Enqueue Me

Easily enqueue your favourite javascript and CSS libraries from an open-source package library. Designed specifically…

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Add Script

This plugin add the Google Analytics code in the footer, removing all spaces. Useful to…

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Easy way to add Tyxo counter tracking code. All you have to do is to…

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Escape HTML

This plugin Escape Markup Code (HTML, etc) to Post Code Online.

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Tired of MS Word-pasted content and overzealous editors destroying your site styles with green Comic-Sans…

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Admin PHP Eval

Storing and evaluating PHP scripts within WordPress administration.

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WP BasketJs

This plugin use BasketJs to cache all your javascript file to browser's localstorage for faster…

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Data visionaries and multi-mediators, make any post sing with scripts and splendid with styles, all…

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Script Logic

Script Logic lets you control on which pages scripts and style sheets load using WP's…

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Task Runner

I have created a task runner for WordPress that can be used to automate tasks…

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Install Zifera script on your website.

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