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WP Hydro Raindrop


Hydro Raindrop MFA: Blockchain based Multi Factor Authentication

Hydro MFA Plugin adds another security layer to your website using blockchain-based authentication layer. It’s designed to work out of the box and offers unparalleled security standards for your website and your users, even beating google authenticator which is prone to phishing scams.


  • Works out of the Box
  • Intercepts the Login automatically
  • Allows users to set-up MFA with their HydroID
  • Customization options to suit every site neeeds!
  • Instant Authentication

Note: Free Hydro Mobile App is required to complete the MFA process. You can get iOS App here or the Android App here.

After Activation Process

The following steps are necessary to enable Hydro MFA on your site:

MFA Activation (Admin Side)

The following steps are necessary to enable Hydro Raindrop MFA on your site:

  • Create an account over at Hydrogen Website.
  • Apply for Production Access. Once approved, generate your Client ID, Client Secret and Application ID.
  • In WordPress from the Main Menu navigate to Hydro Raindrop -> Settings -> API Settings and enter the above details, select Production Mode and the plugin is ready for use.
  • Set-up the preferred MFA method (and other customization options) in the tab Customization

That’s it!


  • SSL MUST be enabled for MFA to work.
  • PHP 7.0 or higher is required.



Further reading

For more info on Hydro or MFA and how it’s changing the world, check out the following:


  • Custom HydroID Setup Page.
  • Custom Hydro MFA Page.
  • Custom Hydro Settings Page.
  • Hydro Raindrop Settings


You’ll find answers to many of your questions on Official Website Support.


Hydrogen is giving you access to the financial web 3.0. Add digital infrastructure, financial engineering, blockchain, and machine learning in minutes. These guys really rock!
Easy and fast. I think this plugin is a required plugin for the security of websites. It is not difficult to install the plugin and use the mobile application. Ps: I'm a Hydro DA!
I've been phished multiple times before, so I really like this added layer of security that normal 2fa/mfa functionalities aren't able to give you protection for. Great innovation!
Plugin makes it really instant to protect your sites, the innovation is how it handles two factor authentication to beat phishing completely! We have made this with a lot of love! Hope you like it. Feedback and Questions are encouraged. Feature request as well :). Disclaimer: Am a Hydro DA
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Változási napló


  • Update WP requirements for plugin.


  • Add support for resetting the HydroID of a user.


  • Minor code improvements.


  • Update WP requirements for plugin.


  • Do not load plugin on XML RPC requests.


  • Fixed critical issue when upgrading from v1 to v2 which causes settings to be invalid.


  • Works out of the Box.
  • Frontend Included / Automatic setup / Frontend Settings.
  • Introduces 3 ways for MFA option (Enforced, Prompted and Optional).
  • Re-authentication Feature (for extra sensitive pages).
  • Blocking of Users on incorrect MFA Tries (customizable).
  • Additional features – Plugin requirements check, Shortcodes, actions and filters for advance developers.


  • Fixed critical authentication issue.


  • Updated Author.


  • Minor optimizations.
  • Improved the README.txt contents.


  • Added ability to intercept login automatically. Swanky frontend UI.
  • Allow developers to make their own custom MFA page (with shortcodes).
  • Improve MFA flow and security.


  • Update WP readme.txt.


  • Set PHP 7.0 requirement.




  • Fix API authentication issue: Unset API authentication token when switching environment.
  • Re-generate a MFA digits between sessions when user hits “Cancel”-button on verification.
  • Clear Hydro Raindrop User meta data after changing Hydro API settings.
  • Validate Hydro API settings when saved.
  • Remove HydroID length restriction.


  • Initial release of WP Hydro Raindrop.