Upsy for WooCommerce


Sell more & automate customer services with Upsy

Upsy is an AI-powered WordPress plugin, designed for online stores, turns webshop visitors into buyers and increases the average purchase value.

Upsy acts as a shopping assistant, guiding visitors to the products they are looking for and offering spot-on recommendations for better, higher-priced items. After an item is added to the basket, it suggests what to buy with this item and provides FAQ answers.

Developed with a mobile-first approach, Upsy cater the majority of today’s web shoppers. It acts as your 24/7 sales assistant, optimizing your store for higher sales and greater customer satisfaction.

With Upsy, you can:

  • Proven 70 000€ additional sales in just one month.
  • A/B Testing Validates: Upsy increases sales by 20-34%
  • 11,4% buying conversion with Upsy users
  • 35% fewer customer service calls / chats


  • AI-driven upselling and cross-selling functions, enhancing revenue with smart product recommendations.
  • Visually engaging categories that work smoothly on mobile devices, improving navigation and product discovery.
  • Daily deals section that encourages customers with attractive offers, speeding up inventory turnover.
  • User feedback survey to gauge customer satisfaction and gather valuable insights for improvement.
  • New arrivals feature showcasing the latest additions to your store, prompting users to explore and purchase.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) list, saving you time by answering common customer inquiries automatically.
  • Main dashboard overview, highlighting analytics and performance metrics enabled by Upsy.


  1. Download Upsy from through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  2. Activate the plugin.


Is Upsy like a chatbot?

No. Upsy is not a chatbot. It’s an AI shopping assistant that guides your visitors through the buying process. Chat integration could be added to enhance its functionality.

Does Upsy AI learn and improve over time?

Yes. Upsy evolves by learning from your store’s past purchases, leading to more accurate recommendations over time.

Can I make manual recommendations for some items?

Currently, manual product recommendations aren’t supported. Upsy selects products to display based on its algorithm, utilizing your product catalog.

Will Upsy show products that are out of stock?

No, it won’t. Upsy regularly updates the store’s products several times a day to ensure out-of-stock items are not recommended.

Can I try Upsy before purchasing?

For a trial, please reach out to our sales team for more information. We’re here to help.

What kind of support do you offer after buying?

We offer two types of support:
Customer Success: We analyze sales results with you to optimize outcomes.
Technical Support: If changes are made to your web store, we assist in


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  • Removed analytics features.
  • Fixed bug.