Inline Spoilers

The plugin allows to create content spoilers with simple shortcode.

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Simple Spoiler

The plugin allows to create simple spoilers with shortcode.

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Advanced Spoiler

Show or hide contents(text, image etc.) with animated effects wrapped by spoiler markup tag([spoiler][/spoiler]).

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Easy Spoiler

This plugin allows you to create a container for spoilers within pages, posts, comments, and…

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A plugin designed to protect the reader against spoilers.

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Tiny Spoiler

[spoiler name="top secret"]shows/hides this text[/spoiler]

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Spoiler alert JS

Blur any spoiler alert with the Spoiler alert JS shortcode. Anything between [spoiler] and [/spoiler]…

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WP Lyrics

Simple plugin to hide the lyrics of the songs you publish (they will be between…

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