Review Content Type

Create and manage reviews easily with this feature-rich, extendable, powerful and free WordPress review plugin…

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Start creating reviews of the things you love and become a awesome reviewer, with Reviewer

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Awesome Fitness Testimonials

Testimonials are often crucial part of a company website but fitness and wellness professionals know…

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Smart Mockups

Get instant point & click feedbacks on your mockups through Wordpress

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Star Review Manager

The Star Review Manager Plugin lets you manage reviews that were submitted to your website.…

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Woo Helper

Extend Woocoomerce feature easily with this plugin. Users can like products WooCommerce system and…

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Mage Reviews

Add Review Rating fields to comment form on posts / custom post types with stars…

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Review Box

Provides a simple shortcode to generate a box for writing reviews. Supports pros, cons, and…

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Product Review

An extendable and powerful WordPress plugin for product review.

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JKL Reviews

A simple Reviews plugin to review books, music, movies, products, or online courses with Star…

Aaron Snowberger 10+ aktív telepítés Tesztelve: 4.0.38 Legutóbb frissítve 9 év ezelőtt

eValor for WordPress

Este módulo integra el sidebar de eValor con su web WordPress o su tienda WooCommerce.

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WP Kuchikomi

This plugin add a 5-point rating system for your wordpress, and can also accept ratings…

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