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NOTE: This plugin is still in development, and at the moment doesn’t do very much. If you have any suggestions for the plugin, please contact me.

This plugin allows you to integrate your WordPress site with a JustGiving fundraising page, via the JustGiving API.

Current features:

  • Donations list using [wpjg_donations] shortcode.

  • Donation details using [wpjg_details] shortcode.

Planned features:

  • Sidebar widget with fundraising page information.

  • Shortcode for displaying fundraising page information.

  • Customisable options for displaying donations list and donation details.

To use this plugin, you will need an API key from JustGiving, which can be obtained by signing up


  1. Upload the wp-justgiving folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Enter your JustGiving API key and short page name on the ‘WP-JustGiving’ page in the ‘Settings’ menu.
  4. Add the required shortcodes (currently either [wpjg_donations] or [wpjg_details]) to your pages.

Note: For the [wpjg_details] shortcode to work, a JustGiving donation ID must be provided by appending
?donationId=XXXXXXXX to the page URL (obviously replacing the Xs with the ID).


How do I use this plugin?

Once you’ve installed the plugin, set it up by providing an API key and short page name on the ‘WP-JustGiving’ page in
the ‘Settings’ menu. You can then use the shortcodes (currently either [wpjg_donations] or [wpjg_details]) on your

How do I get an API key?

Sign up here.

What’s a short page name?

This is part of the URL of your JustGiving fundraising page. It is typically a person’s name (for example, “John-Smith”).

How does the donation details shortcode work?

Once you’ve put the shortcode on a page, append /?donationId=XXXXXXXX to the page’s URL (replacing the Xs with a JustGiving
donation ID). The page will then display details of the donation.

This plugin doesn’t do want I want. Can you make it please?

Maybe. I built this plugin for use on a website I was building, so its original use was limited, but I may expand on it in
the future.


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  • Initial beta release.