Views for Ninja Forms – Display Ninja Forms Submissions on your site


Views for Ninja Forms lets you display Ninja Forms submissions in frontend of your site using drag & drop View builder.
You can create table view, list view or datatable view (Pro feature).
It allows you add add content before & after the View.
You can set number of submissions to show on page.

Here is step by step guide to display entries from your Ninja Forms


Table View
List View
DataTable View

Top Features

  • Intuitive user interface!
  • Easy to use – drag and drop!
  • Option to set Form fields to show in View.
  • Option to set custom label for table headings.
  • Option to set number of entries to show on page.
  • Add pagination before or after the table.
  • Show Pagination Information.
  • Add custom HTML within View.

Get more features in Pro version
* List View Format
* DataTable View Format
* Display only approved submissions
* Edit submissions
* Add Search Form above or at View bottom to filter/search submissions by field values.
* Filter submissions by field values.
* Sort Ninja Forms submissions via field values.
Get Ninja Forms Views PRO!


  • View Drag & Drop Builder.
  • Settings for each column field.
  • Submissions shown in frontend.


To install Views for Ninja Forms, follow these steps:

  • Download and unzip the plugin
  • Upload the entire views-for-ninja-forms/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


How to use it?

  • Download and unzip the plugin
  • Upload the entire views-for-ninja-forms/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  • Create New View from Views menu in admin sidebar.
  • Save the View & copy the shortcode.
  • Use the shortcode to show it on page.

From which Ninja Form Fields I can display data in my view?

You can display data for any valid Ninja Form Fields.

How do I display view on my site frontend?

You can insert the shortcode to any page on site to display view.

Is there any restriction on how many views I can create?

No, you can create as many views as you like & use it anywehere on your site using shortcode.


Pile ce que je recherche! Merci chers développeurs pour ce plugin très utile. J'achèterai la version pro c'est sûr. Continuez comme cela, ne vous arrêtez pas;) ******M.E.R.C.I******
Really useful plugin with awesome support. Fixed already three issues with the plugin.
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Változási napló

2.0 (7th Jan 2021)
Fix: When adding Rows you will be asked for row layout selection first.
Fix: Minor design fixes

1.12 (2nd Dec 2020)
New: Added translation support using po/mo files.

1.11 (9th Nov 2020)
Fixed: Star rating not showing in Views.

1.10 (26th Oct 2020)
Fixed: Table will be scrollable if too many columns
New: Added “nf_views_query_args” filter to filter query args to fetch Ninja Forms Submissions before displaying View.

1.9 (17th Oct 2020)
Fixed: Minor bugs fixes

1.8 (23rd Sep 2020)
Fixed: Minor design updates

1.7 (14th Sep 2020)
Fixed: Calculations not displaying in HTML field text

1.6 (3rd Sep 2020)
Fixed: Form Field values not showing in table view

1.5.2 (31th Aug 2020)
New: Added filter “nfviews-field-value” to filter ninja forms field value before displaying in view

1.5.1 (24th Aug 2020)
Fixed: List of fields not scrollable if ninja form has too many fields.

1.5 (24th July 2020)
Fixed: Pagination links are now working fine.
Fixed: Pagination design.

1.4 (24th June 2019)
Fixed: Minor tweaks & bug fixes.

1.3 (19th June 2019)
Fixed: Multiple Views can be added now.
Fixed: Pagination info bugs.
Fixed: Checkbox & Radio field values will now show up properly.

1.2 (10th June 2019)
Fixed: Error when used special chars in backend.

1.1 (31st May 2019)
Added: Metabox for shortocde on view edit page.
Fixed: Updated name to Ninja views in menu.

Initial launch