This plugin has been closed as of 2019.10.17. and is not available for download. This closure is temporary, pending a full review.


Have about 650 products in my woocommerce store and diskspace was roughly 8GB before installing WP-Lister Lite for Amazon after installing this plugin all the remaining 8GB that was available has been used up. Now I cannot even update plugins because of lack of Disk space. I have no choice but to delete the plugin, wasted my time assigning Amazon ASIN numbers to every product in my woocommerce store. The addition of large Amazon product listing template as well product image to each product is the cause for the rapid exhaustion of disk space. Addition of the template to each product should be an option as it will lead to exhaustion of disk space. Not practical for a store having one thousand plus products with a mix of variable products.
This is an immature plugin, it should not offer a professional option. I've used the paid version for 9 months and following all of the guides perfectly including the online documentation and the advice provided by the WP-Lister support team, we experience issues literally on a daily basis. It's become basically a full time job just dealing with it. When asked "why" a problem is occuring, WP-Lister's customer support reply is vague, long-winded, never answers the question and instead diverts the problem over to Amazon - "ask them" is the standard reply. I've come from a much more mature Amazon integration with Magento (M2E) and these issues we never experienced there, so it's clear Amazon isn't the problem child in this relationship. I'll definitely be going elsewhere, and will be telling anybody who asks to do the same.
Instructions are outdated as Amazon has changed their terms with developers and third party plugins. Very disappointing as there is a Pro version and this came recommended.
hello WP-Lister Lite for Amazon developer, the plugin is good, my products are listed in amazon , so can i show products in websites and checkout at amazon website.?
I have been looking for a plugin like this for quite awhile, it is simply amazing and saves a lot of time once you get it setup all the way. Also the support contacts you back very quickly and is very helpful and knowledgeable about if part of the process. John went beyond the call of duty to help me with my problem that wasn't related to the plugin itself. If you looking for a plugin to list all your products from woo commerce to Amazon, this is your number 1 pick!
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