th23 Subscribe


Provide your users the option to subscribe to new updates and get notified via mail. Works for new posts being published as well as for responses to comments made by the user and further comments on the same post.

th23 Subscribe offers you various options to make it smooth and easy for your users:
* Subscribe option via widget
* Checkbox upon registration to subscribe
* Checkbox in the comment form to subscribe
* Both checkboxes can be pre-selected (admin option)
* Confirmation / feedback via overlay messages you can style via CSS
* Log file to keep track of subscription actions and mails (optional)
* Notification mails sent in batches to avoid spamming / overloading your mail server
* Easy configuration via plugin settings page in the admin area

Further functionality will be available as a Professional add-on shortly:
* Personalized e-mails using the user name as an introduction
* Subscriptions by visitors without registration as a user
* Consent with terms and conditions upon subscription to support legal compliance
* E-Mail confirmation of new visitor subscriptions to ensure valid address
* Upgrade path for visitors to become a fully registered user with profile etc.
* Handling password reset / registrations of users previously subscribing as a visitor

If you are interested in trying out the Professional version before its release, write a review for the plugin and in return get a year long license including updates, please register at my website and contact me. First come, first serve – limited opportunity for the first 10 people!

For a good user experience this plugin integrates with the following plugins:
* th23 User Management offering subscription management on frontend page, enhancing “Last Visit” tracking for users and visitors following a link in the notification mail, integrating into frontend registration and password (reset) – find this plugin in the WP plugin repository or the plugins website for more details and its Professional version with even more features
* th23 Social showing a subscription button within follow bars, manageable via th23 Social settings in the admin area – find this plugin in the WP plugin repository or the plugins website for more details and its Professional version with even more features
* WP Better Emails sending mails in styled HTML and plain text format – find this plugin in the WP plugin repository
* th23 Featured including new post header images in HTML mails – this plugin is currently in a beta phase (not yet published)

No need for external providers, scripts or other resources – making a GDPR (DSGVO) compliant usage easier and keeping you in control of the data of your users and visitors.

Basic styling included with plugin, highly adaptable to fit locally used theme.

In case you want to see the plugin in action, feel free to visit the authors website or for seeing some styled examples his personal website and travel blog.


  • Widget to subscribe for updates, ie new posts
  • Widget to subscribe for updates, visitor / not registered user (Pro extension)
  • Successful subscription indicated via overlay message
  • Option to receive notifications for responses and further comments, within comment form
  • Option to subscribe to updates upon registration, can be pre-checked by default (admin option)
  • Mail notification about new post (plain text)
  • Mail notification about new post (HTML format, Pro extension)
  • Mail notification about new post, complete overview (HTML format, Pro extension)
  • Plugin settings page in admin area
  • Widget provided for subscriptions (admin area)
  • Widget on frontend, embedded in 2017 default theme (unregistered visitor, Pro extension)
  • Widget on frontend, styled by custom theme (unregistered visitor, Pro extension)
  • Widget on frontend, styled by custom theme, initially hiding name and terms (unregistered visitor, Pro extension)
  • Widget on frontend, styled by custom theme, extended / fully visible (unregistered visitor, Pro extension)
  • Confirmation mail upon visitor subscription (plain text, Pro extension)
  • Confirmation mail upon visitor subscription (HTML format, Pro extension)
  • Checkbox within comment form to subscribe to responses and further comments
  • Subscriptions management page on frontend via th23 User Management plugin (custom theme), for registered user
  • Subscriptions management page on frontend via th23 User Management plugin (2017 default theme), for registered user


To install th23 Subscribe follow these easy steps:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/th23-subscribe directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in the WordPress admin area
  3. Use the ‘Settings’ -> ‘th23 Subscribe’ screen to configure the plugin
  4. To add the th23 Subscribe widget to your sidebar or footer, go to ‘Appearance’ -> ‘Widgets’ in the WordPress admin area, drag the ‘th23 Subscribe’ widget from ‘Available Widgets’ on the left to a selected ‘Widget Area’ on the right

That’s it – your users will now have the option to subscribe and stay up-to-date!


How can I see who is subscribed for what?

Subscriptions are stored in the database and are not directly accessible via an interface.

If enabled via the plugin settings page, a log file will be kept with all user and mail actions. This log is kept within the plugins directory on your server (/wp-content/plugins/th23-subscribe) and named log.csv (for easier readability use eg Microsoft Excel to open it).

The file contains the following columns:
* User ID
* User login
* User mail
* Action
* Content (post/ comment ID)
* Timestamp (machine readable)
* Date/ Time (human readable)
* IP address

The file is protected from access via the browser by an htaccess rule from the public – you can simply access it via FTP, while it will be hidden from everybody else!

How can I input field placeholder instead of labels for the visitor form?

The plugin provides both description options for the input fields and adds them to the HTML output.

You can simply use CSS eg via your theme to show placeholders instead of the labels by adding the following:

/* widget and overlay: th23 Subscribe - form label/ placeholder */
.th23-subscribe-visitor-form label[for^="th23_subscribe_mail"],
.th23-subscribe-visitor-form label[for^="th23_subscribe_name"] {
    display: none;
.th23-subscribe-visitor-form input::placeholder {
    opacity: 1;
How can I (initially) hide the name and terms field for visitors?

This is best achieved with a combination of added CSS and JS to your theme, assuming that jQuery is available (WP default). By using the following example code the fields will “slide down” upon a user focusing on the e-mail field.


.th23-subscribe-visitor-form .th23-subscribe-name,
.th23-subscribe-visitor-form .th23-subscribe-terms {
    display: block;
    visibility: hidden;
    opacity: 0;
    max-height: 0;
    transition: max-height .5s, visibility .3s, opacity .3s;
.th23-subscribe-visitor-form {
    visibility: visible;
    opacity: 1;
    max-height: 200px;


    $(this).closest('form').find('.th23-subscribe-name, .th23-subscribe-terms').addClass('show');

In case you want to see this in action on the authors personal website and travel blog.

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Változási napló

v3.0.0 (first public release)

  • [enhancement] caching of content prepared for sending within notification
  • [enhancement] better link validation
  • [enhancement] ability to subscribe as visitor without registration (Pro)
  • [enhancement] switch to new admin settings page
  • [fix] various bugfixes