Simple Website Redirect

A simple plugin designed to redirect an entire website (except the WordPress admin) to another…

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Плагин для автоматической установки кода системы Sape на сайт вебмастера 6 000+ aktív telepítés Tesztelve: 5.8.3 Legutóbb frissítve 4 hónap ezelőtt

WP Site Protector

As we already know WordPress is the best CMS in whole world. And it's time…

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Black Ribbon

Automatically add black ribbon into sites corner (may be used for some purpose)

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Blog Copier

Enables superusers to copy existing sub blogs to new sub blogs.

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Grayscale Body

Automatically turn the site to grayscale (may be used for some purpose)

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WordPress Bootscraper

For custom theme developers, clean your WordPress installation, remove things that you don’t need.

Navneil Naicer 100+ aktív telepítés Tesztelve: 5.8.3 Legutóbb frissítve 6 hónap ezelőtt

Off Your Site

Temporarily disable webste display to users using Off Your Site plugin.

enqtran 100+ aktív telepítés Tesztelve: 4.7.22 Legutóbb frissítve 5 év ezelőtt

About Us Team

The "about us" Plugin is a very simple way, to show your team member in…

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WP Site Protect

Protect your WordPress website with unlimited unique traceable passwords.

Henrique Mouta 100+ aktív telepítés Tesztelve: 4.6.22 Legutóbb frissítve 6 év ezelőtt

Strictly System Check

Strictly System Check is a plugin that periodically checks your site checking your database and…

Rob Reid 90+ aktív telepítés Tesztelve: 4.5.25 Legutóbb frissítve 6 év ezelőtt

WordPress/MU Favicon

Adds a custom favicon to all WordPress/MU Blogs and Administration Panels! Originally based of the…

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A fully-customizable yet light-weight and intuitive archiving plugin. Its features include custom post type support,…

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