This plugin allows to add interactive polls to your WordPress web site. You can use…

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Perfect Survey

Customer Satisfaction? Discover everything with Perfect Survey. Get to know your customers better to make…

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Pinnion Plugin

structured communication, audience participation, user feedback, mobile, education. Requires at least: 2.0.2 Tested up to:…

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WordPress + LimeSurvey = A perfect combination of blog fully capable of managing surveys.

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WP Survey Plus

This plugin allows you to create surveys, collect responces and export result in csv powered…

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Survey is easy to use – Include the Shortcode in your website. The plugin will…

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Very Simple Quiz

Create Quiz and show it on you page or post using shortcode. Show result page…

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Surveys Extended

The Surveys Extended WordPress plugin lets you add surveys to your blog.

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Create a survey or quiz within 5 minutes without any coding! Boost sales with the…

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Embed surveys from SurveyHero into your WordPress website.

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Emolytics Forever FREE is a free survey module that will allow your website's visitors to…

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Easy Quiz

A quick and easy quiz plugin to present a set of questions to your reader…

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Ranker List Widget

!!!This Plugin has reached End of Life!!! – Please upgrade to [Polling Widget: Ranker Lists](https://wordpress.org/plugins/polling-widget-ranker-lists…

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