WP Easy Post Mailer

The easiest way to automatically send your blog posts straight to your email subscribers.

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List Related Attachments

Listed Related Attachments will display a filtered list of all related attachments for the current…

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Get Latest Post

Adds a shortcode tag [get_latest_post] to display an excerpt from your latest blog post.

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Clients provide you an easiest way to add and retrieve clients. Various UI styling to…

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WP List Posts Shortcode

Adds a shortcode [wp_list_posts]. For example [wp_list_posts category=3 numberposts=7] will return an unordered list of…

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Draft List

📝 WordPress plugin to manage and promote your unpublished content.

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LH Signing

LH Signing allows you to create configurable validated lists like petitions or event sign ups.…

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Linkify Categories

Turn a string, list, or array of category IDs and/or slugs into a list of…

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Puddinq order list

The goal of the plugin is to manage your shop without opening the orders. Showing…

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COP PDF Attachment Menu

Adds a shortcode [pdfmenu] that defaults to displaying an unordered list of all pdf's attached…

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