Rabo OmniKassa 2.0 for WooCommerce


One dashboard for all your payment solutions

What is Rabo OmniKassa 2.0?
Always in control and able to manage your products yourself: that is Rabo OmniKassa. You receive all payments within 1 day on your business account, 365 days per year. You can check and manage everything yourself in the dashboard. That gives peace, space and time to be able to continue working on your business.

How does Rabo OmniKassa work?
With Rabo OmniKassa you have both debit card payments and online payments together in one overview. Useful to keep track of your various commercial units, your physical store(s) or your webshops. If you want to expand, you can easily add additional products through the dashboard. For instance when you use Rabo SmartPin on location, but also want to sell your articles in a webshop. This way you can work in a future-oriented manner.

What do you need?
* A Rabo OmniKassa agreement, which you can simply request online.
* The WordPress OmniKassa 2.0 plug-in.

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  • Payment Methods: iDEAL, Afterpay, Bancontact, Maestro, MasterCard, Paypal, Visa en VPay
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Automatic webhook messages for processing transactions/orders
  • Every Payment Method is optional.
  • Use OmniKassa in different languages: Dutch, Enlish, French and German.
  • Configurable title and description


  • Uses Rabo OmniKassa SHA512 encryption method
  • PCI Compliant! No creditcard data saved locally!
  • SSL supported
  • Signs and checks every message to and from Rabo OmniKassa
  • Secure webhook supported


  • Payment window in Rabo OmniKassa using the iDEAL method.
  • Payment methods in Rabo OmniKassa


  1. Upload the plugin via FTP to the folder /wp-content/plugins/ic-woo-omnikassa-2, or use the WordPress plug-in installation wizard.
  2. Activate the plug-in via the ‘plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Navigate to WooCommerce/Settings -> Payments and configure the plug-in/payment methods


Who can I contact when i have a question?

For any technical questions you can get in contact with iDEAL-Checkout via phone or email.
You can find our contact information via the following link: https://www.ideal-checkout.nl/contact

If you have any questions about Rabo OmniKassa you can contact OmniKassa via phone or email.
You can find their contact information via the following link: https://www.rabobank.nl/omnikassa


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Változási napló


  • All OmniKassa payment methods are given a prefix to prevent issues with other payment methods
  • Check after updating to this version please if the Payment Methods are still active, these can be automatically deactivated!


  • Fixed PayPal not working correctly.


  • Fix implemented for the webhook changing orders where it wasn’t supposed to.
  • PayPal bug fix, so that it will not overwrite the original paypal plug-in.
  • Added extra translations.


  • First release