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WP Promo Emails


WP Promo eMails sends a customizable HTML email with your own subject title , email address, message, facebook and twitter link.

WP Promo Emails plugin sends content rich HTML emails/newsletters to registered users. WP Promo Emails plugin users can view their newsletter send history, total userbase, opens and subscriber totals. This plugin is great for those who seek an easy way to send content rich newsletters that can contain vibrant graphics, video and other dynamic content.

This plugin has integrated TinyMCE, an optional graphic interface with a set of features to allow for media files, slideshows and videos to be integrated in your emails. It helps you provide more interactive and engaging emails that are increasingly popular with online shoppers.

The WP Promo Emails Dashboard provides an easily accessed overview of your newsletter list with subscriber count, sent, opened, bounced and waiting statistics.
Each newsletter and subscriber also provides details on the number of emails sent or received, opens and bounces allowing you to track success across your emails. Use your Dashboard to resend emails stored in your archives.

Email newsletters are an integral part of every successful website.
The WP Promo Emails plugin from CbFreemanWP allows you to create and send emails and manage subscribers and their data all from within WordPress.


  1. Easy installation and setup that requires no coding skills.
  2. Template editor.
  3. Unsubscribe link embedded in email
  4. Unsubscribe Email message
  5. Send test emails.
  6. WP Promo Emails Dashboard Widget with current eMail Stats
  7. Support for localization or internationalization (Translators Welcome)
  8. Clean uninstall process, doesn’t leave unwanted data in your database

Bonus Features

  • View Open Records – Want to know if anyone actually read your emails?
  • Archive Email – You’ll always have a record with timestamps on hand to refer back to when needed.
  • Email History – View your total sending history in your dashboard

Example usages :

  • Send new promotions to every WordPress site user
  • Include some banners to promote a special event or feature of your website
  • Brand your emails to your website or client website


WP Promo eMails is currently available in :

  • Angol

I’m looking for translators to extend to other languages. If you have translated the plugin in your language or want to,
please let me know : wp_promo_mail [ at ] cbfreeman.com



  • The default settings page provided with WP Promo eMails. Tested on many email clients like Gmail, Yahoo!, Live/Hotmail, etc.
  • Sample email is provided with WP Promo eMails.
  • Sample Dashboard section is provided with WP Promo eMails.


  1. Extract and upload the wp-promo-emails folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in the WordPress admin panel
  3. Set your site title and email address in ‘Dashboard >Settings > General’ for use in email.
  4. Navigate to ‘Dashboard > Settings > WP Promo Emails’ to create emails.
  5. Every promotional email you send from your WordPress Blog (promotions, newsletters, etc.) looks better now !


  1. Can a buy a custom version that sends email to individual users?
    Yes. Send an email to the developer wp_promo_mail [ at ] cbfreeman.com


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Változási napló


  • WP Promo Emails first release
  • Changed charset to UTF-8


  • Added live email preview


  • Added WP Promo Emails Dashboard Stats Widget


  • Improved WP Promo Emails Dashboard Stats Widget
  • Added WP Promo Emails Dashboard Records


  • Improved WP Promo Emails Dashboard Stats Widget
  • Added CbFreemanWP Subscription Capability


  • Added Bonus Features


  • Updated Dashboard Recorder – Opens etc.


  • Improved Navigation with jPages pagination
  • Removed Last 5 Limits


  • Streamlined Dashboard
  • Improved archives