QR Redirector

QR Redirector lets you create a QR code for a URL on your site, and…

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404 SEO Redirection

Monitor and fix all 404 errors using 301 redirect and increase your search engine visibility!

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Role Based Redirect

Redirect users to specific page after login, based on their the role and also option…

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Redirect Role Wise

Redirect the users from one page according to role to different page.

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Redirect To URL

This simple and lightweight plugin allows you to redirect your visitors to external and internal…

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A plugin that redirects posts and pages to specified url.

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Redirections by Rank Math

Redirect non-existent content easily with this intuitive and effective Redirections plugin by Rank Math. Reduce…

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EasyRedirect allows WordPress Users to easily redirect any WordPress page/post using one simple tag.

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