WP SEO Search

Get cleaner and SEO friendly URLs for your WordPress search like /search/coding+tips instead of /?s=coding+tips

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Vietnamese Permalink

Make you Permalink friendly: no space, no accents, no dot, no @… and reset your…

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Search Fixer

Search Fixer makes "pretty" search links work properly. A pretty search link usually looks like…

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ACF Permalinks

Plugin allows to use ACF values in permalink structure by adding %field_fieldname%, for posts, pages…

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Copy URL

Copy URL copies existing post or page permalinks to the clipboard.

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A plugin that redirects posts and pages to specified url.

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sCategory Permalink

Plugin allows to select category which will be used to generate permalink on post edit…

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Media Post Permalink

Media Post Permalink is simply the easiest solution to separate your media/attachment Permalinks.

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Vasaio QR Code

Generate standalone QR codes, colored and customized with logo inside.

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WP Simple Redirect

Create short links and redirect in your WordPress dashboard, both simple links as well as…

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This plugin generates unicode slug from title You're writing and replaces %postname% part of permalink.

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Advanced Permalink

Struggling with SEO friendly links ? need to redefine your permalinks ? Here is the…

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Reset Slugs

Because sometimes you just want to revert your slugs to what WordPress thinks is best.

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