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Two – BNPL for businesses



Making it easy for businesses to sell & buy online.

The Two Payment plugin for WooCommerce simplifies B2B shopping, making it easy and safe for Merchants to offer invoices as a payment method. It is a standalone add-on payment method that complements your checkout. It will allow you to cater to business customers with their preferred payment method online, increasing conversion rates in checkout and helping you sell more.

Benefits for Merchants

Two allows you to offer a seamless Buy now, Pay later option for your business customers which will enhance the buyer journey and reduce the manual work related to doing business with other Businesses. The Two solution enables instant payment terms without having to wait for credit approvals and thereby risk loosing them altogether.

Simply put; Two is customer centric, less friction and higher conversion rates.


WHY the Two plugin?

  • 70% of Business customers pay by invoice when given the option.
  • Automated credit check and verification of customers
  • Real time credit approval
  • You are in control – make adjustments to every aspect of the check-out
  • You set the payment terms for your business customers
  • Already integrated with PEPPOL e-invoicing network
  • You get paid independent of when the buyer pays the invoice

Benefit for customers

Two Buy now, Pay later offers your business customers the option to pay with a frictionless invoice solution that will send the invoice directly to their accountant through electronic invoicing.

How to install the plugin:

The plugin can be installed three ways:

  • by using the  WordPress built-in installer
  • via WordPress Admin
  • manually with an upload using an SFTP

You can find the WordPress installation guide here (https://wordpress.org/support/article/managing-plugins/#installing-plugins)

How to get your Two keys:

  1. Go to  two.inc and sign up your company
  2. You will receive an e-mail with your test keys and as soon as you are ready your production keys as well.
  3. Once you have changed out your test keys with the production ones – you are ready to offer your B2B customers the Two solution.


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