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Viking Bookings


Viking Bookings offers an online booking platform for water sport centers; kitesurf, windsurf, wavesurf and SUP schools; and other weather-dependant activity providers. This plugin creates a seamless integration of our booking forms, to increase your conversion rates and create a smooth customer experience.
The plugin allows you to embed the Viking Bookings widget on your website with minimal effort and customise its appearance and settings right from the WordPress admin. Functionally, you can assign any button on your website to open a layover booking form out of your Viking Bookings system.


After installation you can instantly start using the Viking Bookings Widget on your website. Simply add a link to the widget and it will automatically be embedded on your page. Add a regular link to the booking form, anywhere on your page or in your navigation. When the link is clicked the beautiful wizard interface will appear. A link to the booking form looks like https://app.vikingbookings.com/widget/1/1.

Floating button

In the WordPress settings menu you will find a „Viking Bookings” section. Here you can configure the form’s ‘floating button’ option. After setting this up a button will be added to the bottom left/right of your screen on each page, allowing users easy access to your booking form.

  1. Add a booking form link to enable the floating button in the bottom of each page or leave blank to disable the floating button by default.
  2. Select your brand’s primary color.
  3. Optionally configure a couple of layout settings.

The form link can be overridden per page, so you can add separate widgets to different sections of your website.

You’re all set up!

Learn more about Viking Bookings on our website:


Do I need a Viking Bookings account?

A Viking Bookings account is required. However, the plugin also allows you to embed booking forms from other organizations on your WordPress site.


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