Use WigWag to easily start accepting payments on your WooCommerce store reliably and securely.
WigWag is powered by Stitch, who power payments for South Africa’s biggest enterprises like MTN and TFG.
WigWag leverages this enterprise-grade technology and makes it easier to use for businesses of all sizes.

Powerful payments technology plus straightforward pricing and the best customer support and WigWag is your trusted payments partner to help your business scale.

Why WigWag?

  • The best customer support to help your business grow
  • Simple straightforward pricing
  • Secure, reliable payments powered by Stitch and PCI Level 1 Compliant
  • Super fast and completely digital onboarding


Pricing is straightforward with WigWag.

We charge:
* 2.95% per transaction on local, SA cards (ex VAT)
* 3.4% per transaction on International cards (ex VAT)

For customers who transact more than R200K per month we offer custom pricing. Please contact jayde@wigwag.me to discuss this.

Sign Up

To use the WigWag plugin you’ll need an active WigWag account. It is super simple and completely FREE to set it up. Follow the easy steps below:

  • Create your WigWag account by clicking this link
  • Tell us a bit about your business
  • Verify your account by uploading some documents, which you can see here
  • You’re all set – checkout the installation guide to get set up on WooCommerce


  • Payment method (with blocks support)
  • The hosted payment flow



Before you get going make sure you’ve signed up for a WigWag account and get it verified.
Setting WigWag up on your website is very simple, follow the steps below and you’ll be getting paid in no time.
* Log in to your WordPress site
* Using the Menu navigate to Plugins > Add New Plugin
* Use the Search Bar to search for “WigWag”
* Click through to WigWag and hit the “Install and activate” button
* Once the Plugin has completed installing, click “Manage Plugin” to go to your Installed Plugins page
* Scroll down the list to WigWag and click through the WigWag Plugin settings page
* Go to your WigWag Dashboard and copy your Client ID and Secret
* While here also add the below redirect URL
* [YourSiteURL]/index.php
* Paste your Client ID and Secret in the appropriate fields in WigWag Plugin settings page
* Ensure you Save the setting and test it on your site. You’re all set!


For any Support Queries please email us at jayde@wigwag.me and we’ll help you every step of the way.


What do I need to use this plugin?

You need these things to start accepting card payments via WigWag on your WordPress site:

  1. Have a verified WigWag account
  2. Your Client Secret and Client Token: these can be found on your account page on the WigWag website
  3. Add a redirect URL for your site: On the account page add a redirect URL containing the full URL of your website and /index.php . E.g. https://www.mystore.com/index.php


Easy to use payments plugin to accept payments in South Africa. Account management is simple and intuitive and support is quick and helpful!
We are adopting WigWag as a solution for our small business’ payments need and the process has been simple and quick so far, including the initial business verification. Highly recommend.
Installing WigWag for payments on my site was a very simple process. The FAQs on the plugin page and their help centre were quite useful when needed. When I did have a question during the installation the support team was really quick and efficient in resolving it. Having used the gateway now it works really well and my customers don’t have any issues. Even now that I have it installed, any time I have had a question the support team has been super helpful.
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  • New payment method icon


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  • Improve documentation


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  • Internal improvements


  • Explain how to set your redirect URL on the settings page


  • Fix typo in documentation


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  • Add „skip checkout” option


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  • Improved naming to avoid conflicts
  • Switched to using WP HTTP API instead of curl
  • Fix missing assets


  • Added blocks support


  • Initial release