Most ratings plugins contain too much code: inline JavaScript, messy markup, weird CSS. Rate is…

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BP Member Reviews

Add to your BuddyPress community the ability to provide reviews and star ratings for the…

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Plugin Reviews

Display WordPress.org reviews of any plugin on your site.

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Review Content Type

Create and manage reviews easily with this feature-rich, extendable, powerful and free WordPress review plugin…

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Rating Plus

A simple and clean rating widget plugin allowing to add a sexy rate button to…

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Start creating reviews of the things you love and become a awesome reviewer, with Reviewer

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CP Testimonial

settings, star ratings Requires at least: 4.4.2 Tested Up to: 4.4.2 Stable tag: 1.0.0 Third…

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Web Testimonials

Web Testimonials is a plugin for managing testimonials placed on your WordPress site.

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Mage Reviews

Add Review Rating fields to comment form on posts / custom post types with stars…

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ReviewsTap helps small businesses collect, monitor and manage reviews across a range of online platforms.

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Automatic Plugins

Inserts WP Page Navi, WP Print and WP Post Ratings Plugins in your theme from…

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