This plugin has been closed as of 2019.10.25. and is not available for download. Indok: Guideline Violation.


This plugin is no longer supported by the author. They have not replied to any support requests in GitHub nor in their forum for more than 3 months despite several severe failures from people that have gone unanswered. I am personally experiencing 2 reproducible failures that are costing my client sales. It's unfortunate they stopped supporting it because it really was a great plugin while it worked. Now that it is a failure, I will have to look at some premium plugin options. If you really want to make sure you capture every single payment at your store DO NOT USE THIS PLUGIN.
I am very grateful this plugin exists, worth a donation, for Woocommerce there is no other free way to integrate subscriptions, great job man. I was lost in installing one plugin after another, this is the real deal, helped me setup subscriptions in no time, thanks again.
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