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Woocommerce admin input masks


Woocommerce simply doesn’t use any type of mask on the admin side. So while you are registering your products, you can mistype your price by accident, for example typing a letter instead of a number, or using a wrong decimal separator.

Whenever it’s possible, this plugin creates masks using native Woocommerce configurations that are already in use on the front end, so it can work on the admin side too.

WooCommerce must be installed and active.

Description in portuguese:

O plugin do Woocommerce simplesmente não usa nenhuma máscara para os campos que estao no admin. Então as vezes sem querer, você pode acabar digitando o preço de um produto errado, colocando uma letra no lugar de um número ou usando uma vírgula no lugar de um ponto.

Sempre que possível, esse plugin cria máscaras usando as próprias configurações do Woocommerce que já funcionam no front end, de maneira que funcionem também no admin


Autonumeric jQuery plugin


  • Type comfortably on the admin side using masks in your favor
  • Whenever it's possible, this plugin creates masks using native Woocommerce configurations that are already in use on the front end, so they can work on the admin side too.


  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


What type of inputs are supported?

It works only for prices, for now

Why does my price input get red some times?

Woocommerce only accepts numbers and dots as characters for price inputs, even if you have set you want commas or other characters. And that is how woocommerce says you typed wrong. Painting it red.
But don’t worry about it. This plugin accepts these characters the way you want. I’ll try to override this Woocommerce’s feature someday

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Változási napló


  • Added support to simple products


  • Added support to number of decimals
  • Adjusted bug where newer versions of woocommerce could break the plugin. Now, cloned inputs are converted to text inputs


  • Plugin’s creation.