Stripe For WooCommerce


Accept Credit Cards, Google Pay, ApplePay, ACH, P24, Klarna, iDEAL and more all in one plugin for free!

Official Stripe Partner

Payment Plugins is an official partner of Stripe.

Boost conversion by offering product and cart page checkout

Stripe for WooCommerce is made to supercharge your conversion rate by decreasing payment friction for your customer.
Offer Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Stripe’s Browser payment methods on product pages, cart pages, and at the top of your checkout page.

Visit our demo site to see all the payment methods in action

Demo Site

To see Apple Pay, visit the site using an iOS device. Google Pay will display for supported browsers like Chrome.


  • Credit Cards
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • ACH Payments
  • 3DS 2.0
  • Local Payment Methods
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions


  • Let customers pay directly from product pages
  • Apple pay on the cart page
  • Custom credit card forms
  • Klarna on checkout page
  • Local payment methods like iDEAL and P24
  • Configuration pages
  • Payment options at top of checkout page for easy one click checkout
  • Edit payment gateways on the product page


How do I test this plugin?

You can enable the plugin’s test mode, which allows you to simulate transactions.

Does your plugin support WooCommerce Subscriptions?

Yes, the plugin supports all functionality related to WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Where is your documentation?

Why isn’t the Payment Request button showing on my local machine?

If you’re site is not loading over https, then Stripe won’t render the Payment Request button. Make sure you are using https.


Fantastic plug-in does exactly what I need it to do, and I got a response from support within 3 minutes from raising a question, which sorted my site out instantly. Thankyou !!
The plugin works great, and my experience with the support team was outstanding: nearly immediate ticket response, polite, knowledgable and willing to give real help. Recommended!
Stripe credit card working well in my site,but not show the apple pay, so i email to the author. An incredible thing happened, i get fast reply from author, from it’s suggestions, i change the location, and the apple pay show again. i really appreciate with your help.
I decided to try Stripe for taking on line payments after a bad experience with PayPal. The theme I am using shipped with the Woocommerce Stripe plugin, but a large number of negative reviews prompted me to trial this one instead. Everything went well until I encountered a strange error message when entering a test credit card purchase. After some head scratching I decided to lodge a support request. I had hardly finished typing when I received a reply directing my attention to a couple of possible causes. While checking these out, I received another message from support, advising that they had found the problem. It turned out that the error had nothing to do with the plugin, but was due to a default setting on another part of the site. I was able to fix the problem merely by unticking a box, a solution that would never have occurred to me. This sort of proactive support actually gives other people a bad name, because I always understood that support departments are supposed to be (a) slow to respond, (b) thin skinned and sensitive about suggestions that their product might not be up to scratch, and (c) quick to blame other plugins, the theme, WordPress or Donald Trump for the problem. It's early days with Stripe yet, but I have a warm feeling inside already after using this plugin.
This is my solution as a payment gateway for my WooCommerce powered site. I had some trouble with understanding setup and tried contacting Stripe and all they did was tell me to ask the developer of the plugin. I reached out and he helped me quickly and so knowledgeably! This plugin integrates perfectly with my theme and makes the transaction process look completely professional. The ability to connect with Stripe makes getting tangled in figuring out handling API keys and doing an awkward dance of figuring out how to make each type of payment work something you don't deal with at all. This plugin is about as plug-and-play as it gets when installing a payment gateway. I highly recommend this as the go-to Stripe integration solution for all. Don't forget to test the payment gateway with dummy information Stripe offers in their docs while putting this plugin in test mode. Amazing work!!
Amazing plugin, really. I think you should add the possibility to set up the Stripe API keys inserting the API keys without logging in to the Stripe account. I know your method is a lot easier, but sometimes, if you work on a website of a third person, that person would prefer to give you the API keys rather than the access to the Stripe account. Even if this is the best plugin for Stripe/WooCommerce integration, on some website I will need to install the official one for the reasons described above. Maybe you can have a lot more active installations if you add the API keys fields. This is a plugin for personal websites. Users who make websites for other people may not use it, but that kind of user would increase the active installations, because they would use the plugin on more websites. In any case, wonderful plugin!
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Változási napló


  • Updated – WC tested to 4.3.0
  • Updated – Bumped PHP min version to 5.6
  • Updated – Stripe php lib version 7.39.0
  • Updated – Apple domain registration check for existing domain
  • Fixed – Notice on cart page when payment request button active and cart emptied
  • Fixed – Google Pay fee line item in wallet
  • Added – New filters for API requests


  • Fixed – Capture type on product page checkout
  • Fixed – WP 5.4.2 deprecation message for namespaces
  • Fixed – PHP 7.4 warning message
  • Updated – Error message API uses $.scroll_to_notices when available
  • Updated – Apple Pay and Payment Request require phone and email based on required billing fields
  • Updated – Webkit autofill text color
  • Added – Non numerical check to wc_stripe_add_number_precision function


  • Updated – WC 4.2.0 support
  • Added – Validation for local payment methods to ensure payment option cannot be empty
  • Added – Account ID to Stripe JS initialization
  • Added – Local payment method support for manual subscriptions
  • Fixed – Exception that occurs after successful payment of a renewal order retry.


  • Added – WC 4.1.1 support
  • Added – Klarna payment categories option
  • Added – Order ID filter added
  • Added – Local payment button filter so text on buttons can be changed
  • Update – Webhook controller returns 401 for failed signature


  • Added – Merchants can now control which payment buttons appear for each product and their positioning
  • Added – VAT tax display for Apple Pay, GPay, Payment Request
  • Added – Optional Stripe email receipt
  • Updated – Stripe API version to 2020-03-02
  • Fixed – iDEAL not redirecting on order pay page.


  • Fixed – Error when changing WCS payment method to new ACH payment method
  • Fixed – Error when payment_intent status ‘success’ and order cancelled status applied
  • Added – Recipient email for payment_intent
  • Added – Translations for credit card decline errors
  • Added – Option to force 3D secure for all transactions
  • Added – Option to show generic credit card decline error
  • Added – SEPA mandate message on checkout page
  • Updated – Google Pay documentation


  • Added – FPX payment method
  • Added – Alipay payment method
  • Updated – Stripe connect integration
  • Updated – WeChat support for other countries besides CN
  • Updated – CSS so prevent theme overrides
  • Fixed – WeChat QR code


  • Added – Payment methods with payment sheets like Apple Pay now show order items on order pay page instead of just total.
  • Fixed – Error if 100% off coupon is used on checkout page.


  • Updated – billing phone and email check added for card payment
  • Updated – template checkout/payment-method.php name changed to checkout/stripe-payment-method.php
  • Updated – cart checkout button styling
  • Added – Connection test in admin API settings
  • Misc – WC 3.9.1


  • Added – WPML support for gateway titles and descriptions
  • Added – ACH fee option
  • Added – Webhook registration option in Admin
  • Updated – Cart one click checkout buttons
  • Updated – WC 3.9


  • Added – ACH subscription support
  • Updated – Top of checkout styling
  • Updated =Positioning of cart buttons. They are now below cart checkout button


  • Added – ACH payment support
  • Added – New credit card form
  • Fixed – Klarna error if item totals don’t equal order total.
  • Updated – API version to 2019-12-03
  • Updated – Local payment logic.


  • Added – Bootstrap form added
  • Updated – WC 3.8.1
  • Fixed – Check for customer object in Admin pages for local payment methods


  • Fixed – Check added to wc_stripe_order_status_completed function to ensure capture charge is only called when Stripe is the payment gateway for the order.
  • Updated – Stripe API version to 2019-11-05


  • Added – Klarna payments now supported
  • Added – Bancontact
  • Updated – Local payments webhook


  • Updated – Google Pay paymentDataCallbacks in JavaScript
  • Updated – Text domain to match plugin slug
  • Added – Dynamic price option for Google Pay
  • Added – Pre-orders support


  • First commit