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WP slabText


This is a plugin for WordPress that allows for re-rendering a multi-rowed long headlines more beautiful and more impressive without any conversion from text to image. It uses the effect of a great jQuery plugin slabText that was created by Brian McAllister.

You can split a long title at any point as you like with ||(double-pipe) into multi-row, so multibyte language sites can also recieve the benefit.

Even more, can specify the font to use in a title from Google Web Fonts.

このプラグインは、ブログやニュース系サイトによく見られる複数行に渡る長い記事の見出しを、画像に変換することなく、より美しく、インパクトのあるものに再描画します。Brian McAllister氏のjQueryプラグイン「slabText」の効果を使用します(英文の様々なサンプルはリンク先でご覧になれます)。

記事タイトルの任意の位置に ||(パイプ2本)を入力することで、行の折り返しポイントを決めることができるので、日本語(マルチバイト)サイトでも効果を得られます。


見出しに使用するフォントを、Google Web Fontsから指定することもできます(欧文フォントのみ)。


The template must have call post_class function at outer box of the post title in the loop.
If you use Head Cleaner, I recommend to excludes wpstxt-call from the list of Active Filters.


If you feel good with using this plugin, your support is always welcome. I’ve setup a donation page.


Plugin updates are announced on plugins page, and http://twitter.com/firstelement.

Contact and Credits

Written by Daijiro Miyazawa at FirstElement (www.fisrtelement.jp, e-mail ‘dxd5001’ at ‘gmail dot com’), 2012.

WP slabText includes a copy of the slabText written by Brian McAllister.


  • Sample (The sentence is quoted from WordPress.org)
  • A sample of Japanese sentence.
  • Settings page.


  1. Upload the wp-slabText plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to the Settings > slabText screen, and “Activate” and “Load default CSS file”.
  4. Specify which pages the plugin apples the effect (frontpage,archive page,etc.).
  5. Go to the Post-editor screen, and check “Activate”.
  6. If you want to control the split point in the title, also check “Use ||(double-pipe) to split the title”
  7. Put “||” to the split point you like in the title box.
  8. Go “Public” or “Update” and check the post on the front page.
  9. Beautiful title block is appear!


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Változási napló

0.9.2 – October 5, 2012

Fixed that the Pages editor screen doesn’t show the option panel. You can now control the effect on the Pages header.

0.9.1 – August 27, 2012

Fixed that the effects will be applied only in the loop, so the social media can get clean post title.

0.9 – August 25, 2012

Initial release.