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Yummi Quotes


Quotes with shortcode and widget support!

Simple put this shortcode [quotes sort=random number=1] or [quotes sort=asc number=2 author=”Leonardo da Vinci”] to your page or post, where:

sort can be: asc, desc, random
number – is number of quotes to show
id – is ID of single quote
author – is Author name

To show or [quotes id=1] for one quote


  • Quote on page and Styling Quote
  • Quotes page
  • Quotes Add/Edit page
  • Quote widget
  • Quote widget options
  • Quotes options page


  1. Upload yummi-quotes to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Can I add Quote widget?

Yep Widget name Quote.

Can I add Quote to current page or post?

Yep, by shortcode [quotes sort=random number=1] , where ‘sort’ can be asc, desc, random and ‘number’ is number of quotes to show.


This is the exact style of plugin I was looking for to display my favorite quotes. Easy to manage them and the ability to add the quote author's image is a really nice detail. I only wish there was a way to import/export the quotes into an xml or even txt file as I have a lot of them and wouldn't want to lose them. It works flawlessly on my blog and has just a couple of very, very minor admin glitches I've reported.
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Változási napló


  • Some fix


  • Fix bug with [quotes id=1]


  • Fix one bug


  • Added enable/disable “Admin Dark style”


  • Added 3 features: Author Inline, Author Italic, Margin Bottom
  • Added Author filter to shortcode


  • Added many features
  • Support WordPress 5


  • Fix some error


  • Fix some error


  • Initial release