A supplement to the Theme-Check plugin that adds checks for ThemeForest's WordPress Theme Submission Requirements.

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Review Disclaimer

Use a shortcode to quickly insert product or service review disclaimers inside your posts.

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Testimonial Block

Enhance Social Proof and build credibility on your websites by displaying testimonials.

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Content Audit

Lets you create a content inventory right in the WordPress Edit screens. You can mark…

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Display customer ratings on your webpage and in the google search results. Meinungsmeister is the…

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Review Manager

The Review Manager® WordPress plugin extends the functionality of the SaaS Review Manager® to WordPress…

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WP1 Like

Display Like button on posts, pages, custom post types and WooCommerce products.

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Ultimate Post Review

Add modern detailed post review block with unlimited rated criterias, total rating, pros, cons, affiliate…

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Social Review

FB Page Review Plugin for WordPress | Showcase your Facebook page review to your website…

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