Ultimate Product Catalog – WordPress Catalog Plugin


Product Catalog Demo

Product catalog plugin that is responsive and designed to display your products in a sleek and easy to customize catalog format.

Includes Gutenberg block for displaying your product catalog!

Key Features

  • 3 product catalog layouts that can be dynamically viewed and switched by the user with no page reload
  • Powerful product catalog filtering and sorting system, including for categories, sub-categories, price and product name
  • Dynamic product catalog search that works with the filtering for exact results
  • Set sale prices for products, and easily toggle sale prices on and off for the entire catalog or individual products
  • Organize your catalog products into categories and sub-categories to make searching and filtering easy
  • Product catalog widgets to display recent products, a product list, random products from your product directory
  • Upload and import products directly from a spreadsheet for your catalog

This product catalog plugin is very user friendly and comes with a full guided setup (walkthrough). When you activate the plugin, the setup will run and help you create your first products and catalog!

The Ultimate Product Catalog comes with several features that will allow you to offer a great experience your customers and visitors. These include the ability to set up a catalog overview page, which shows a thumbnail of each product category and lets people click through to view just those products, a separate shortcode to display a list of products outside the catalog (perfect for creating a featured products section), a price slider to add to the filtering, and much more!

[product-catalogue id="X"] or [product-catalog id="X"]

Simply insert either of the shortcodes above (replacing the “X” with the actual ID of your product catalog) to add a product catalog, with product filters, to any page.

The product catalog comes with a Custom CSS feature that lets you modify the styling of your catalog to further fit the look of your site. On top of this, make your product catalog easy to browse, sort and update with advanced product filter options in your catalog sidebar as well as categories and sub-categories.

Perfect to create a product catalog for your store, art gallery, restaurant and more!

Additional Features

The following are some of the other great features included with the Ultimate Product Catalog plugin:

  • Product catalog overview mode, showing category or sub-category images (such as brands, etc.)
  • Choose currency symbol and location
  • Search product catalog functions with AJAX
  • Price slider that lets you filter the catalog for products that match exact price criteria
  • Easy-to-use product catalog attributes like “starting_layout” and “excluded_layout”
  • Display a specific product category in your product catalog using URL filtering
  • Thumbnail support option, which displays a smaller version of your product image, to help with page load times
  • Options page that makes it easy to customize product catalog features
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Social media sharing options

The Ultimate Product Catalog is also a great solution for those who are running affiliate stores, in which you link out to products for sale on other sites. With the ability to specify a unique link for each product (using the “Product Link” field), you can insert your affiliate link and then set it up so that, when someone clicks on a product in your catalog, they are brought to that link instead of the product page in the plugin. You get all the benefits and functionality of the Ultimate Product Catalog while being able to sell as an affiliate.

WooCommerce Product Catalog Integration (Requires Premium)

WooCommerce Catalog Demo

The premium version now offers full WooCommerce product integration, allowing you to sync all your products between the product catalog and your WooCommerce catalog, and also allowing your customers to check out directly from the product catalog.

  • WooCoommerce Sync: Ultimate Product Catalog products are exported to WooCommerce and WooCommerce products are imported into the catalog
  • With WooCommerce Sync enabled, products edited in one plugin are also edited in the other
  • WooCommerce Checkout: Allow people to add items in your product catalog directly to the WooCommerce shopping cart, and then check out and purchase the items
  • Choose to display the number of items in the cart directly on all product catalog pages
  • Choose to have the products in your product catalog link directly to the WooCommerce product pages, for ultimate flexibility and customization

Combining the Ultimate Product Catalog with WooCommerce will allow you to create the perfect ecommerce catalog and e-commerce store in which to sell products. You will now be able to have advanced WooCommerce products filters in a customizable catalog, with all the checkout and ecommerce capabilities available in WooCommerce.

It is great option for those running a mobile shop or mobile store and who are concerned with the responsive aspects of their mobile ecommerce. Our wide array of catalog page and product page styles are all responsive and, by combining Ultimate Product Catalog with your WooCommerce products, you can have a responsive store that looks great on desktop and as a mobile store.

The flexibility and features you love from the Ultimate Product Catalog combined with the ease and power of WooCommerce checkout! For more information about WooCommerce integration, please see the video above.

The Ultimate Product Catalog comes with many great features that will allow you to have an advanced product filter on your catalog page. With these product filters, visitors to your site will be able to quickly find exactly the product they are looking for. And, with WooCommerce product sync and WooCommerce checkout options, you have the option to let them purcase a product directly from your product catalog.

Premium Features

The premium version of the Ultimate Product Catalog plugin includes a huge number of features, such as the ability to add over 100 products, additional product images, SEO friendly URLs, product tags and custom fields for sorting within your product catalog, custom product pages, a product inquiry cart, multiple layout options, product export and more!

Choose between six responsive layouts and styles for your product catalog and refine this with hundreds of styling options. Then take your great-looking catalog to the next level by making use of the custom fields feature. Custom fields allow you to specify additional attributes for your products (like colors, dimensions, availability, etc.) and then add those attributes in as filters, giving you the most powerful catalog possible, and making sure your visitiors/customers find exactly what they’re looking for in no time at all.

Premium features include:

  • Product Comparison: Allow people to select multiple products in your catalog to view and compare side by side
  • Drag-and-drop and ultra-responsive tabbed product page layout
  • 3 extra product catalog styles: minimalist, block and hover styles
  • Custom fields that can be added to your product catalog and used to include product manuals, additional information, etc., and for product filtering
  • Choose between checkbox, radio button, dropdown and slider for the front-end control type for your custom field
  • Product inquiry form (you can choose to have the form automatically created using either WPForms or Contact Form 7)
  • Product inquiry cart: Allow people to add multiple products to an inquiry cart and then send one global inquiry about/for all those products
  • Product reviews (using Ultimate Reviews)
  • Add FAQs (frequently asked questions) to your products. Uses the Ultimate FAQs plugin.
  • Display product ratings on main catalog pages
  • Product tags for enhanced product catalog organization
  • Additional images and videos for better product catalog display and product management
  • SEO-friendly catalog single product pages
  • SEO By Yoast Integration for your product catalogs
  • Product catalog styling options, labelling options for product directory elements

For further information and purchasing options, please visit our WordPress product catalog homepage.

** We are pleased to offer a free 7-day trial of the premium version of the product catalog, which you can use to test out premium features, such as WooCommerce product sync and custom fields, before buying! **

Product Catalog Additional Languages

Thanks to the generous contribution of many of those who use our product catalog plugin, we’re able to include translation files for the following languages:

  • Brazilian Portugese product catalog (Thanks to Tito_Cadallora)
  • Bulgarian product catalog (Thanks to Preslav P.)
  • Canadian French product catalog (Thanks to Pascale DRP)
  • Dutch product catalog (Thanks to Martin S.)
  • France French product catalog (Thanks to Olivier G.)
  • German product catalog (Thanks to Thomas S.)
  • Greek product catalog (Thanks to Christoforos A.)
  • Italian product catalog
  • Lithuanian product catalog (Thanks to AdArt)
  • Romanian product catalog (Thanks to Eszter N.)
  • Russian product catalog
  • Spanish product catalog (Thanks to Irene L.)
  • Turkish product catalog (Thanks to Ayhan)

Thanks to James K for a number of excellent product catalog features

For help and support, please see:

  • Our FAQ page, here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-product-catalogue/faq/
  • Our installation guide, here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-product-catalogue/installation/
  • Our documentation, here: https://www.etoilewebdesign.com/support-center/?Plugin=UPCP&Type=FAQs
  • Our tutorial videos, here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEndQUuhlvSoTRGeY6nWXbxbhmgepTyLi
  • The Ultimate Product Catalog support forum, here: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/ultimate-product-catalogue


  • View of the "Minimalist" catalog style in the "Thumbnail" view
  • View of the "Minimalist" catalog style in the "List" view
  • View of the "Minimalist" catalog style in the "Details" view
  • View of product catalog with WooCommerce integration
  • View of the "Block" catalog style
  • Customized (CSS) version of the "Block" catalog style
  • View of the "Hover" catalog style in the "Thumbnail" view
  • View of the "Hover" catalog style in the "Details" view
  • View of the "Tabbed Layout" catalog product page
  • View of the catalog lightbox feature
  • View of the catalog "Product Inquiry Form" inclusion from the Contact Form 7 plugin
  • View of the "Custom Page Layout" catalog product page
  • View of catalog page with Lightbox Mode enabled
  • Thumbnail view catalog page with product comparison enabled
  • View of the product comparison page
  • View of the Catalog Overview Mode
  • View of the "Catalogue" area of the "Styling" tab
  • View of the catalog "Products" tab
  • View of the premium catalog options
  • View of the WooCommerce product catalog integration options
  • View of the catalog sidebar options
  • View of the custom product page layout builder
  • View of the catalog SEO options
  • View of the labelling options


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Ultimate Product Catalog - WordPress Catalog Plugin


  1. Upload the ‘ultimate-product-catalogue’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. A bővítmény bekapcsolása a WordPress “Bővítmények” menü részénél lehetséges


  1. Go to the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress and click ‘Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Ultimate Product Catalog’ and select ‘Install Now’
  3. Activate the plugin when prompted

Getting Started

  1. To create/add products:

    • Click on ‘Product Catalogue’ in the WordPress admin sidebar menu
    • Go to the ‘Products’ tab. The ‘Add New Products’ area will be on the left.
    • To manually create a new product, fill in all the fields and click the ‘Add New Product’ button
    • To import via spreadsheet, scroll down to the ‘Add Products from Spreadsheet’ section, choose a file from your computer and then click the ‘Add New Products’ button
  2. Categories and sub-categories:

    • To create a category, go to the ‘Categories’ tab. The ‘Add a New Category’ area will be on the left. Fill in the fields and click the ‘Add New Category’ button
    • Your new category will show in the table on the right. Click on it there and you will be taken to the screen that shows you what products are in that category and where you can arrange the order of the products in that specific category.
    • To create a sub-category, go to the ‘Sub-Categories’ tab. The ‘Add a New Sub-Category’ area will be on the left. Fill in the fields and click the ‘Add New Sub-Category’ button
    • Your new sub-category will show in the table on the right. Click on it there and you will be taken to the screen that shows you what products are in that sub-category and where you can arrange the order of the products in that specific sub-category.
    • You can now add assign products to specific categories and sub-categories from the product create/edit screen
  3. Create a catalog:

    • Go to the ‘Catalogues’ tab. The ‘Add a New Catalogue’ area will be on the left.
    • Fill in the fields and click the ‘Add New Catalogue’ button.
    • Your new catalog will show in the table on the right, along with the shortcode that can be used to put it on page.
    • Click on the catalog in this table and, on the screen you will be taken to, you will be able to add products and whole categories to your catalog. You can also drag and drop the products and categories into your desired order. Click the ‘Edit Catalogue’ button when done.
    • Now you can place the [product-catalogue id=”X”] shortcode mentioned above in the content area of any page you’ve created and it will display your product catalog. (Please note that the page that displays the product catalog needs to be a full-width type page for the catalog to display correctly.)
  4. Customize your product catalog experience by making use of the many available settings and options, including catalog color, currency symbol, price filtering, sale mode, social media sharing, multiple product page layouts (premium), product comparison (premium), product inquiry form (premium), product reviews (premium) and more.

For a list of specific features, see the Ultimate Product Catalog description page here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-product-catalogue/.

For help and support, please see:

  • Our FAQ page, here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-product-catalogue/faq/
  • Our documentation, here: https://www.etoilewebdesign.com/support-center/?Plugin=UPCP&Type=FAQs
  • Our tutorial videos, here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEndQUuhlvSoTRGeY6nWXbxbhmgepTyLi
  • The Ultimate Product Catalog support forum, here: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/ultimate-product-catalogue


How do I display my product catalog? If I have more than one product catalog, what do I do?

Put the following product catalog shortcode on whatever page you’re trying to put the product catalog on: ‘[product-catalogue id=’X’]’ or [product-catalog id=’X’]. Replace the ‘X’ with the ID of your product catalog. This can be found by clicking on your product catalog. The product catalog ID is beside the product catalog name on the product catalog’s details page. You can also copy the product catalog shortcode directly from the “Catalogues” page.

To display one of your product catalogs, use the corresponding attribute ‘id=’X’’ in the product-catalogue shortcode to specify that product catalog, where ‘X’ is replaced with the product catalog ID.

Can my products be in more than one category or sub-category?

No, products can only be in a single category and sub-category. Products can have as many tags desired, since tags are used to represent product attributes, and only tags that are used for a product within a product catalog are displayed in the product catalog sidebar.

Can I load my product catalog with a layout other than the default “Thumbnail” product catalog layout?

Add the attribute starting_layout=‘LAYOUT’ for your product catalog, where LAYOUT is replaced with the layout you would like to be the starting product catalog layout (List or Detail are the two options currently).

I only want to display one product catalog layout and to remove the layout bar at the top from my product catalog?

The attribute ‘excluded_layouts’ lets you stop one or more layouts from being displayed for your product catalog. It accepts a comma separated list of layouts you wish to exclude from your product catalog. For example, [product-catalogue id=‘X’ excluded_layouts=‘Thumbnail,List’] would make your product catalog display only the “Detail” view.

To remove the layout bar from your product catalog, you can try adding the following into your “Custom CSS” box for your product catalog (where the colour matches the colour of the product catalog you are using):

‘.Blue-prod-cat-header-div {display: none;}’

My product description gets cut off even though I have changed the max characters for my product catalog, how can I fix this?

There is a text area labelled “Custom CSS” when you click on the product catalog that you’re editing. Try adding this to it: ‘.prod-cat-addt-details-desc-div {max-height:none;}’

How do I remove the sidebar from my product catalog?

You can use the attribute [sidebar=‘No’] in the product-catalogue shortcode to remove the sidebar from a product catalog.

Why aren’t my products uploading from the spreadsheet?

There are a number of reasons why products might not be uploading correctly.
First, make sure that you’re uploading either a .xls or .xlsx file type (not .csv).
Second, make sure that you’ve written all of your field names correctly (Name, Slug, Description, Price, Image, Category, Sub-Category, Tags), especially custom fields, which need to be exactly the same as the field name.
Third, make sure that you don’t have any columns that have been edited unintentionally (which gives an “incorrect field name” error).

How do I get custom changes I’ve made to the product page layout or the custom fields I’ve added in the product details to display?

On the “Options” page the “Custom Product Page” needs to be set to “Yes” for custom layout to display.

How do I sort the order of the products within the catalog?

You can arrange the order of the products by dragging and dropping the products on the “Catalogue Details” page .

How do I translate the product catalog into my language?

A great place to start learning about how to translate a plugin is at the link below: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/how-to-translate-a-wordpress-plugin

Once translated, you’ll need to put the translated catalog mo- and po- files directly in the lang folder and make sure they are named properly for your localization.
If you do translate the product catalog, other users would love to have access to the files in your language. You can send them to us at Contact@EtoileWebDesign.com, and we’ll be sure they’re included in a future release.

What is enabled in the ‘Premium’ version?

The premium version includes a lot of great features including: the ability to add over 100 products, additional product images, SEO friendly product catalog URLs, product tags and custom fields for product catalog sorting, custom catalog product pages, a minimalist product catalog layout option and more!

  • Super responsive tabbed layout with customizable tabs
  • Drag-and-drop catalog product pages layout
  • Lightbox, product inquiry form (using Contact Form 7 or WPForms) and product reviews (using Ultimate Reviews)
  • Custom fields that can be used to include product manuals, additional information, etc.
  • SEO friendly product catalog single product pages
  • Unlimited catalog products
  • Additional images per product
  • Product catalog pretty permalinks
  • Product tags
  • More product catalog layout options
  • Related and Next/Previous catalog product display
  • Styling, labeling and dozens of other options!

For a more in depth list, please visit our FAQ page:

For more questions and support you can post in the support forum:


Tutorial Video 1 – Installation and Set Up

Tutorial Video 2 – Categories and Sub-Categories

Tutorial Video 3 – Tags and Custom Fields

Tutorial Video 4 – The Options Page

Tutorial Video 5 – Widgets

Tutorial Video 6 – Shortcodes

Tutorial Video 7 – Extra URL Parameters for Filtering

Tutorial Video 8 – Custom CSS

Premium Features (a little out of date, update coming soon!)

Additional Tutorial Videos

Putting Products on Sale

Product Comparison

Reordering Categories


Works as described. I am a small business owner and am not a web developer. Their support was good and got me over some of the humps in implementation. I look forward to having this plugin go live on my site!
I had an issue with the plugin and sent an email. In no time I got a response and Tony was able to find the issue and fix it. This is a great plugin and Tony provided quick and great service.
It doesn't provide anything useful in free mode. Lots of limitations. Plus, it has an annoying bug when trying to skip the tutorial tour...
Only just installed it so unable to say to much about it at this present time. It looks good, still trying to set it up at this point. Fingers crossed this is what I have been looking for for months.
Currently building a new website for a client & we've been doing exclusive WordPress sites for almost a decade now. We have relied entirely on Etoile Web Design's Ultimate Product Catalog for all our catalog inventories. We purchased a lifetime license for the plugin & it was the best decision we've ever made! The range of Premium options were exactly what we were looking for. Their Tech Support is some of the best out there too! Professional. Quick. Respectful. Concise. Knowledgable. It's always a pleasure. Tony has typically been my support specialist & he's out of this world cool! Thanks for such an awesome product & support!
Nice and easy, simple to fill and manage. Worthwhile free plugin to show your products. Thank you very much!
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Változási napló


  • Eliminating PHP notice related to fix in last update.


  • Fixed an issue in which the currency symbol would still display if the price for a product was empty/blank.


  • Fixed an issue in which placeholders and text from the SEO Title option were also being added to the meta title of non-catalog pages.
  • Added a field to the search widget to specify the button text.


  • Fixed issue with “Display in Product Comparison” custom field setting not saving/showing correct saved value.
  • Fixed an issue in which the view count was not being updated when clicking the thumbnail image to access the product, when using certain catalog styles.


  • Correcting a JS error related to the page builder conflict fix in the previous update.


  • Update to correct a JS conflict that was sometimes occurring with third-party page builders.
  • Small styling/CSS updates.
  • Eliminated a few notices.


  • Fixed an issue that was, in some instances, causing a fatal error to display on the product page when the Yoast SEO integration was enabled.


  • Corrected missing space in pagination label
  • Corrected an issue with the loop through each category, sub-category and tag for the sidebar filtering
  • Small JS update for the sizing of thumbnails
  • Fix for a JS issue sometimes happening when price filtering was not enabled and the jQuery UI slider not loaded
  • Fix for an incorrect variable name relating to the JS and CSS file upload option


  • Correcting/eliminating a notice related to the link type custom field changes from yesterday’s update.


  • Corrected/updated the link type custom field, so that it correctly acts as a link to the given URL and also so that it now has a field for you to specify the link text.
  • Added a new filter that lets you hook directly into the output of the link type custom field (e.g. to make all links have the same URL)
  • Corrected an issue causing the view counts to not update.
  • Corrected an issue that was sometimes causing a filter count (in the sidebar on the catalog page) to show zero even when there were matching results.


  • Correcting an issue causing a warning to display in newer versions of PHP if you have no categories or sub-categories created.


  • Correcting an issue causing the product comparison page to sometimes not load/work.
  • Correcting an issue with the search placeholder that was causing the filtering to not function correctly in some instances when the site language was not English.


  • Corrects recent issue causing the feedback notice to not dismiss correctly


  • Allows non-latin characters in the ‘Product Link’ field


  • Fixed issue with Product Sorting setting not saving
  • Fixed issue with a couple conditional settings not displaying on the Options page


  • Fixing issue with importing feature.
  • Fixing issue preventing manual related products from showing on the front end.
  • Fixing issue with sub-category images.
  • Eliminating/correcting several PHP notices.


  • Fixed issue with new additional images showing up as blank.
  • Corrected/eliminated several PHP notices.


  • Correcting error with pagination, which was sometimes causing additional pages to not populate.


  • Corrected an issue that was causing HTML tags to be stripped from the product description when saved.


  • Correcting an issue from the previous update that was causing only one category/sub-category to display in the overview mode and sidebar.


  • Correcting small code error from the last update related to the adding/editing of sub-categories.


  • Corrected/eliminated several PHP notices
  • Enhanced upgrade process
  • Cleaning up/removing files that are no longer used/necessary


  • Updating incorrect text domain in an instance of the submit review form integration.
  • Updating the plugin name to clarify the purpose.


  • Correcting import issue related to the Access Role setting.


  • Added extra security to the import feature.


  • Added in a new sorting option for newest to oldest and vice versa
  • Added a close button to the lightbox mode
  • Styling update to the product add/edit screen
  • Removed link from main image in tabbed layout if lightbox is not enabled
  • Fixed issue causing sale items to not sort properly by price
  • Fixed styling issue with +/- icons for collapsible sub-categories
  • Updated the path of the product spreadsheets to be relative and not hard coded
  • Update to the Brazilian Portuguese language files


  • Removing unnecessary request trigger for sub-categories using the dropdown control type


  • Fix for sale and compare flag showing incorrectly in Firefox


  • Added function that removes associated meta field values when a product is deleted


  • Correcting small error that sometimes happened when updating to a new version of the plugin


  • Update for the admin dashboard


  • Removing some placeholder text in the admin


  • Correcting notices


  • Removing deprecated create_function from one remaining file


  • Updated widgets file to not use deprecated create_function


  • Added the ability to add images to products during the guided setup


  • Corrected issue that was causing the recent products widget to not display the most recent products. (You now have to provide the catalog ID for the widget.)


  • Added a new feature that lets you add FAQs on the product page, via the Ultimate FAQ plugin.
  • Added the ability to use the WPForms plugin for your product inquiry forms (as an alternative to Contact Form 7)


  • Adding in a check for when to run the new guided setup


  • Adding in missing files for guided setup


  • Added in a new guided setup on plugin activation
  • Updated the review ask pop-up


  • Corrected issue that was causing the review request to pop back up even after a review had been left or feedback sent


  • Corrected issue with Gutenberg block not displaying in new WordPress 5.0


  • Corrected issue that was causing the “Name” option for the Product Sorting setting to not be selectable


  • Corrected issue in which the custom field values were not showing in the product comparison


  • Minor styling updates


  • Corrected issue of maintain filtering not working when using the Details button on the new hover effect for the minimalist, showcase and contemporary catalog styles
  • Updated version number of catalog stylesheet


  • This is a big update with many new features, corrections, revised admin styling, etc., so please take caution and test before updating on a live site (or wait a few days before updating in case some minor corrective updates need to be put out)
  • Added in an easy-to-use Gutenberg block to display the catalog
  • The Options pages have a brand new and easy-to-use design!
  • Completely redesigned product create/edit screen. More intuitive, allowing you to more quickly and efficiently create and edit products.
  • Added in the ability to duplicate/clone a product
  • Added in option for low and high input boxes for the price filter slider and for integer type custom fields that use the slider control type
  • Added in options to display the categories/sub-categories and tags in the product listing on the catalog page
  • Added in new labelling options
  • Added in styling options for breadcrumbs (in new “Product Page” area of the “Styling” tab) and the pagination area/buttons
  • Added in hover menu for the plugin in the WP admin
  • Updated the styling of the product comparison page, making it more responsive and more intuitive to use
  • Added in an option to custom fields to specify whether or not they should show in the product comparison table
  • Other styling and ease-of-use changes to the custom field edit/create screen
  • Redesigned “Product Page” tab in the plugin admin
  • Switched from using PHPExcel to the new PHPSpreadsheet for importing and exporting
  • Converted some element widths to percentages to make using custom CSS on the catalog page more quick and effective
  • Updated the order, layout and descriptions of several options, and made certain options only conditionally show when necessary
  • Corrected issue with option for displaying quantity in WooCommerce cart not having an effect in certain instances
  • Updated styling for the WooCommerce and Product Inquiry cart graphics that show in the top right corner
  • Escaped commas in prices, which corrects issue that was preventing price slider from working correctly with prices that use a comma as the decimal point
  • Updated the method in which custom fields and other elements are called on the catalog pages to greatly reduce the number of queries run
  • Updated styling of “Clear All” button in catalog sidebar to make it more apparent
  • Minor styling updates to the tabbed and shop style product pages
  • On tabbed and shop style product pages, arrows no longer show beside thumbnails if there’s only one image
  • Made it open in a new window when you click a social share icon on the product page
  • Minor styling changes to the admin to clean up a few alignment and responsive items
  • Added in a link to a template for the option to upload your own CSS file
  • Removed numerous files from the plugin that were not being used/not needed
  • Generated new .pot file


  • Added in a new “Link” type custom field
  • Made the “Open Links in New Window” option apply to most links instead of just a handful of product links
  • Shortcodes can now be used in “Text” type custom fields
  • Fixed the additional images success message


  • Added an option to have the thumbnail box heights automatically adjust to the height of the longest box
  • Added an option to add a “Clear All” control to the top of the sidebar
  • Made the “Open Products in New Window” apply to related products as well


  • Added an option to hide fields in the sidebar when they won’t deiplay any products after filtering
  • Added a labeling option for “Show All” in dropdown control types in the sidebar
  • Added an option to omit price, image, category, subcategory and tags in product comparisons
  • Shortcodes can now be used in the catalogue description and as custom field values
  • Fixed an error where the counts in the sidebar would be wrong when using a slider control type


  • Updated the free trial button


  • We’re doing a big Product Catalog admin area styling update, first up is the dashboard!


  • Added media queries for the new sidebar styles for mobile view


  • Included an improved version of the Russian translation for the plugin
  • Fixed an issue where some options would be reset when styling settings were updated
  • Fixed an issue where “Maintain Filtering” wasn’t working when an item in the breadcrumbs was clicked
  • Fixed a Javascript 404 error


  • Added the option to change the order of sidebar items
  • Product counts in the sidebar will automatically update based on the selections previously made (doesn’t take into account text search)
  • Added the ability to import/export the next/previous items for each product


  • New product page style (Shop Style)
  • New sidebar style (Contemporary)
  • Removed references to JS and CSS files that are no longer used and that were appearing in the console


  • Added in an option to delete many items from a catalog at once
  • Fixed an error where YouTube videos wouldn’t play correctly for https sites


  • Added in Ultimate WP Mail integration
  • Fixed an issue with empty custom fields being displayed in the sidebar after hiding/unhiding a product


  • Added two new catalogue styles
  • Added in “Accepted values” to text and text area type custom fields that have input values


  • Minor styling updates


  • Removed an unserialize function


  • Added in a couple more labeling options


  • SEO Description and Product display status can now be set on spreadsheet upload
  • Multiple catalogue IDs can be included in spreadsheet uploads
  • Fixed a function naming conflict with another plugin


  • Improved plugin admin AJAX performance


  • Added nonces to a couple of admin forms that were missing them


  • Fixed an issue with the background color of sub-categories with the dynamic disabling of sub-categories feature
  • Fixed an issue where an attribute was being overwritten on refresh
  • Improved the AJAX performance of the catalog slightly
  • Fixed an issue with uploading custom themes for the catalog
  • Fixed an issue with deleting the current file for file-type custom fields


  • Fixed an issue where hidden products would display as related products
  • Fixed a number of issues with custom fields on the default product page
  • Fixed a problem where the mobile filtering menu button wouldn’t display


  • Fixed a few minor styling errors


  • Fixed a few minor styling issues


  • Fixed an error where custom fields weren’t saving on product creation


  • Fixed an error where catalog names weren’t saving correctly (updated)


  • Fixed an error in the recent update that made the plugin not work with older versions of PHP


  • Fixed small issues with related products, custom field filtering and uploading media


  • Maintenance release to elimindate a tonne of notices, careful upgrading on production sites as many files were updated


  • Added the ability to include a product’s price, description, category, sub-category, tags and custom fields in the product inquiry form
  • Fixed an error where blank custom fields were still being displayed on the default product page, even when the option to not show them was selected


  • Fixed an accent case sensitivity issue


  • Fixed a missing JS file error
  • Minor update to the CSS for the “Details” button


  • Made it possible to include a product’s ID in the product inquiry form
  • Clicking on a category now dynamically disables sub-categories that aren’t its children


  • Fixed an error where sorting products alphabetically within categories wasn’t saving


  • The (hopefully) final update to the default product page


  • Added in contrasting row colors
  • Added buttons to organize products alphbetically within a category
  • Fixed two minor errors with the lightbox mode functionality


  • Fixes a mismatched div issue on the new default product page


  • Fixed a missing div issue with certain default product page layouts


  • Cleaned up some of the default product page styling so that the elements are better aligned


  • Added the ability to choose the tab that starts open in the ‘Tabbed’ layout
  • Fixed the catalogue product counts when uploading products from a spreadsheet
  • Added the ability to add “Video ID One”, “Video ID Two”, etc. columns to product spreadsheets, so that multiple YouTube videos can be included in a product upload
  • Fixed an error where WooCommerce attributes weren’t syncing correctly with UPCP


  • Added in a new feature that let’s user create their own styling theme for the catalogue (information on how to make a theme and marketplace for 3rd party themes coming soon!)
  • Fixed a number of lightbox issues, including blank titles being overlaid and the overlay being too big or small
  • Fixed an issue where regular prices would display for related products even if the product was on sale
  • Fixed an error with the beadcrumbs feature


  • Fixed an error in the text domain update process


  • Updated the text domain of the plugin, to use the improved WordPress standard


  • Product images viewed in the lightbox now have titles and captions, which are pulled from the media library
  • Added an “Edit Product” link to the admin bar, when you’re logged in and viewing a product on the front-end


  • Fixed the canonical URL generated for the product page when using Yoast SEO integration
  • Removed the link from the product title on single product pages


  • Added in a “Popular Products” widget
  • Fixed an error where product sorting would display even if no sorting options were selected


  • Product slugs will now be suggested for new products based on product name


  • Added additional image and product attribute syncing for WooCommerce for new sites/installs
  • Added an option to sort products by rating for users who are also displaying reviews using the “Ultimate Reviews” plugin


  • Fixed a problem where the currency symbol would disappear from the price slider


  • Added an option to remove the text search box
  • Fixed minor lightbox issues
  • Fixed a problem where products wouldn’t be marked as “On Sale” when first created
  • Fixed a conflict between the product search widget and catalogue overview mode


  • Fixed an issue where some product prices wouldn’t import correctly into WooCommerce when sync was active


  • Added in the ability to use keyboard clicks with the lightbox (right/left, escape)
  • Added in a “None” option for the category titles in the “Sidebar” styling options
  • Added in a “Select All” button for products and categories on the “Catalogue Details” page
  • Added in the ability to sort all catalogue items alphabetically (and reverse alphabetically)
  • Fixed an issue where the “Main Image Only” lightbox mode wasn’t working
  • Fixed an issue where highlighting wouldn’t be removed from “Radio” button type controls in the sidebar


  • Fixed a Dashboard error a small number of users were experiencing


  • Minor Dashboard update


  • Added “Sale Price” as a column that can be uploaded via spreadsheet
  • Added “Sale Price” to product spreadsheet exports
  • Fixed a problem with the XML sitemap, when a slug base other than “product” was being used


  • Temporary roll-back to 4.1.3 (to correct pagination, sidebar, etc. issues) while we resolve issues from later updates


  • Fixed a potiential PHP warning depending on the custom fiels being used in the sidebar


  • Removed a bunch of notices that could be seen in debugging mode but which didn’t affect plugin function


  • Fixed an error where using the trial in this plugin reset the trials for a number of our other plugins


  • Introducing a free new premium 7-day trial feature, which users can choose to test out before buying the premium version


  • Minor dashboard code simplification


  • Added in a new “breadcrumbs” feature for product pages
  • Option to change the category, sub-category and tag control types in the “Sidebar” area of the “Styling” tab
  • Added in a new control type, dropdown, for custom fields and the standard taxonomies
  • Product comparison pages now link directly to the products being compared
  • Option to have the list view take visitors directly to the product, instead of expanding to display the product information directly in the catalog
  • Fixed an error where category titles weren’t hidden when sorting
  • Fixed minor maintain filtering and WooCommerce sync problems


  • Minor fix to return the admin bar


  • Switched to a customizable lightbox – you can now control the fonts, icons, thumbnail placement, controls, etc. simple by installing the plugin “Ultimate Lightbox”
  • Added in new WooCommerce options
  • Minor styling changes


  • Fixed an error where products that were set to hidden were still included in the sidebar filtering count
  • Fixed an error where the list and details views could end up being too short when infinite scroll was turned off


  • Added labelling options
  • Made it so that image in lightbox mode doesn’t get cut off
  • Added admin help text underneath options, instead of in question mark icons


  • Fixed a fatal error that would occur during WooCommerce sync if a UPCP category and WooCommerce category had the same name. The categories will not sync correctly if they have the same name, but the rest of the sync will still go ahead.


  • All previous versions available at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-product-catalogue/developers/. This is a big update, so if you’re using the plugin on a live site, please consider waiting a week or two before upgrading, in case there are any minor issues to iron out
  • Added premium option for infinite scroll
  • Added premium option for making the sidebar expandable on mobile
  • Added premium WooCommerce syncing, which imports WooCommerce products into UPCP, and exports UPCP products into WooCommerce
  • Added in a WooCommerce checkout option, to let users sell their products with the product catalog as the main interface
  • Fixed a number of small errors, missing style definitions, etc.


  • Fixed an error where sale price was displaying when there was no sale turned on


  • Added in a new premium “inquiry cart” feature, to let customers inquire about multiple products at once
  • Added in microdata for the Tabbed layout, to help with SEO page indexing
  • New premium details icons options
  • Added in the “og:Image” tag for the product page when “WordPress SEO” integration is turned on
  • Made the basic options area more intuitive by changing the layout
  • Minor styling changes


  • Fixed a display error for category overview mode


  • Fixed the slider custom field control type on mobile devices


  • Fixed an issue with hidden products displaying in the widgets
  • Updated the styling for the comparison and sale flags
  • Fixed a mis-named label


  • Minor ajax update to switch to a prepared statement


  • Added in a missing lightbox mousewheel file, to allow scrolling between images using the mousewheel


  • Fixed a function naming conflict


  • Minor CSS update


  • Fixed an issue with product comparison where product names that were integers or contained special characters wouldn’t be comparable


  • Minor dashboard fix


  • Added a new color for the compare buttons after they’ve been clicked
  • Added a new shortcode attribute, omit_fields, which lets you specify fields that should be omitted from product comparisons
  • Added the ability to remove products from comparison if they’re clicked a second time
  • Fixed some minor styling issues with product comparison


  • Added in a missing set of font files


  • Fixed a problem with lightbox mode and product comparison after filtering
  • Fixed a custom rewrites issue
  • Added an option to have sidebar fields collapsed by default on page load


  • MAJOR update, so if you’re using the plugin on a live site, please back up first and remember that all the previous plugin versions are available here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-product-catalogue/developers/
  • Added a premium product comparison feature where visitors can compare multiple products
  • Added a lightbox mode, so that visitors can view extra product information just by clicking on a product (requires “List” layout to be included)
  • Added the option to include category and sub-category images, for users who want to display brand images, etc. for their categories
  • Added in an “Overview Mode”, where images of all categories or sub-categories in a catalog are shown along with their names, so that visitors can pre-filter the catalog
  • Added an option to change the permalink base work, so that it can now be something other than “product”
  • Switched to a better lightbox instead of the one that was being used
  • Product ratings from the “Ultimate Reviews” plugin can now be shown directly in the main catalog area


  • Minor CSS update


  • Changed the PHP version check value, to make sure an update encoding function can be used for non-latin characters when filering


  • Fixed an error where custom fields weren’t displaying in the correct order when editing products
  • Fixed a price filtering error when products were exactly equal to the selected price


  • Corrects an error where the incorrect custom field values were being added for products when products had multiple images, which was introduced after thumbnail support was added for product pages


  • Fixed an error where the currency symbol would be repeated extra times on the list and details views


  • Added in thumbnail support for minimal product listing
  • Added confirmation buttons before catalogs are deleted


  • Fixed an error some people were having with the price filter option
  • Added in a “Currency Symbol” option, so that sorting and filtering uses prices should work more uniformly


  • Minor security fix to prevent WordPress users without access to the plugin menu from making changes to plugin settings via custom JavaScript code


  • Fixed an error with the category and sub-category pagination


  • Added in a new price filtering option
  • Added in an option to change the number of products displayed per page
  • Added in two new controls for custom fields, radio buttons and a slider for integers
  • Fixed an error with the lightbox “Main Image Only” setting


  • Fixed redirect to custom field page in the options
  • Reduced size of “Input Values” text box (custom field create/edit screen), which was extending beyond the width of the container div


  • Corrected text domain name in file that controls social sharing


  • Fixed issue with thumbnail view image option styling settings not being applied


  • Fixed issue causing bulk deleting of products to not work


  • Fixed issue with Thumbnail Support setting not displaying images


  • Fixed issue with ampersand character in custom field labels in the sidebar filtering
  • Modified admin CSS that was applying a border-box setting to divs


  • Fixed an issue that was causing the boxes in the Dashboard tab of the admin to collapse when you clicked anywhere inside them


  • Prefixed a function that was causing a function already declared error


  • Re-uploading to fix a potentially corrupted file


  • Resolved a minor compatibility issue that was causing the plugin menu to be inaccessible for some users


  • Fixed another minor problem with the dashboard tab that was brought to our attention


  • Fixed a minor problem with the dashboard tab that was brought to our attention


  • Fixed a problem with custom field filtering that was reported


  • Added a new Dashboard page that should make support and update information more accessible, as well as add information about plugins that are commonly used with the product catalog
  • Added a “submit review” form to the “Reviews” area in the tabbed layout
  • Changed the name of a few functions, to avoid a naming conflict


  • Fixed a problem with the custom_fields attribute after a change to how attributes are extracted. The values now need to be separated by an equals sign (=) instead of by a greater than or equals sign (=>)


  • Minor CSS Update


  • Fixed an error where having just blank spaces in the “Product Link” field would lead to the links not working for products


  • Added back in another missing feature, the “updatin results” label


  • Added back in a missing function to display videos in the tabbed product page layout


  • Included a new, sharper details icon thanks to a helpful plugin user!


  • Fixed a number of styling options that weren’t being updated in the most recent update


  • Added a number of new sidebar styling options, including a “block” style and a “collapsible” option for categories when “hierarchical” mode is in use
  • Fixed a number of minor margin issues for the responsive CSS


  • Added two new premium catalog styles, block and hover
  • Cleaned up some of the responsive CSS changes
  • Removed the link icon from the default product page
  • Changed the default product image when the plugin is installed


  • Fixed a broken link


  • Updated title of the plugin


  • Added a category filter to the products page
  • Made a number of minor UI changes


  • Fixed an error where custom fields wouldn’t display in the set order in the product content


  • The product name now gets auto-inserted into the product inquiry form
  • Fixed an error where a product or category that got deleted wouldn’t update the count for the products in a catalogue correctly


  • Added a way to switch to the next/previous products from the product editing screen


  • Minor CSS update


  • Updated the CSS so that custom “details” icons no longer repeat


  • Updated a page setting for strict MySQL installs


  • Minor CSS update


  • Added a new label for the “Updating Results…” string that shows up when filtering


  • Fixed a sorting error when a tag/category/custom field, etc. was selected and then unchecked when the sorting box wasn’t present


  • CSV files can now be used for product uploads
  • Fixed an error where tag groups wouldn’t display if the final tag had no group


  • Product category names are updated now whenever the category’s name is updated
  • Fixed the tiling issue with the custom details icon


  • Added in a new “Automatic” mode for next/previous products
  • Fixed a potential source of scrambling for the custom product page


  • Updated the pot file for translations


  • Added in spaces between checkbox values in the “Tabbed” layout


  • Added in an option to use thumbnails instead of full-size images. This can be toggled from the “Options” tab, and product images need the standard “medium” size to exist or else will return 404 errors.


  • Small CSS change
  • Fixed an error with a couple of the styling page settings


  • Minor CSS update


  • Additional image URLs are now included in the product export file
  • Additional images can now be imported via spreadsheet
  • Added ability to show catalogue name and description above the catalogue
  • Added a new public class, UPCP_Product, which can be used to access product information by other plugins as well as in theme templates, etc.


  • Fixed an extra closing div issue that could happen with certain options selected for the default product page


  • On the “Products” tab, products should sort by price numerically if they have no string characters in them now


  • Minor CSS update


  • Fixed a few minor styling issues


  • Fixed an error where “Hide Blank Custom Fields” wasn’t applied to custom fields on the tabbed product page


  • Added a color picker to color fields in the “Styling” tab


  • Minor CSS update


  • Fixed an error with placing custom field content into custom tabs in the “Tabbed” layout


  • Fixed an error with tag groups where some tags could end up as radio buttons instead of checkboxes


  • Fix for missing thumbnail title styling option
  • Minor CSS fix for image stretching issues
  • Made walk-through compatible with unsupported versions of PHP


  • Added a walk-through for new installations


  • Added a “Main Image Only” option to the lightbox
  • Fixed an issue where the thumbnail layout could overlap on some sites


  • Fixed a versioning error for any really quick upgraders 🙂


  • Fixed the AJAX filtering to properly handle commas in text custom fields


  • Fixed a versioning error for any really quick upgraders 🙂


  • Added in an option to pass filtering results through the default WordPress content filter
  • Added in a missing div tag


  • Smoothed out page loading for custom product pages


  • Custom fields that contain no products in a given catalogue are now hidden


  • Another (hopfully the last) custom field substring match update


  • Added a labeling option for the product inquiry form
  • Switched the default action after adding additional images to stay on the product editing screen


  • Minor CSS update


  • Fixed an error for a different set of custom field substring cases


  • Added an option to show the category descriptions below the category names


  • Fixed an error where custom fields would make if they contained a substring of the selected field


  • Fixed a custom products tab CSS class naming error for the catalog


  • Fixed an error with custom file fields not displaying a download link


  • Added in a new label for the “Read More” text on the details
  • Fixed image sizing issues
  • Updated some of the sidebar styling


  • Added the ability to add new, custom tabs to the “Tabbed” product page layout (Use the dropdown on the “Product Pages” tab)
  • Fixed the “Delete” button for tag groups
  • Fixed a couple other small problems


  • Fixed a problem where long category, sub-category and tag lists couldn’t be ordered
  • Fixed a video error for product videos


  • Fixed an image width issue for the details layout


  • YouTube videos should now work on the tabbed product page when lightbox isn’t enabled


  • Small compatibility update


  • Many small CSS fixes and improvements


  • Replaced a PHP function that was not available in 100% of installs


  • Fixed the labeling for the tabbed product page


  • Fixed the display ordering for categories, sub-categories and tags
  • Included an updated Dutch translation


  • Fixed some of the widget styles
  • Small responsiveness fix


  • Added in backwards compatibility with obsolete versions of PHP


  • Minor jQuery update to fix a possible labeling error


  • Minor CSS update


  • Minor labeling update


  • Fixed a character encoding issue with non-latin characters in AJAX search
  • Fixed an labeling issue with saving


  • Added in additional labeling options for the ‘Sort By’ section


  • Minor CSS update


  • Maintain filtering search text fix
  • Minor language compatibility update


  • Minor CSS fix for the styling options


  • Fixed an error so that all “Extra Elements” on the product page can now be un-selected


  • Small social media fix, so that you can select none of the options


  • Added a bunch more labeling options
  • Fixed product inquiry forms
  • Minor CSS update


  • Added a beta version of product reviews, using our new “Ultiamte Reviews” plugin
  • Added in social media button options


  • Fixed an error with custom fields where they displayed when blank even if the option to hide blank fields was selected


  • Fixed an error with custom fields that made it impossible not to display them in the tabbed layout


  • Added a new catalog search widget, so that a search bar can be added anywhere to your site
  • Fixed a ‘Details’ layout sorting error


  • Added a tonne of new stlying options to make it easier to customize the plugin with using CSS (CAREFUL upgrading production sites)
  • Fixed a few small bugs
  • More labelling options coming soon


  • Fixed a potential missing categories/sub-categories/tags error for sidebar filtering


  • Fixed a missing files error


  • Changed the layout of the “Product Pages” tab to help reduce custom page scrambling


  • Minor CSS update to make the plugin more responsive


  • Fixed a custom field adding and editing bug


  • Added an option to display custom fields in the tabbed layout
  • Fixed a few small CSS issues
  • Potentially fixed a missing div problem for the default product page


  • Fixed a linking error for additional images


  • Fixed a jQuery conflict error


  • Major changes in this update, so use caution when upgrading a production site!
  • Added a new premium product page layout option, tabbed, which is completely responsive
  • Added a lightbox option for the images on the product page
  • Added a number of sidebar styling options
  • Fixed a number of small CSS issues and functionality bugs


  • Fixed a display issue with the mobile version of the custom product page


  • Fixed a potential notice notification when working with SEO By Yoast


  • Added extra links to support materials to the dashboard tab


  • Added the option to display custom fields in the “List” view
  • Fixed a mobile CSS styling issue
  • Fixed a display issue with reordering products within categories


  • Added an option to include a product inquiry form (requires Contact Form 7 plugin)
  • Added a number of styling options for the pagination buttons
  • Fixed a couple of small bugs


  • Condensed the “Options” tab so that it’s easier to navigate


  • Fixed an error where xls spreadsheets weren’t allowed to be uploaded
  • Fixed a grammatical error


  • Fixed a bug that could erase all options and product page layouts on some installations


  • Minor CSS update for to correct small problems in the recent update
  • Minor javascript fix to correct for incorrect catalog height on some pages after recent update


  • Major upgrade to plugin CSS to increase responsivenss (WARNING: may cause any Custom CSS added to not work correctly)
  • Fixed a deprecated YouTube API error


  • Blank options no longer show in the “Additional Options” area
  • Additional filtering options are now sorted alphabetically


  • Fixed category label not displaying when products are filtered
  • Fixed a javascript error most users were getting


  • Added ability to sort order of products in category by dragging and dropping from the category details page
  • Added ability to sort order of categories, sub-categories, tags and custom fields in the sidebar (careful when upgrading, removes alphabetical ordering)
  • Hide/Show custom field sorting options
  • Option to default show or hide custom fields
  • Option to not display custom fields on the main catalog page if they are empty
  • Added the “Custom CSS” box to the ‘catalogs’ tab
  • Improved initial page load time slightly
  • Fixed an error with xlsx file uploads


  • Fixed a potential spreadsheet upload error


  • Fixed a CSS conflict that occurs in the sidebar labels with some themes


  • Made titles clickable in “Details” layout
  • Fixed a potential extra div error


  • Included a Greek translation
  • Fixed a small product pages bug


  • Fixed a custom fields display error
  • Fixed a tag groups tag display error


  • Fixed an error with file downloads on custom product pages


  • Fixed a potential error with product descriptions containing HTML tags


  • Fixed a related products linking error
  • Fixed extra text at the end of exports
  • Fixed a warning on the “options” page
  • Fixed a number of PHP warnings
  • Fixed a minor potential security issue for malicious authenticated users


  • Security fix for potential SQL-injection, depending on Options settings


  • Security fix for spreadsheet uploads


  • Fixed a selector conflict with WP Super Cache
  • Fixed a number of PHP notices


  • Added SEO By Yoast Integration
  • Added ability to add YouTube videos for products
  • Added ability to group tags
  • Added option to display additional product information on the right side of the product page
  • Added ability to sort additional images
  • Added ability to export to CSV
  • Switched the default action when editing an item so that admins remain on the edit page
  • Fixed a bug with the “file” custom field type
  • Fixed an include error for the admin area


  • Fixed an error with the recent and random product widgets


  • Fixed an error with Next/Previous products


  • Fixed a mobile pagination error
  • Fixed a text filtering problem with pagination

= 3.0.13=
– Fixed a small display bug


  • Fixed an error with the access role option


  • Fixed a mobile display issue
  • Fixed an error with setting user access role


  • Added a new premium option to set the user role that can access the plugin menus


  • Fixed a related products link error


  • Made searcing more than one custom field at a time possible
  • Returned the missing category labels on category pages


  • Fixed a mobile page display error


  • Removed some debugging code accidentally left in from the last update


  • Fixed an error on for checkbox custom field types


  • Fixed a Tags display problem with category items in catalogs


  • Fixed an error with filtering and labels
  • Fixed a List-view height adjustment problem


  • Fixed a repeating div that would be added in AJAX filtering


  • Fixed a filtering error


  • Added the ability to search custom fields
  • Added a new display style for the catalog
  • Added arguments to the new “insert-products” shortcode, so that products from a category or sub-category can be displayed
  • Fixed a number of small display bugs


  • Changed the behaviour of the new insert-products shortcode, when a catalogue_url is included


  • Added 3 widgets, which let users display a number of products
  • Added a new shortcode, insert-products, which lets users insert a small number of products
  • Added next/previous products for individual products
  • Added related products feature for individual products
  • Fixed a “Back to catalogue” potential link error
  • Fixed an image display problem with https sites


  • Fixed error where links would not open in new windows even with the option set


  • Added a search box for products
  • Fixed a translation filtering error
  • Fixed a redirect error for sub-domains using default WordPress permalink structure


  • Fixed a small product pages bug


  • Fixes an important jquery error on non-plugin pages


  • Fixed a linking error for users using the default WordPress link structure


  • Added a label for “Back to catalogue”
  • Added an option to not maintain filtering between page loads, to address some redirection issues
  • Fixed an export to Excel error
  • Fixed a filtering error on custom product pages

= 2.5.6=
– Correct version of Shortcodes.php file included with this version (sorry!)


  • Included the missing “Export to Excel” files
  • Added an option to turn on custom field slug conversions (which are not set to off by default)


  • Filtering settings are preserved when using the “Back to catalogue” link
  • Added an option to display a message when no products are found
  • Added a label for the placeholder text in the text search field


  • Fixed a checkboxes error with custom fields
  • Additional fix for products not displaying on homepage


  • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow catalogues to be displayed on home pages
  • Fixed a labelling search bug


  • Added custom fields to Fancyboxes


  • Allows relabelling of some front-end text, the first in a series of major new features being rolled out over the next few weeks


  • Fixes an image switching error with mobile product pages
  • Support for FancyBox for WP is being dropped. We believe the plugins will still work together to create a FancyBox for each product, but we’re no longer actively supporting that feature.


  • Fixed a mobile custom product page bug


  • Made the selector for custom product page list elements more selective
  • Added a div around custom fields in the thumbnail and details layouts, so that they can displayed or hidden
  • Included an improved version of the Brazillian Portugese translation


  • Fixed two potential admin display issues


  • Shortcodes can be used in “text” custom elements
  • Fixes custom product page element styles


  • Removes the grey background from custom product page elements


  • Fixed a potential filtering error


  • New premium feature: ability to export all products to Excel!


  • Added the abilit to put [upcp-price] in a product’s description, to include the product’s price


  • Fixed a bug on the sub-category details page


  • Fixed a commenting error with AJAX searches


  • Added support for additional shortcodes inside of descriptions


  • Fixed the translation bug where no products would display if “Name” had been translated


  • Fixed a spreadsheet upload warning when no custom fields existed

= 2.4.29=
– Added a new .pot file with many of the missing strings
– Fixed an error that was preventing images from being uploaded


  • Prices with text and currency signs will now be sorted correctly
  • Fixed sorting so that products stay sorted after selecting a category, sub-category or tag


  • Added tooltip help for the “Options” tab
  • Made it easier to identify category, sub-category and tag IDs
  • Fixed an error where products deleted from catalogues were left in as blank entries


  • Custom product pages minor update
  • Fixed a fields label error


  • Added hierarchical sub-categories as a sidebar option


  • Fixed a product pages CSS error


  • Fixed a javascript error with image zooming in FancyBox
  • Updated to the newest version of Gridster


  • Fixed a sorting PHP warning


  • Categories, Sub-Categories and Tags are now listed alphabetically
  • Added an option to add pagination links to the bottom of the page
  • Fixed a small jQuery error


  • Fixed an error with “Checkbox” type custom fields


  • Fixed a “Custom Product Pages” error
  • Fixed an error where the “Product Sort” option was not displaying on the “Options” page


  • “catalogue ID” can now be included in spreadsheet product uploads to add a product directly to a certain catalogue
  • Eliminated “Mobile Stylesheet” as an option, since there is a custom mobile layout option
  • Fixed a product page bug that didn’t allow images at the start of a product description
  • Eliminated the max-width and max-height restrictions on main images on custom product pages
  • Renamed French and Spanish translation files so that they should work correctly
  • Fixed a bug where mobile layout images couldn’t be swapped


  • Fixed a product page error


  • Fixed a product page error
  • Fixed the “Back to catalogue” link


  • Added a second custom product display, “Mobile”, that can be used for small-screen devices
  • Added options to customize the “Sort By” box so that it can be eliminated or reduced


  • Product link can now be included in a spreadsheet upload
  • An XML sitemap of the products in a catalogue is automatically generated each time a product is created or edited


  • Tags should now display correctly on custom product pages
  • Categories, Sub-Categories and Tags can now be added as URL parameters (categories, subcategories, tags are the parameters)


  • In the sidebar, Category, Sub-Category and Tag checkboxes should now be ordered by date created


  • Current layout is now saved when visitors switch pages using pagination
  • Fixed a height error for pagination


  • Fixed an error when custom fields and tags were uploaded in the same sheet


  • Fixed two custom product page image bugs


  • Added an option to deal with Custom product pages on mobile devices


  • Fixed category and sub-category count when pagination is being used


  • Fixed sorting by name error


  • Extended “AND” logic for Tags to AJAX filtering
  • Fixed a small error with “Delete All Products”


  • Fixed the filtering errors with “Molbile Stylesheet”


  • Fixed a responsive CSS error that was stopping clicks from being able to be clicked


  • Fixed an error where multiple custom fields being uploaded from a spreadsheet would sometimes fail
  • Added a Russian translation


  • Fixed a custom fields error
  • Changed the text on the product pages restore confirmation


  • Added pagination, allowing large catalogues to be split onto multiple pages
  • Fixed a small display error


  • catalogue product count should now be accurate
  • Product page grid widths, heights and margins are now adjustable
  • “Restore Default” button added to the individual product pages
  • Made saving of a custom layout an explicit action instead of saving each time an action was performed


  • It is now possible to put code into the “Image” field instead of the URL of an image (ex: to add a slideshow for a product instead of an image)
  • Added a visual editor for “Description” instead of a plain text area input


  • Made it possible to upload “slugs” from a spreadsheet


  • Updated CSS for single product pages for small screen devices
  • Added a advisory on the Custom Product Pages feature tab
  • Added a Dutch translation


  • Fixed a spreadsheet upload bug


  • Added a new product search option
  • Fixed an error on the “Product Page” tab
  • Added Spanish translation files


  • Fixed a search error related to the new options


  • Make searching more than 1 category at a time possible
  • Added an option to search product description as well as name
  • Fixed a problem that prevented most users from using the custom product pages feature
  • Fixed a number of small CSS problems


  • Fixed a spreadsheet upload error


  • Fixed a permalinks error after AJAX sorting
  • Fixed a “Read more” link error


  • Fixed a JQuery error


  • Fixed a product count error


  • New premium feature: custom product page design, let’s you drag and drop product pages to change the layout in the back-end
  • Contact forms and PayPal buttons can be included on product pages with the new layout feature
  • Added the ability to add multiple additional images at once
  • Custom fields can now be uploaded with products being uploaded by spreadsheet (Limited testing, please let us know if you find any errors with this)
  • Added a new custom field type, file, so that PDF’s and other files can be included with products
  • Added a “Details” image option, so that the arrow can be replaced with any image of your choosing
  • Added an italian language translation
  • Fixed a small spreadsheet error


  • Fixed a display bug for individual product pages


  • Major custom fields improvement: allow fields to be displayed on main catalogue pages
  • Minor css upgrades to the main catalogue pages


  • Fixed an individual product pages bug


  • Fixed the pretty permalinks rewrites to be compatible with recent WordPress updates
  • Added a “Delete All Products” button
  • Added the ability to require confirmation
  • Added Turkish as a language option


  • Disabled the “Enter” function on the search form
  • Fixed spreadsheet upload bugs
  • Fixed FancyBoxes after AJAX search


  • Fixed “custom fields” error with no validation entered


  • Added French as a supported language
  • Improved the AJAX search function


  • Added css support for a large number of new themes


  • Added case-insensitive search for AJAX filtering


  • Small update for uploading products from spreadsheets


  • Bug fixes for custom fields
  • Shortcodes can now be used in product descriptions


  • Two small bug fixes


  • New Premium feature: Custom Fields!
  • Custom fields let you add fields to your products, that can be included in the description of your products via shortcode, so that you can have a common product template
  • New feature: Non-displayed products
  • Non-displayed products let you temporarily remove a product from all catalogues (ex: if it’s out of stock)
  • Tags can now be imported via spreadsheet
  • catalogue height now adjusts depending on the size of the current layout
  • Tutorial videos are available in the FAQ section


  • Small bug fix
  • Some language files added


  • Three small fixes for the front-end and product page


  • Small fix for “Tags” functionality with new AJAX filtering
  • Small optimizations to return catalogue quicker after users filter the catalogue


  • Beta AJAX catalogue filtering as an option
  • Number of characters in a product’s “details” view description added as an option
  • Fixed a small catalogue detail’s page bug


  • Implemented view counting for products, based on clicks on title or image links
  • Added mobile stylesheet (v1) and product sorting for premium users
  • Increased compatibility for uploaded product spreadsheets (more forgiving of small errors in column names, better error reporting)
  • Attempted to make tables compatible with MySQL strict mode
  • Fixed an error where SEO friendly URL’s stopped working shortly after being setup


  • Added in the WordPress Uploader for product images
  • SEO friendly single product URLs are now an option
  • Plugin tables now use UTF8 encoding


  • Added an ‘Options’ page
  • Added ‘Read More’ as an option on the ‘Options’ page
  • Added ‘Color Scheme’ as an option on the ‘Options’ page
  • Added ‘Tags Logic’ as an option on the ‘Options’ page
  • Added ‘Product Links’ as an option on the ‘Options’ page
  • Implemented a premium version for new users