WooCommerce Fortnox Hub


This plugin integrates WooCommerce with Fortnox. Automating your accounting and inventory.

It can create a Fortnox Invoice or Order based on a WooCommerce Order.

Customer data will be stored in the Fortnox customer database and will be automatically updated if changed in a new order.

Invoices can automatically be set to paid based on the payment method used in the WooCommerce order.

The plugin can create internal invoices to automate the handling of payouts for a number of payment gateways.

  • Klarna
  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Swish, if you are using the BjornTech Swish plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-swish-e-commerce/)
  • iZettle, if you are using the BjornTech iZettle plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-izettle-integration/)


You can find detailed installation and configuration instructions here


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Változási napló


  • Fix: Invoices using Paypal transactions made in SEK was not booked properly.
  • Fix: Stripe payout invoice just processed the 10 first payout transactions.
  • Fix: Barcode metafield “_barcode” on products where not copied to “EAN” due to typo.
  • Fix: If the WooCommerce installation is using prices incl VAT the prices where incorrectly copied inclusive VAT to Fortnox. Please do a full sync TO Fortnox to correct this if you are changing the setting.
  • Fix: Full stocklevel sync always incorrectly gave the error “Stocklevel sync requested but stopped because all stock articles in Fortnox has 0 as stocklevel.”
  • New: Warning messages when changing some important settings.


  • Fix: Removed session information in logfile since the gathering of the information sometimes caused problems.
  • Fix: Shipping correction in 3.5.1 was still buggy and in some cases the account numbers was not taken from settings.


  • Fix: In some cases Shipping account numbers where not taken from settings.
  • Fix: Paypal invoice creation did not work if using WooCommerce > 4.0.0
  • Fix: Product type course (using learndash plugin) did not sync when changing or adding product.


  • New: Added possibility to set an article number on shipping
  • New: Added possibility to book the Fortnox invoice when the WooCommerce order is set to Completed (when using the accrual accounting method).


  • Fix: Some stocklevel updates was not processed correctly, do a manual sync to make ensure that your webshop have the correct stocklevels.


  • New: An order can be set to “completed” when a Fortnox Invoice is created
  • Fix: Added check on lengths of fields on customer data to avoid error when fields are too long
  • Fix: If the “Products to Fortnox” setting was set to set the manage stock flag on a Fortnox article some products where not synced.
  • Fix: Set product to be “stocklevel product” if stocklevels are selected.
  • Fix: The text “Updating Fortnox articles from WooCommerce products started is ready” sometimes displays without any update started.


  • New: If no account is selected the order/invoice will be created with the defaults for the order/invoice or article
  • New: Added section for selection and manual updates for invoice processing.
  • Fix: In some cases (when Fortnox is not responding to calls) orders/invoices can be duplicated. Changed mechanism to check if the invoive is already created.


  • Fix: Sync of orders failed to start in some cases.


  • Fix: A typo in an error message caused PHP warning messages.
  • Fix: Price & stocklevel import tweaked to improve performance.
  • Fix: Product updated tweaked to improve performance.
  • New: Added the possibility to use Fortnox settings for an account rather than selecting in the plugin.


  • Fix: License warning and expire message was not removed when the license became valid


  • New: Manual sync of products and and price/stocklevel now displays a message showing progress.
  • Fix: Double subscription warning messages removed.
  • Fix: Shipping text was not cleaned from unallowed characters, causing order/invoice creation to fail.


  • Fix: Account selection was always called when loading, should only be called when editing accounts.
  • Fix: Missing message in logfile if the plugin was trying to access the service wihtout a token and got refused.


  • New: All calls to Fortnox will be sent via the BjornTech service.
  • New: SKU field is always the identifier, previously an extra Fortnox field could be configured. No customers are using it, removed not to confuse.
  • Fix: Text cleaning function tweaked.


  • New: First public release after beta.
  • Fix: A new product exported to Fortnox without price is setting the price to 0 when imported to WooCommerce.
  • Fix: No warning was given when saving an article number was in the wrong format


  • New: Added the possibility to syncronize selected days back for iZettle invoice creation.
  • Fix: On cancel order the plugin tried to cancel Fortnox order/invoices already booked, causing an error.


  • Fix: Fortnox document failed to create if delivery type was not set or unknown.


  • Fix: Order/Invoice creation fails if order has no delivery adress


  • Fix: In some cases the prices on invoives are including VAT but the VAT status on order/invoices are flagged as excl VAT resulting in VAT being added again. Introduced in 2.5.27


  • Fix: If running an English/US installation of WordPress orders to Sweden fail to create


  • Fix: Missing filter for organisation number.
  • Fix: Customer invoices not created due to multiple field names being wrong.


  • Fix: Shipping adress fields missing
  • New: Possibility to configure if Fortnox or Order billing/shipping details should be used for returning customers.
  • New: Creating refund invoices for fully refunds.


  • Fix: product names with a / in did not update price or stocklevel


  • Fix: If using WooCommerce bulk edit the plugin fails to save changed product data
  • New: First version of Klarna invoice generation. Use only if instructed by BjornTech


  • Fix: Weight in Fortnox is grams not Kg, corrected.
  • Fix: If the customer e-mail was empty the customer search function searched and found the first customer in FN with a blank email-field.
  • New: Added the possibility to map existing customers on organisation number using the metadata field ‘_organisation_number’
  • New: Added filters for email and organisation number. The filters can be used in implementations not using standard field names.


  • New: Added possibility to select if an order/invoice should be created on ‘processing’ or ‘completed’ status.
  • Change: Possibility to select in what processing stage the Fortnox order/invoice should be created.
  • Fix: Use WooCommerce order number instead of id as order reference.
  • Fix: iZettle orders with Swish payments did wrongly create order instead of invoice due to incorrect check.
  • Fix: The plugin did incorrectly not allow for space in Article number.


  • Fix: iZettle Swish payments did create orders instead of invoices


  • Fix: Prices over 1000 did update price incorrectly due to thousad separator.


  • Fix: Prices did not update from Fortnox to WooCommerce