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WP w3all phpBB provides free user login and registration integration between a phpBB bulletin board and WordPress CMS.
Easy, fast, light and secure.

Wp w3all phpBB integration

Integration cookie based between WordPress and phpBB installed on same and subdomains.


  • Login/logout widget (users can login/logout/register on either WordPress or phpBB).
  • Last Topic Posts widget(Links, Links and Text, With or Without Avatars), Read/Unread Topics/Posts.

Auto Embed phpBB into WordPress Template

WP w3all phpBB is capable of running in iframe mode and automatically embedding phpBB into WordPress template. Setup for the iframe responsive embedded procedure is quick and quite easy!

WP to phpBB and phpBB to WP users transfer

Transfer over pre-existing WP users into your phpBB forums (and vice versa) when integration first begins. After the setup and initialization of the plugin, WP users will automatically be added into phpBB upon their first login, and vice versa. But you could use the plugin just only to transfer users between phpBB and WordPress by activating the plugin as not linked (read the help install page).

phpBB avatars into WordPress options

You have the option to use phpBB avatars to replace WP Gravatars (and vice versa for Buddypress).

WordPress MUMS ready

It is possible to integrate a WP Multisite network, but linking the same phpBB forum into each subsite.

Shortcodes and more options

WordPress phpBB integration without linking users

Help pages

WP w3all phpBB help page with common questions, setup and usage guides, and answers to frequently asked questions to be up and running in minutes are available here:
WP w3all phpBB help page


  • Wp w3all phpBB integration main config
  • Wp w3all (raw) WP users transfer to phpBB
  • WP w3all auto embed phpBB into your WordPress template



  • Download the WP w3all plugin onto your WP site and activate it.
  • Navigate to the WP w3all settings page underneath the settings tab in your WP admin dashboard.
  • Configure the path of the phpBB cookie to be available across the whole domain. This value is REQUIRED.
  • Configure the url of your phpBB forums. This value is REQUIRED.
  • Activate the WP w3all transfer importer. (You can deactivate it after you’ve finished transferring your users)
  • Navigate to the WP w3all tranfer settings page under the settings tab in your WP admin dashboard.
  • Follow the instructions to transfer all of your existing WP users over into phpBB.



This plugin is INCREDIBLY GOOD. I can't fathom that the author has made such a great plugin. He seems to have thought about everything. Yes, the English instructions are a bit hard to read. But once you have this set, it works FLAWLESSLY. It is so slick, so fast, so incredibly great and it just WORKS. I can't believe this is free. Oh my god, I'm actually fangirling right now!!
I love it. Yeah, it is a little bit hard to set it correctly. But if you follow instructions you can do it. I did :). But now it is just an amazing solution. Love you guys!
This plugin is the way to go when you use phpBB in combination with WordPress. I use it now and do also use the iframe feature which works great. I recently had some issues when switching my site to SSL and I opened a support thread and the support by the author was way better than I expected. I got suggestions for code fix and even help with troubleshooting my phpBB and WP setup. The support felt very personal which was great. /Tomas
This plugin for wordpress 4.9.6 + phpbb 3.2.2 works. My installation steps: 1. my domain name is www.example.com 2. I installed wordpress under /var/www/wp 3. I installed the phpbb under /var/www/wp/forums/ 4. You can see that the phpbb is placed under a sub-folder of wordpress 5. When you install wordpress and phpbb, please keep to use the same password for both "admin" account. 6. Login to the phpbb ACP panel, and change the cookie domain to www.example.com and the cookie path is "/" 7. Logout phpbb 8. login the www.example.com/wp-admin/ with the admin account 9. install this plugin in wordpress 10. under the wordpress setting option, check the "WP w3all" 11. update below options: (REQUIRED) Path => /var/www/wp/forums/ (REQUIRED) URL => /forums 12. done This plugin is excellent and thanks to the author and contributors.
The plugin was exactly what I was looking for. I had some issues due to other plugin conlict and Alessio spent hours to help me going beyond any free support i ever had in the past! Thank you very much Alessio, you did a great job!
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Változási napló


Release Date – 8 Mag, 2019
* Add – WP_w3all phpBB WP users check: simply tasks to check problems between linked phpBB and WordPress users. To use, just activate the option ‘Activate WordPress to phpBB and phpBB to WP users transfer and/or the phpBB WP users check’ on plugin admin page and read new option’s hints
* Fix correct multisite user’s deletion on certain circumstances
* Minor code and config hints adjustments


Release Date – 14 Mar, 2019
* Add – phpBB and/or any Feed shortcode – [w3allfeed w3feed_url=”aFeedURL”] – check all features/attributes and how to use here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2019/03/shorcode-rss-feeds-into-wordpress/
* Improve shortcodes [[w3allastopics] AND [w3allastopicforumsids]. Added shortcodes attributes to style each shortcode output with easy (like on latest added above feed shortcode). Maintain compatibility with old way. Check changes and how to use here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=550
* The v3 iframe code can be improved to be as it is actually on the online iframe integration example at axew3.com. If you wish to update to the smooth scroll improvement, before iframe v4 code changes/release that has been moved to the vers. 2.0.0 plugin release date, follow hints here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2019/03/smooth-scroll-for-phpbb-wordpress-template-integration-iframe-v3/
* Minor code adjustments


Release Date – 21 Feb, 2019
* Fix for shortcode [w3allphpbbmchat] as on this post: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/1-9-5-release-phpbb-mchat-integration/#post-11223053
* Add mChat preloader for toggled mChat shortcode (button) and should fix any mChat flow (linked or not linked users mode) – see example here: https://www.axew3.com/www/wordpress-rc/
* Remove not needed utf8_encode function
* Remove last added w3all_phpbb_get_ucap_opts() function (from wp_w3all.php) to retrieve phpBB users’s capabilities (moved into class.wp.w3all-phpbb.php) inside verify_phpbb_credentials()
* Minor code adjustments/checks
* Note that the overall_footer.html code has been little updated after 1.9.5 release so if you want improve the code check it here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2018/12/phpbb-wordpress-template-integration-iframe-v3/


Release Date – 19 Feb, 2019
* Add (raw) mChat integration. Check it here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2019/01/wordpress-phpbb-mchat-integration/
* Minor fixes and code adjustments/checks
* Note that the overall_footer.html code has been updated several times after 1.9.4 release so if you want improve the code check it here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2018/12/phpbb-wordpress-template-integration-iframe-v3/


Release Date – 3 Gen, 2019
* Add option – Activate integration without linking users between WordPress and phpBB – directly on plugin admin page
* Fixed avatars from phpBB for any taste: if integration with not linked users mode, or if phpBB user still not added into WordPress, even in users linked mode, Last Topics Widgets/shortcode did not show the phpBB avatar where available.
* Add option – Swap WordPress default Login, Register and Lost Password links to point to phpBB related pages –
* Implements the new page-forum.php and v3 iframe code. All reported iframe wrong behaviors fixed (you can follow using previous versions if you like). Check it here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2018/12/phpbb-wordpress-template-integration-iframe-v3/
* Allow any name for the WordPress forum page (was only board, forum, forums, community …). Note that may not all page names will be suitable to be used by the way.
* Minor fixes


Release Date – 17 Sep, 2018
* Fix correct email change confirmation behavior: check this to understand what’s the problem and how it has been resolved: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/hook-for-change-pending-email/
* Fix Buddypress integration: fix avatar behavior, while about others profile fields integration, note that Option ‘User groups’ in WP admin -> Settings -> Buddypress, need to be active for the integration code to work correctly. Check updated help page https://www.axew3.com/w3/2017/09/wordpress-and-buddypress-phpbb-profile-fields-integration/ (added in the common How to List of the Help Install Page)
* If using iframe: updated all iframes files, so you need to replace the iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js file you placed into phpBB root and recompile the phpBB template. Check in the help page how to: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2016/02/embed-phpbb-into-wordpress-template-iframe-responsive/
* If using iframe: updated/cleaned the phpBB overall_footer.html code (check the ‘help iframe responsive procedure’ on same previous linked page) for: correct workaround for ‘Top distance gap in px when page scroll top’ (read inline hint). Check here to understand where the problem was: https://github.com/davidjbradshaw/iframe-resizer/issues/628
* If using iframe: after plugin update and the two steps above, remember to recomplie phpBB template to make effective the update.
* Minor fixes


Release Date – 5 Sep, 2018
* Add option ‘do not associate WP userID1 and phpBB userID 2’ on plugin admin config page.
* Fix correct addition of newly WP users into specified phpBB group also for MUMS (multisite) installations and the transfer process (rank, group color, datetime, language)
* All fixes and patches listed on this topic, please see: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/1-9-1-patches-logs/
* Minor fixes


Release Date – 22 Aug, 2018
* Fix inefficient latest posts query by @reloadgg, see: https://www.axew3.com/w3/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=850
* Fix error on shortcode x single or specified multiple forums and add improvement based on the above by @reloadgg
* All fixes listed on this topic: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/1-9-0-patches-logs/
* Multisite installations do not need anymore to add the ‘define’ line of code on wp-config.php file (fix suggested by Jakub), but the code is/remain compatible for the old way: documentation about has been updated: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2017/04/wp_w3all-for-wordpress-ms-mu-multisite-multiuser-network-installations/
* Minor fixes


Release Date – 29 Jul, 2018
* Add option: ‘Add newly WordPress registered users into a specified phpBB group’ into WP_w3all admin config page
* Fix Woocommerce (and all other plugins) miss parameter Php notice onlogin in wordpress, where woocommerce installed: the same php notice was coming out also into plugin WP Better Security, and many others
* Add Shortcode: display phpBB last topics grid in WordPress with first topic’s attached image (linked on the Help Install Page, where ‘Common How To’ list): the new linked shortcode is here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=783
* Contain all patches listed on this topic: https://www.axew3.com/w3/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=784
* More important and minor fixes.


Release Date – 7 May, 2018
* Contain all fixes listed on this topic: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/1-8-8-patches-log/
* Substantially, 1.8.9 apply (change) fixes only into two files: wp_w3all.php and class.wp.w3all-phpbb.php


Release Date – 17 Apr, 2018
* Contain fixes for all 1.8.7 reported bugs (and more important).
* Add shortcode for specified forums IDS (how to about has been added on Install Help Page, on the how to section). See how to use it here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2018/04/latest-phpbb-topics-by-forum-ids-shortcode/
* Minor fixes.


Release Date – 3 Apr, 2018
* Fix a secondary problem about security and users. The problem: a WP actual bug allow to a logged in WP user (while it is logged in), to register a new WP user pointing to the ‘wp-login.php?mode=register’ url, that isn’t a correct behavior (and that not need to happen with this integration plugin). The new created user in WP, if a new user is added/registered in this way in WP, it is not added at same time into phpBB also.
* Extend phpBB email ban options on WP registration: if a domain or subdomain email address result banned in phpBB, the user will not be able to register into WordPress using these email address.
* Contain all latest and tested 1.8.4, 1.8.5 and 1.8.6 fixes.
* Minor fixes


Release Date – 23 Mar, 2018
* Fix login page with ‘re-auth’ presented, even if user logged in on certain situations.
* Minor fixes.


Release Date – 20 Mar, 2018
* Fix correct logout of user in WordPress, when logout done in phpBB side.
* Fix correct redirect of the user onlogin WordPress or adding/user/onlogin to proper page.
* Thank to @drauth bugs reports, all these reported issue have been now resolved and all should work very fine.
* Minor fixes.


Release Date – 10 Mar, 2018
* Fix correct addition of the phpBB user on WordPress, when coming as logged in from phpBB OR logging in in WP first time as not logged into phpBB. The code flow was causing a loop now resolved.
* Fix correct lang switch in (+-) any possible configuration, but with some exception: please read this: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/default-language-24/
* Translation of the readme.txt instructions by @drauthr
* Minor fixes
* Update as soon to this stable (quite deep tested) 1.8.4 version!


Release Date – 2 Mar, 2018

  • 1.8.3 important login/out bug fix: fix correct cookie value due to missed var on functions login/out/session set of file class.wp.w3all-phpbb.php. Now cookie setting has been definitively resolved. Please update to overwrite the unique file class.wp.w3all-phpbb.php, patched to fix this issue.


Release Date – 20 Feb, 2018

  • Fix correct cookie setting, leading to several different bugs, on several circumstances, on different servers for localhost installations (also affecting the iframe mode on localhost).
  • Fix for bug reported by @Alexvrs: display the correct link to phpBB ucp (phpBB PM page) (iframe or not iframe) on Admin Tool Bar.
  • Add option about activate or not Font Awesome lib for Last Topics Widget and Shortcode read/unread option. Make in this way the integration without linking users, also suitable for phpBB versions 3.1 < where maybe font awesome was still not included by default. In any case, better because let choose to use or not Fontawesome for read/unread option purpose.
  • Patch addons/page-forum.php to setup correct domain.name for the iframed WP page on localhost installations.
  • Fix ‘fail login’ in localhost installations and certain server configuration/browser.


Release Date – 2 Feb, 2018

  • Fix: install admin on phpBB UID 2 and WP admin UID 1 have different usernames, so if there are posts into Last Topics Widgets or Last Topics Shortcode about this user, the avatar fail to display.
  • Fix an old – Admin related – avatar issue (secondary bug, but obscure the reason of this behavior): when an admin open the Discussion settings on WordPress administration: WP admin -> Settings -> Discussion, the avatars lists, show the viewing user avatar for all options, instead than different gravatars
  • Add option: Retrieve phpBB avatars by using native phpBB file.php, that avoid to edit the .htaccess file on phpBB to get avatars available in WordPress, as suggested by Alexvrs. Check it here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=622&p=2558#p2557
  • Add feature: force user addition at same time into WordPress when register and then login into phpBB (even if not in iframe mode). Check this: https://www.axew3.com/w3/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=643
  • Add feature: Mark Unread Messages into Last Topics using Font Awesome icons, as suggested by @kaspir. Check this: https://www.axew3.com/w3/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=644#p2597
  • Really improve the user transfer process WordPress users into phphBB. Check this https://www.axew3.com/w3/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=642#p2592
  • More minor fixes
  • The online Help Install, has been little improved, while adding the new features hints/explanations. https://www.axew3.com/w3/cms-plugins-scripts/wordpress-plugins-scripts-docs/wordpress-phpbb-integration/


Release Date – 11 Gen, 2018

  • Add feature: ‘integration without linking users’, also cross domain: see https://www.axew3.com/w3/2018/01/wordpress-phpbb-integration-without-linking-users/
  • Add (initial) SEO fix for links on Widgets Last Topics, that affect if on ‘iframe links mode’, see this: https://www.axew3.com/w3/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=620&p=2543#p2543 . Note that if you use custom template files to display Last Topics Widgets or Shorcodes, that you’ve copy/paste from views folder into the ‘wp-w3all-config’ folder, you can follow using old files you have edit, or switch to news with SEO links fixes that are contained into ‘views’ folder
  • Remove the file ‘views/phpbb_login_form.php’: the code has been moved inside proper function that fire the Login Widget for a more clear code and fast execution. You can safely remove/delete this not more used file ‘phpbb_login_form.php’ from folder: /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/views
  • Minor fixes


Release Date – 15 Dec, 2017

  • Add option: ‘Use custom files to display Last Topics Widgets, Login Widget or Last Topics Shortcode content’. The option is (quite well) self explained into WP_w3all config page, on related added option field
  • Fix: avatar bug that may was coming out if no avatars retrieved to display in certain conditions
  • Fix Error: username or email already exist, in case the coming logged phpBB user, or logging in WP, phpBB user, need to be add into WP side
  • Fix: if login is done via phpBB into WP iframed page, redirect to the WP iframed forum page
  • Minor fixes
  • Iframe mode improvements, Common Tasks option, (integration without linking users mode option)?, have been moved to next 1.8.0 version


Release Date – 13 Nov, 2017

  • Fix errors on two queries (in certain conditions)
  • Fix redirect and profile fields update
  • Fix register_uninstall_hook, now correctly wrapped to be executed only one time, when integration start, and not any time the WP admin was loaded
  • Minor fix to add compatibility with old md5 phpBB passwords check if used to login on WP side
  • Minor fixes


Release Date – 28 Sep, 2017

  • If using embedded iframe: it is required to replace the old file ‘iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js’ added into phpBB root with the new updated one you’ll find inside folder: wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/addons/resizer
  • Fix important bug related to WP user ID 1 and phpBB user ID 2 (default install admins) if username mismatch. 1.7.6 was already patched about this: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/1-7-6-patches/
  • Fix error on retrieve correctly user datas on certain user’s actions. As above, 1.7.6 was already patched about this.
  • Add WP integration compatibility with phpBB user’s banning actions. A phpBB banned IP, email or username, will not be able to login or register WP. If user is banned by username in phpBB, he will be logged out immediately, even without visiting phpBB, when return to visit WP side with a valid cookie. But if a ban is issued by IP or email in phpBB and the user in the while return back to site visiting WP pages with valid cookie credentials, will result logged in until he not visit phpBB (so phpBB will reset his cookie and will be logged out). This secondary aspect will be fixed before, or on WP_w3all 1.8.0.
  • Add [media] bbcode parsing, to show embedded phpBB posts video into WP posts, when bbcode about phpBB mod – mediaembed – is used/installed into phpBB: https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/extension/mediaembed/
  • iframe: fix iframe scroll for all iframed phpBB pages behaviors. The code on procedure as been updated and page-forum.php has been also substituted. The code has been reduced of several lines of code on both phpBB overall_footer.html and page-forum.php. See procedure page https://www.axew3.com/w3/2016/02/embed-phpbb-into-wordpress-template-iframe-responsive/
  • iframe: fix iframe for correct URL on WP admin bar about PM. Now correctly point to iframe or full phpBB, based on WP_w3all configuration setting about iframe links.
  • iframe: update iframe resizer JS library to latest available: https://github.com/davidjbradshaw/iframe-resizer (so as indicated above you’ll need to replace the old ‘iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js’ file on phpBB root, with the new one updated)
  • Security fix for function wp_w3all_get_phpbb_lastopics_short (that display Last Topics Shortcode in WP)
  • More minor fixes


Release Date – 19 Sep, 2017

  • 1.7.6 contain important fixes about several problems in several circumstances and do not add any feature. Please update as soon.


Release Date – 14 Sep, 2017

  • Add Buddypress avatar and Buddypress user’s profile fields integration options: about how to setup Buddypress Profile Fields integration, please see https://www.axew3.com/w3/2017/09/wordpress-and-buddypress-phpbb-profile-fields-integration/
  • Last Topics Widget re-fix: one single query, for all Last Topics widget’s instances.
  • Last Topics Read/unread fix (reported as bug, and finally found why it was coming out (no phpBB uid passed in certain conditions)).
  • Add Shortcode to retrieve and display phpBB Last Topics on WP posts, pages etc. About how to use it, please see https://www.axew3.com/w3/2017/09/wordpress-shortcode-last-phpbb-topics-posts-into-wp-post/
  • Functions about profile updates have been optimized (class WP_w3all_phpbb -> phpbb_update_profile AND class WP_w3all_phpbb -> verify_phpbb_credentials).
  • Fix some text hints on Wp_w3all admin config page.
  • More important fixes and code cleanup.


Release Date – 14 Sep, 2017

  • Add Buddypress avatar and Buddypress user’s profile fields integration options: about how to setup Buddypress Profile Fields integration, please see https://www.axew3.com/w3/2017/09/wordpress-and-buddypress-phpbb-profile-fields-integration/
  • Last Topics Widget re-fix: one single query, for all Last Topics widget’s instances.
  • Last Topics Read/unread fix (reported as bug, and finally found why it was coming out (no phpBB uid passed in certain conditions)).
  • Add Shortcode to retrieve and display phpBB Last Topics on WP posts, pages etc. About how to use it, please see https://www.axew3.com/w3/2017/09/wordpress-shortcode-last-phpbb-topics-posts-into-wp-post/
  • Functions about profile updates have been optimized (class WP_w3all_phpbb -> phpbb_update_profile AND class WP_w3all_phpbb -> verify_phpbb_credentials).
  • Fix some text hints on Wp_w3all admin config page.
  • More important fixes and code cleanup.


Release Date – 27 Jul, 2017

  • Fix woocommerce warning on WP login and WP_w3all plugin login flow code.
  • Add shortcode to retrieve and display (formatted or plain text) phpBB posts (by ID), into WP posts, see https://www.axew3.com/w3/2017/07/wordpress-shortcode-phpbb-posts-into-wp-post/
  • Add transfer phpBB users into WordPress (transfer option useful in some contest).
  • Fix option ‘Retrieve posts on Last Topics Widget based on phpBB user’s permissions’.
  • Fix option ‘Last Posts on widget read/unread’: eliminate a not needed query and add correct code to output icon read/unread in any configuration (not showed if avatars option disabled, due to a variable lack on output code, and never reported by anyone as bug)
  • Fix/Add css classes for the widget WP_w3all Login (so it is possible to style it like the Last Topics Widget) https://www.axew3.com/w3/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=550#p2158.
  • Fix correct URL on WP_w3all login widget, to correctly point to PM phpBB folder, when there are new PM messages and notice url link is shown.
  • More minor fixes.


Release Date – 27 Giu, 2017

  • Maintenance release: just improve correct auto cookie setting for new installs, add hints on WP admin wp_w3all config page for correct installation and a fix latest option added.
  • Fix add option ‘Retrieve posts on Last Topics Widget based on phpBB user’s permissions’ html error due to not existent var and subsequent html error on related option in wp_w3all admin config page.
  • Improve and fix cookie setting.


Release Date – 20 Giu, 2017

  • Fix correct code flow, if registration on WP for the WP user fail (maybe due to a thrown WP error).
  • Add option ‘Retrieve posts on Last Topics Widget based on phpBB user’s permissions’
  • More easy procedure and code improvements/fixes for phpBB iframe emebedded page: you can follow use the old one page-forum.php. But if you like to update to the new version, the page-forum.php need to be rebuilt and the code of overall_footer.html also need to be updated to the last one: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2016/02/embed-phpbb-into-wordpress-template-iframe-responsive/
  • Remove the modal login for iframe, fix correct url redirect for phpBB emailed notification links
  • Minor security fixes
  • Several code fixes
  • Improve correct cookie value auto-setup


Release Date – 8 May, 2017

  • Fix cookie setting to be detected and setup one time, not at ‘runtime’ when page load (that was since 1.7.0 to correct detect of cookie setting). Now the check is for any www top level domain (for advanced -> see new function: w3all_extract_cookie_domain() on wp_w3all.php).
  • Fix x MUMS: user was not added into phpBB on creating site/blog and related new user subadmin via admin.
  • Fix x MUMS: users addition error message: see https://wordpress.org/support/topic/1-7-0-released/#post-9106748
  • Tested to fix adding/registering/login users into WP default, WP Network Multisite, Buddypress (and should fix any other plugin that use signups). Still not add all profile fields update for Buddypress, it will be done (hope) on 1.7.2.
  • Added manual setting on wp_w3all.php to force plugin deactivation if necessary, to make possible a clean uninstall of the plugin even on most worse situations or just for testing purpose (this is completely redundant, if the plugin is installed using phpBB custom manual config.php, because you can deactivate the plugin within this file instead (as explained on inline hints in file)). A documentation help for common problems about will be done asap (if never necessary for someone).
  • Added manual setting on wp_w3all.php also for cookie to force cookie setting change (option about this will be added also into wp_w3all admin config on next version).


Release Date – 4 May, 2017

  • !Important WP MU Multisite: fix correct user addition into WordPress of registered phpBB users. Please read the procedure necesssary to setup correctly the plugin on a WP MSMU installation here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2017/04/wp_w3all-for-wordpress-ms-mu-multisite-multiuser-network-installations/
  • !Important: Fix cookie domain fail on domains suffix like .co.uk or subdomains. Now cookies are properly configured before to be set, for any possible suffix on domain or subdomain. It was causing mainly, also, the most famous problem: loop on login/out on domain suffix like co.uk and all others similars.
  • Include all long list of patch fixes applied on 1.6.8 (and more). See this topic: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/1-6-9-release-additions-and-improvements/ or/and this https://www.axew3.com/w3/index.php/forum/?f=2&t=506&p=1969#1969 for (not complete) list of fixed bugs.
  • Iframe improvements: all the js code has been patched and the page-forum.php has been improved for correct scroll on main events. The documentation about has been rewrite to be more easy (and i hope) in an Eng more understandable! The iframe, with proper settings, work on any integration type like domain/subdomain or subdomain/subdomain.
  • Correct users addition/activation/redirection on all possibles done tests.
  • Several important more fixes.


Release Date – 26 Apr, 2017

  • Security fix.
  • Add Multisite installation compatibility (1st version): it is possible to link only the same phpBB install if the plugin is activated as network. Is not possible to link a different phpBB on sub-sites! Explanation article will be available here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2017/04/wp_w3all-for-wordpress-ms-mu-multisite-multiuser-network-installations/
  • Fix user addition as active into phpBB, if the user is added manually by admin.
  • Fix correct redirect existent phpBB user when added onlogin in WordPress.
  • Add Buddypress compatibility (no profile fields updates for fields like Google, Twitter etc. This aspect is moved to next versions)
  • Iframe mode: (this is not required, you can still use the old one phpBB overall_footer.html code with old WP page-forum.php). The page-forum.php has been heavily modified/improved, js/ajax code has changed, as well the rewrite/push mode of iframe links. Rebuild on wp_w3all config or manually substitute page-forum.php (contained in the plugin VIEWS folder) and change overall_footer.html phpbb JS code with the new one. To switch to ajax 1.6.9 iframe features please follow here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2016/02/embed-phpbb-into-wordpress-template-iframe-responsive/
  • Iframe mode for subdomains installation: added code and inline code hints (into views/page-forum.php file and overall_footer.html file) to resolve any possible iframe compatibility issue.
  • More relevant fixes.
  • Minors code clean up.


Release Date – 4 Apr, 2017

  • Fix/option language switch for users between WP/phpBB: it is now option on wp_w3all config page to be activated or not (explanation added on same option field).
  • Add user’s last visit time update in phpBB even if user visit WordPress, but not phpBB forum. Added into existent time/update query, do not add any call more to phpBB db.
  • Fix display ‘You have n unread phpBB PM’: by default it display only if there are new pm messages and not if 0 (zero).
  • Replace preg_match to check for email, with native WP function about.
  • Some code change into iframe default page-forum.php code: if you wish to update to latest iframe changes, you need to rebuild page forum into wp_w3all Admin config page (or do it manually) and it is necessary to update the overall_footer.html code of phpBB template with latest: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2016/02/embed-phpbb-into-wordpress-template-iframe-responsive/
  • Minors code clean up.


Release Date – 2 Apr, 2017

  • Add profile language update between phpBB and WordPress for users
  • Fix deactivated phpBB user re-added in WordPress (maybe deactivated in phpBB due to deletion of the user in WordPress). Now a deactivated phpBB user will not be added or re-added into WordPress, as default behavior
  • Fix display correct number of topics for each different widget instance setup
  • Add avatar row on wp login widget user’s info
  • Fix Last Topics Widget html output to be more like any WP widget default output: fix correct separation between code and text output on same file (views/phpbb_last_topics.php)
  • Improve query execution time for Last Topics Widget when Avatar active: the query is executed by searching for ‘phpBB email hash’ which is Key Index into phpBB db, and not by username.
  • Fix uninitialized variables bug in WP_w3all admin config page, that was leading WP_w3all admin config page to emit notice errors as html output into Config fields for Avatars or Preferences (where php ini were set to display php errors/notices: it was breaking options fields).
  • More minor fixes


Release Date – 23 Mar, 2017

  • Fix scroll for +- all phpBB iframe instances in the definitive way. The page-forum.php need to be rebuilt and overall_footer.html in phpBB need to be updated with the new code to apply all javascript fixes. Substitute the old code added into phpBB overall_footer.html with the new one you can found here: https://www.axew3.com/w3/2016/02/embed-phpbb-into-wordpress-template-iframe-responsive/
  • Fix partial execution of code about Last Topics Notification, fired also when option not active
  • Add User Info option into Login Widget: Name, Registration Date, Unread PMs, Number of posts on phpBB. Avatar will be added on next versions.
  • Add Notification about new messages in phpBB, into WP admin bar menu for users (not suitable maybe for iframe mode, as it need to reload WP page to update state read/unreads. It will be improved soon with ajax to be responsive in this sense)
  • More minor code clean up and fixes


Release Date – 14 Mar, 2017

  • Fix correct login for all WP Social plugins (and supposedly also for frontend ajax login plugins, but this has not been tested)
  • With the above, should resolve also any login problem for all external plugins login pages
  • Fix iframe scroll top for (+- all) phpBB events, except for Post Preview: onclick it is now correctly redirected inside iframe, but page will not scroll to top. To apply changes about correct scroll, it is required to rebuild the forum page on WP admin -> wp_w3all config page (or substitute it manually)
  • Fix correct post’s time for Last Topics Widget
  • Remove the use of addons/ext_plugins_fixes.php file, since the fix above about Social plugins: this remove a bug related session keys on phpBB, that were duplicated WP onlogin event
  • Correct WP error message ‘user already exist on our forum’ if user exist on WP registration
  • More minor code fixes


Release Date – 27 Feb, 2017

  • Security fixes
  • Fix error mysql connect if wrong path set for the config.php file on wp_w3all config at first install (or maybe after, setting it as wrong for testing pourpose disabling wp_w3all)
  • Speed up queries reducing to the minimum possible calls to phpBB (expecially when last topics and phpBB avatars active)
  • Fixes Last Topic Widgets code execution
  • More minor fixes


Release Date – 22 Feb, 2017

  • Fix correct password check/set between phpBB and WordPress. All WordPress passwords are now hashed (and checked when required) as phpBB bcrypt(). Once the integration will be uninstalled, WP users with passwords containing certain chars, will have to reset their password to correctly login into WordPress.


Release Date – 19 Feb, 2017

  • Fix correct redirect on login, where user was appearing as not logged (because redirected to the wp-login login page) also if correctly logged in, in certain conditions.
  • Fix correct user activation/deactivation of the user in phpBB when user is set as No Role in WP admin, or is reactivated. When reactivated in WP, will be reactivated as normal user in phpBB, despite if you’ll reactivate with different role in WP. Next version will fix also this.
  • More minor fixes.


Release Date – 16 Feb, 2017

  • !Important – Fix ‘phpBB get config’ function, which was called and repeated several times during plugin code execution. It is now exeuted only one time, on any possible plugin options configuration.
  • !Important – Fix WP_w3all Preferences: no reports about this but, the only one option working was the ‘Activate WordPress to phpBB users transfer’, on ‘WP_w3all Preferences’ options section while all others fails.
  • Add – notify about Read/Unread Topics/Posts option (WP_w3all Preferences), for registered users in Last Topics Widgets.
  • More important fixes.


Release Date – 12 Feb, 2017

  • Fix first login fail on register in WP definitively.
  • Update all iframe resizer files. It is Request to Update the old iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js into phpBB root. Please replace the old phpBB root iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js file with new one contained inside the /wp-content/plugins/wp-w3all-phpbb-integration/addons/resizer folder.
  • Minor fixes.


Release Date – 28 Gen, 2017

  • Fix minor security bug.
  • Fix any PHP error notice and warning (NOTE: except Warnings if path setting wrong on wp_w3all config).
  • Fix correct redirect in WP page where login has been performed, if login done using the WP_w3all widget Login/out.
  • Several code fixes.
  • More minor fixes.


Release Date – 24 Gen, 2017

  • Fix correct phpBB 3.2> – phpBB 3.1> profiles fields update about url (and fix ready code for all other fields).
  • Fix bug avatar about: if on phpBB option avatar.driver.remote enabled, avatar in WP was not included for the user.
  • Fix language files, adding all configuration page hints and frontend into translated strings. The unique NOT translated part, is the Admin Users Transfer page of wp_w3all.
  • Fix logout loop, if on phpBB there is a wrong phpBB cookie settings.
  • More minor fixes.


Release Date – 9 Gen, 2017

  • Fix bug ‘first user login on WP fail’.
  • Fix correct redirect for widgets, and get vars, using native WP functions.
  • Resolve ‘Iframe, post preview fail’: for this fix, that is related to phpBB overall_footer.html code, please just read this post: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/phpbb3-post-preview/#post-8630131 .
  • Fix correct redirection to WP forum page, onlogin, if login done via modal/iframe.
  • Add translation files for all front end strings output (if not please report), but not for admin configuration back-end.
  • Fix ‘Warning unwanted chars detected’ issue, that was wrongly fired on some path settings.
  • Fix a bug on widget file inclusion: translate function on wrong place has been removed.
  • Fix a php Warning, that was suppressed by WP on redirect (so maybe never seen) by fixing the – add_action(‘wp_login’ – adding correct params call.
  • More fixes.


Release Date – 11 Nov, 2016

  • Resolve problem about login, related latest security bug fix reported on post https://wordpress.org/support/topic/locked-out-of-admin-by-latest-update/
  • Correct sanitization, that should solve (maybe) many other compatibility problems.
  • Resolve correct addition and no more loop redirect, if user register and login directly in iframe mode.
  • Fix more hints on Admin config page.
  • Fix more issues and updates.


Release Date – 8 Nov, 2016

  • Fix a security bug.


Release Date – 7 Nov, 2016

  • Fix avatars bug. Should be the definitive fix that should resolve all reported bugs about avatars.
  • Fix more secondary bugs.
  • Fix some English hints on WP_w3all admin config page.


Release Date – 23 Oct, 2016

  • Fix error user already added on login when user added from phpBB into WP (on first time login on WP).
  • Fix avatar on Last Topics Widget bug when no number for avatars to retrieve was set on admin WP_w3all config.


Release Date – 23 Sep, 2016

  • Fix user insertion into WP for certain phpBB users with not allowed specific chars. Please take a look into this post for further info about: http://www.axew3.com/w3/forum/?forum_id=2&topic_id=188&post_id=828#p828
  • Fix avatar on Last Topics Widget bug, due the same above related problem, if user was containing unwanted char in WP the query was return error.
  • Fix error “user already added” message if a phpBB user was added in WP after login action, and correct auto login.
  • More fixes


Release Date – 16 Sep, 2016

  • Fix definitively users transfer, and wrong user addition if username contain certain characters
  • Fix wrong WP user addition on phpBB for the same above reason (user exist but after not found on ACP: after this release, will follow an article on forum on how to easily fix this problem in phpBB ACP, will be posted, if there is any to resolve.
  • Fix missed


ul> tag on Last Topics Widget
* More fixes


Release Date – 12 Sep, 2016

  • Warning for WP_w3all installations using manual config.php on WP_w3all admin config page! Please READ this http://www.axew3.com/w3/index.php/forum/?viewforum=2&viewtopic=173 before update to 1.5.0!
  • Add option: replace WordPress Gravatars with user’s profile phpBB avatars, if there is not a phpBB avatar for the user, Gravatar will be displayed (Vers 1.0)
  • Improved Last Forums Topics query by Sitmo2012 https://wordpress.org/support/users/sitmo2012/
  • Fix all Php Notices and Warnings
  • Fix groups assignement for users added in WordPress from phpBB
  • Hints: improvement and corrections
  • More code fixes


Release Date – 14 Aug, 2016

  • Add – Deactivate phpBB user account (option) until WP confirmation
  • Fix profile fields updates (if empty URL field on user profile, update was not executed correctly)
  • Fix minor iframe bug


Release Date – 20 Jul, 2016

  • Fix 1.4.7 just released, more profile bugs. Update as soon please!


Release Date – 19 Jul, 2016

  • Add Manual phpBB configuration mode for compatibility with some external plugins (and for a more easy and fast config include, expecially on subdomains installation). See wp_w3all config admin page for easy instructions to switch to manual config (that mean just change path to the new edited config.php file)
  • Fix several compatibility problems about external, users login/registration profile update, plugins
  • Fix correct wordpress default profile fields updates
  • Fix minor security bug
  • Fix minor bugs


Release Date – 15 Giu, 2016

  • Only an important security fix. Update as soon.


Release Date – 14 Giu, 2016

  • Fix stay on index and viewforum when refresh browser iframe mode
  • Fix correct config include and code execution (on rare possible scenario)
  • Fix Last Topics Widget notice error and overall WP on certain php.ini configurations
  • Fix more minor bugs
  • Add compatibility with plugins that replace default WP login page (not ajax frontend login widgets)


Release Date – 9 Giu, 2016

  • Fix remember me auto login that was Not solved since 1.4.0


Release Date – 8 Giu, 2016

  • Fix users deactivation/activation in WordPress, that are at same time activated/deactivated in phpBB
  • Fix correct number of topics to display for each Last Topics Widget instance


Release Date – 7 Giu, 2016

  • Fix logout and remember me auto login


Release Date – 6 Giu, 2016

  • Fix WP logout loop redirection and logout (remain minor fix)
  • Fix Last Topics Post – Text Post Mode fix, where was failing to clean/remove tags
  • Fix correct session user update
  • Fix, user active, or not on register: registered phpBB user, not active in phpBB, added as deactivated in WP (ex: awaiting validation)
  • Fix more 1.4.0 bugs


Release Date – 31 Mag, 2016

  • Fix user profile fields update: email, password, URL. Direct update in phpBB if profile update done on WP side. If user profile is modified via phpBB, the update in WP is done when user visit WP side
  • Add Posts Text option on Last Topics widget – Post Text option to display latest topics, only with title/link author and date, or title/link, post text (choose how many words for each widget), author and date
  • Ready (on next version) for more profile fields updates like (signature on phpBB to Bio info on WP and viceversa), Facebook, Google etc.
  • Fix WP to phpBB users transfer definitively: users are correctly added as activated on phpBB if with roles on WP, deactivated in phpBB if no Role on WP
  • Fix for more security on login
  • Fix several minor bugs
  • Add https


Release Date – 23 Mag, 2016

  • Remove latest additions about ajax plugins with login on frontend ajax widget, due to several bugs that cause onlogin/out
  • English language corrections: thank to member raykaii at WordPress.org


Release Date – 21 Mag, 2016

  • Fix compatibility with ajax login plugins, ReCaptcha …
  • More very important fixes


Release Date – 19 Mag, 2016

  • Minor (but important to fix) bug about function wp_delete_user function not exist.
  • Minor fixes


Release Date – 19 Mag, 2016

  • !Important Fix add user into phpBB bug on register WP (since 1.3.4)


Release Date – 15 Mag, 2016

  • Fix user email address update on WordPress if user email is modified on phpBB profile. Update is done when user visit WordPress. If instead, email address change is done via WordPress Admin or user profile, it is immediately applied on both WP and phpBB.


Release Date – 15 Mag, 2016

  • Fix wp_error coming logged as newer user into WordPress


Release Date – 14 Mag, 2016

  • Fix 1.3.2 user logout bug when login done on WP side


Release Date – 13 Mag, 2016

  • Fix users transfer, that can be executed safely also more than one time consecutively
  • Deactivated/activated/banned (no role user) user in WP admin, is deactivated/activated on phpBB. Deactivated/banned etc user in phpBB ACP is auto deactivated only on user WP onlogin
  • More important fixes


Release Date – 3 Mag, 2016

  • Fix cookie check and reload problems in some installations and remember me logins


Release Date – 2 Mag, 2016

  • Fix wrong old phpBB user addition in WordPress when username was containing wrong chars. It solve so probably, any other reported redirect error.


Release Date – 1 Mag, 2016

  • Fix bug subdomains login/out due to a wrong setcookie


Release Date – 29 Apr, 2016
* Fix presistent autologin


Release Date – 27 Apr, 2016
* Important! Fix old phpBB users, that login first time in WP and aren’t added: now are added and logged on fly
* Fix redirect problems on some installations
* Fix stay on topic or page on browser refresh (iframe mode)
* More important fixes


Release Date – 22 Apr, 2016
* Fix ONLY 1.2.5 bug about path setting not correct and WP admin logout can’t login error


Release Date – 21 Apr, 2016
* Fix persistent login
* Fix changed user passw on phpBB, if first login in WP instead of phpBB
* Fix WP users transfer to phpBB


Release Date – 18 Apr, 2016
* Fix correct username/nicename registration insert into phpBB
* Fix users transfer for correct username/nicename registration insert into phpBB


Release Date – 17 Apr, 2016
* Fix user post count on transfer process where was set to 1 and should be 0
* Fix persistent rememberme autologin
* Fix user post count on phpBB user registration when done on WP side


Release Date – 15 Apr, 2016
* Unique config include that fix numerous problems and increase script execution speed
* Cookie domain fix for subdomains
* Security fix
* More minor fixes


Release Date – 8 Apr, 2016
* Fix sessions +- definitively. Remain to unify queries
* Fix password/email change for WP admin to match phpBB pass if different on WP login
* Links for iframe: viewtopic and viewforum
* WP 4.5 more fix


Release Date – 5 Apr, 2016
* Fix sessions
* Fix password/email change for admin and users
* WP 4.5 ready


Release Date – 29 March, 2016
* Fix bug user password reset on WP
* First fix for installations on WP multisite


Release Date – 28 March, 2016
* Fix bug about when wrong path and warning messages
* More fast (action wp_loaded replace init for the wp_w3all_phpbb_init)
* Prepare for next release and definitive sessions fix onlogin, when login performed on WP side


Release Date – 27 March, 2016
* Fix phpBB session logic
* Login/register/lostpass by default in WP if actions are performed on WP side


Release Date – 25 March, 2016
* Fix login out of admin in front end


Release Date – 24 March, 2016
* Users can now login/out/register and change profile email or password on WP or phpBB. More on next versions.
* Fix iframe mode logout when performed from WP: required to rebuild the forum page on wp_w3all or manually modify adding the new logout fix.
* Fix user transfer from WP to phpBB, where last insertid value was missed during insert query
* Fix several bugs


Release Date – 10 March, 2016
* Fix iframe mode
* Remove unuseful options on config wp_w3all
* Add modal CSS login for iframe mode
* Fix user transfer bug
* Fix several bugs


Release Date – 7 March, 2016
* Fix login/out


Release Date – 5 March, 2016
* Fix problems about correct links and inclusion for widgets
* Fix more bugs about iframe mode
* Added option for widget links iframe mode subdomains or not


Release Date – 3 March, 2016
* Fix problem for wordpress repo that do not correctly download the new inc folder, so it has been removed


Release Date – 1 March, 2016
* Solve more wp_w3all path setting bug


Release Date – 29 Febrary, 2016
* Solve wp_w3all path setting bug


Release Date – 29 Febrary, 2016
* Add responsive javascript or css iframe option that is created by default
* Added related documentation


Release Date – 28 Febrary, 2016
* Fix login/out widget links for iframe mode
* Fix correct template page name detection
* Fix minor bugs


Release Date – 23 Febrary, 2016
* Fix config problems
* Add more friendly configuration interface
* Fix minor bugs


Release Date – 21 Febrary, 2016
* Added phpBB embedded into WordPress template feature
* Added js library
* Fix minor bugs


Release Date – 15 Febrary, 2016
* Fix cookie logout bug for subdomains and minor bugs


Release Date – 14 Febrary, 2016
* Added subdomain capability to the wp_w3all integration plugin. You need to change the relative path on wp_w3all config and substitute with ABSOLUTE path.


Release Date – 13 Febrary, 2016
* Added WordPress users transfer to phpBB forum
* Added exclude Forums from last Topics option
* Fix database cleanup on plugin deactivation
* Fix redirect after login on WordPress to correct WP page
* Fix lost config values on plugin update
* Fix minor bugs


Release Date – 2 Febrary, 2016
* Fix problem about default install administrators (Uid 1 on WP and Uid 2 in phpBB) with different usernames.
* Added to the widget w3all Login the option to choose different text to display on login/out.


Release Date – 1 Febrary, 2016