, choose taxonomies or sorting options and the results will update immediately!
  • Servings adjuster.
  • Show related recipes below the recipe card.

You can try Yummy Recipes Premium with a 14 Day Free Trial! No credit card required.

Use coupon code NEW50 to get 50% off from your first purchase!


  • Recipe card with the Classic style.
  • Recipe card block in the post editor.


This plugin provides 4 blocks.

  • Yummy Recipes
  • Yummy Recipes
  • Yummy Recipes
  • Yummy Recipes


How to install the plugin?

Download the zipped file from this page and upload via the WordPress dashboard. You can also search and install the plugin via the WordPress dashboard.

Where can I find the documentation?


How can I upgrade to the premium features?

Use the Upgrade link in the WordPress dashboard or purchase the plugin at NordWP.com

Where can I get support?

You can create a topic on the Support page or contact us via NordWP.com


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Változási napló


  • Feature: Updated to the latest Freemium SDK
  • Fix: Minor code fixes


  • Fix: Notice on certain PHP versions if ingredient lists have no titles


  • Fix: Freemius SDK library was missing from the plugin folder


  • Feature: Freemius SDK to handle premium version purchases and free trials
  • Fix: Translation file


  • Initial release