Simple Wishlists for Weddings, Birthdays etc.


Are you looking for a clean and simple solution to display your wedding gift registry on your website or just want to create a wishlist for your birthday or other occasions?
WPGiftRegistry easily lets you add gifts to your wishlist and embed it anywhere with a shortcode. Each gift is displayed with an image, a title, a description, the price and a product link. More importantly, people can indicate if they already bought the gift (so nobody else does).

WPGiftRegistry comes with a nice design and is built responsively so it displays nicely on all devices.


  • English
  • German
  • Dutch

Disclaimer: As this is a free plugin, some of your product links may be transformed into affiliate links.


  • The embedded wishlist
  • Gift reservation overlay
  • Setting up the wishlist in the backend
  • An expanded wishlist item in the backend


  1. Upload the wpgiftregistry directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create wishlists through the new backend menu titled “Wishlists”
  4. Place your shortcode (e.g. [wishlist id='49']) anywhere in your content, to display the wishlist

If you want to display a list with links to each of your wishlists, use the shortcode [wishlist id='all'].


What features are we planning for future releases?
  • A color picker for customizing the wishlist colors
  • Email notifications
  • Filtering
  • Potentially PayPal integration


It's easy to use, and it looks nice. It is, however, difficult to style the elements, as everything in the style is set to !important. It would be nice if they were removed. Furthermore, it would be nice if the users could edit their given gifts in case they made a mistake or changed their mind.
There's no plugin like it, it's perfect for the job! I ran into a small bug, but the developer was able to fix it within a few hours.
I was looking around for a plugin in for my upcoming wedding to make a wedding list. I came across this one and I have to say that I was very happy with it from day one. There was an update that I suggested so that a quantity of one present could be added. This was taken on board by Moritz and within a three weeks an update was released which made an already great plugin into a brilliant one.
This plugin is very simple to install and configure, very handy if you are looking for a simple gift list setup in 10 minutes.
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Változási napló


  • Bugfixes/Updates to CMB2 and CMB2-Conditionals to fix problems with WPBakery Visual Composer (thanks to @jtsternberg)


  • Fixed XSS vulnerabilities


  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.0
  • Removed aggressive CSS rules that caused problems previously
  • Added an option to hide/show gift price decimals to the settings page


  • Bugfix for password protecting single wishlists


  • Important bugfix for reserving single gifts


  • New shortcode [wishlist id='all'] displays a list with links to each of your wishlists


  • Added missing strings to translations
  • Fixed some display bugs regarding successive reservation of gift parts 


  • Changed price display to price per part
  • Minor CSS bugfixes


  • Important bugfix: added missing JS and CSS files


  • NEW FEATURE: Split gifts into parts to enable group gifting
  • Display unavailable gifts at the end of the wishlist
  • New ‘Copy Shortcode’ button


  • New settings to enable/disable email and personal message fields in the gift reservation dialogue
  • Optional tracking of anonymous user data to improve the plugin


  • A few minor bugfixes


  • Bugfix for successive gift reservations
  • Bugfix for multiple wishlists on one page


  • Bugfix for empty settings page
  • Fallback for NumberFormatter (caused a fatal error on activation if absent)


  • Bugfix in the uninstall script


  • Major design overhaul
  • People can now leave their name when reserving gifts
  • Many small bugfixes and improvements


  • Important bugfix for a display error in the reservation overlay


  • Bugfix for IE and Edge


  • Bugfix for logged out users to enable marking gifts as bought


  • Language File Bugfix


  • Dutch translation


  • New feature: the wishlist is now sortable via drag and drop


  • Bugfixes


  • New feature enabling wishlist items to be used without a product URL
  • New settings page to customize the currency symbol used for displaying of the wishlist
  • German translation


  • Fix for a bug causing the wishlist to be always embedded at the top


  • Fix of a minor JavaScript bug


  • First version of WPGiftRegistry with the basic functionality.