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WP Advent


With this plugin you can create a advent calendar on your WP site.

It is using shortcodes, so it is possible to add the calendar to a regular post, a page or any other post type.

Multiple calendars and calendar years are supported.

We have a public git repository at https://github.com/lostfocus/wp-advent and we’re happy to answer to questions here and there.
Pull requests are obviously also very welcome.


  • Adminisztrációs felület


Either install this plugin from within the WordPress administration screen or do it the old-fashioned way: download it, unzip it into the plugins folder.


Great plugin for a virtual advent calendar. It's really easy to set for the website.
With a bit of css customisation it looks great! Suggestions: Could use a better dashboard UI (for noobies that don't do web development) and perhaps the advent days could be disabled once the day is passed.


I love this plugin. Just what I needed, nothing more, nothing less. Creates a post for each day which will automatically publish.
But is it possible, that the bug that prevented some sheets from being attached is still making troubles? I saw it on two calenders i´ve made with some sheets, the color of day 2 went from green back to red after i added another sheet. And it would be great and a little bit more "playable" if the numbers in the calender view would be mixed. 🙂
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Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

Változási napló


Fixed a bug where calendar sheets have a random slideshow function, also updated Glightbox to the new stable version.


We’ve added a whole bunch of new HTML classes and ids so you have more control over the styling of your calendar.
We also added a new “black/white” option that always sets the calendar sheet background to a white color and the calendar sheet
font to a black one, which is necessary with some themes, especially the official and still popular Twenty Sixteen theme.


We’re now loading all theme CSS files and add a few more classes to style the calendar.


Fixed some smaller CSS issues.


Changed the lightbox script to glightbox
The plugin uses your theme CSS to style the entries now


Fixed a bug where calendar sheets appear erroneously in search results.


Tested with WP 4.7.
Changed some code around to make it easier to translate this plugin. If you want to help doing that for your language, get in touch with us!




The plugin is now ready for WordPress 4.4.
And once your WordPress is updated, you’ll be able to shuffle the calendars to make them a little bit more exciting.


Apparently there were two bugs that made it look like sheets were “lost.” This update should fix the second bug, too.


Cleaned up the interface.

There was a bug in an older version of this plugin that prevented some sheets from being attached to a calendar.
We fixed that bug and added a way to attach these “lost” sheets to a calendar.


Renamed to WP Advent


  • Switched to a lightbox script with a compatible license.


  • Initial version