Webiwork Shipping Per Product WooCommerce


This WooCommerce extension that can set multiple, per product shipping method.

* Product Shipping Cost By Per Product
* Add Multiple Rules As You Want
* Add Shipping Restriction by (Country, State Code and Zip Code)
* Zip Code Restriction by (wildcards, ranges) also applicable
* Drag & Drop Shipping Rules Orders
* Can Be Use Standalone
* Can Be Apply For All Cart Product Or Higher Shipping Cost Cart Product
* Copy One Product Rule To Another Product
* Product Shipping Cost By Item Cost Or Line Cost

Per Product Shipping WooCommerce plugin is an addon for WooCommerce which needs to be installed on your WordPress website.


  • Set up shipping per product – Global Settings – Settings->Shipping Tab->Shipping zones->Edit/Add zone
  • Add the shipping methods – Global Settings – Settings->Shipping Tab->Shipping zones-> Add shipping method
  • Edit/Reorder the shipping methods – Global Settings – Settings->Shipping Tab->Shipping zones
  • Product page settings 1
  • Product page settings 2
  • Cart page when shipping method apply


  1. Upload the entire ‘woocommerce-shipping-per-product’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


How to Disable other Shipping Methods (Free Shipping, Flat Rate etc.) while using Per Product Shipping?

You can enable Standalone Per Product Shipping Method to disable other Shipping Methods.

How to use this plugin?

Just install the plugin & this shipping options will be shown in your product shipping tab option. Here you can set your rules by entering inputs in appropriate fields.


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