TelSender – Сontact form 7 and wooccommerce to telegram bot


Contact form 7 has earned fame as a free form designer with a flexible settings system.

I suggest that this only improve. Namely, send letters not only to mail, but also to chat telegrams.
It is also possible to send orders from your wooccommerce store. Example message in screenshot # 3.


  • Sends applications from contact-form 7 to telegrams;
  • Send orders from wooccommerce to telegrams;
  • Messages quickly reach;
  • Convenient to use;
  • Effectively;



1- Install and activate
2- In the settings, enter the token and id of your chat.
3- in the forms below indicate which ones you want to receive in telegrams.

more details on the site


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Változási napló

0.9.2 – Fixed. The settings were not saved. problems in working with telsender_bot – Fixed. The settings were not saved. did not accept the character “
0.9.3 – Fixed a bug where the service [_user_agent] was used and the request was not sent to telegrams – Add payment_method wooccommerce to telegram – Add shoping_method wooccommerce to telegram – Limit form to set all
0.9.4 – fix error “

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