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Over 2,200,000+ business users use the tawk.to FREE live chat app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your WordPress site. No catch. No spam. No Ads. It’s truly free and always will be.

  • Gain valuable insight when you monitor your website visitors in real time.
  • Stay connected anywhere, be in touch with your customers from your computer, or your mobile.
  • Live Chat is convenient for your customers, helping them through pain points and as a result helping you generate better customer support and higher conversions.

tawk.to is designed to increase the effectiveness in managing the online customer engagement experience, enabling multiple websites and agents in a single dashboard interface to chat with the visitors on your website.

Compatible with all modern browsers, tawk.to is free live chat software created out of the growing need for businesses to respond in real time, with real people.

Tawk.to offers free iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX apps to stay connected, or you can log in via any modern browser.

Why use tawk.to?

tawk.to is a free live chat app which integrates seamlessly with WordPress! More than 250000 companies use tawk.to to provide real time support and service to their customers. Never lose another lead or sale again, with tawk.to you can monitor and chat with your website visitors when they need it most.

How much does this cost?

Es a tawk.to app teljesen ingyenes.


tawk.to 24/7/365 élő támogatást kínál, a https://www.tawk.to azonnal kezdeményezhetünk egy beszélgetést, vagy küldjünk emailt a support@tawk.to címre.

Még nincs tawk.to felhasználói fiókunk? Ingyenes tawk.to felhasználói fiók létrehozása



Adding tawk.to live chat widget to your WordPress site is really easy, follow these steps :

  • Clone this repository into your plugins directory or download the zip file and unzip on your plugins directory
  • or Install the Free plugin from the WordPress directory and activate it.
  • Go to Settings, then to the Tawk.to sub menu, and login to your tawk.to account to select a widget.
  • Customize the chat widget from within the tawk.to dashboard to your preference.
  • Start chatting with your visitors! 🙂

Note: You will need a free tawk.to account : Create one for free here!


How much does this cost?

Es a tawk.to app teljesen ingyenes.

Do you provide support?

Yes, we provide 24×7-365 real time support via both live chat and email. We never close.

Can I choose which pages to put the widget on?

Yes, you can use the visibility options in the Plugin settings to select specific pages, or you can show the tawk.to widget on any page independent of the visibility options by simply using the [tawkto] shortcode in the post or page.

Can I customize the widget design

Yes, you can customize colors, content, border radius, position etc. You can even select one of 27 different languages, add Attention Grabbing bubbles etc.

Can I schedule when the widget will be shown?

Yes, there is a complete widget scheduler.

Do you have any documentation or support articles?

Yes, we have a very detailed Knowledge Base, which includes videos & tutorials on all the features of tawk.to https://www.tawk.to/knowledgebase/

Can multiple users chat at one time?

Yes, you can add an unlimited number of Agents to your account so that your entire team can chat with your website visitors. Tawk.to also has a Departments feature, to group your agents. Eg: Sales, Support etc.


Compared to others - it's best! Triggers, templates, knowledge base & good dashboard for maintainers/admins, transparent real-live-sessions on user's side. Using last month and all is OK.
We have sampled various livechat tools over the years. Some that are free, but paid for with triggers and things. We haven't used any that are paid at the start. This one is a cracker. It literally does everything we want, plus more. You can add as many triggers as you want - free. You can set it to respond with a trigger from a different person - free. You can customize the colour scheme down to the Hex code. You can upload a avatar. Edit an image that will appear above the icon. You can set it to be a bubble round icon, or "Online" as a text tab. When someone visits, you get a ping on the PC and on the phone app. You are told where they are from, down to their town (if the IP provides it). You can ban them as IP or country level. Literally all this is free. The only thing you pay, apart from some addons we don't need, is to remove their link to their site - which is a minor link anyway. If you need a chat system, this one does everything! The support has been pretty damn good too. Their livechat is fast, and then even helped us by using our chat to check things. Really good.
Been testing a lot of chat plugins, this is by the best free version with decently priced add-ons
We were using tawk for around 2 years until a critical bug made it impossible for us to use. We canceled our service but were still charged around 120 USD for our yearly subscription. I contacted the support using a ticket but after around 4 months and 12 chats via their website, I still don't have any response.
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Változási napló


  • Add the tawk.to live chat widget to your site!


  • No more manual embed code copying, choose desired widget and it will be inserted in your site


  • Supported version bump


  • Supported version bump


  • Supported version bump


  • Implemented visibility options, you can now choose to Always show the script, show it only on the front page, only on category pages or only on pages tagged with a shortcode.


  • Modified visibility options to fix a bug, and implemented a better shortcode.


  • Fixed naming convention causing a conflict with another plugin


  • Fixed bug causing conflict with another plugin, and tested on 4.5


  • Added the ability to exclude a specific url slug


  • Added multisite support *


  • Supported version bump


  • Supported version bump to 4.7


  • Updating widget code due to known conflict


  • updated session handling
  • Added the ability to include a specific url slug
  • modified plugin settings page interface


  • Fixed include url warning message thrown


  • wrapped all hard-coded text in plugin settings with gettext functions


  • added woocommerce support


  • added updated plugin admin interface


  • fixed issue with assets folder


  • fixed issues with visibility filters


  • fixed issues with visibility filters


  • plugin notifications update
  • logged in user recognition
    If user is logged in, the widget will fill the pre-chat form automatically


  • fixed issues on widget settings on fresh install


  • fixed user recognition vulnerability
  • updated admin page texts
  • moved wp_footer hook to last item


  • supported version bump


  • supported version bump


  • supported version bump 5.1


  • supported version bump 5.2.1


  • supported version bump 5.2.2


  • Added support for wildcard url match for include URL and exclude URL


  • Fixed plugin version mismatch in readme and plugin file