Gravatar Enhanced

A bunch of groovy enhancements for using Gravatars on your site.

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Gravatar Hovercards

This plugin enables Gravatar Hovercards in Self Hosted Wordpress Blogs. Code by Ottopress, Pluginized By…

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Validate Gravatar

Check if the Email's Gravatar is exist. 檢測指定郵箱的Gravatar是否存在

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User Bio Widget

Easily display the "Biographical Info", and Gravatar, of any author's user profile in your blog's…

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Gravatar Hovercards

Gravatar Hovercards shows the commentator's profile information from Gravatar on hovering the cursor on that…

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MB Simple User Avatar

A plugin allows for custom avatars. In the backend through the user-edit form, in the…

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Creates a unique, persistent monster avatar for each commenter based on email address.

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Gravatar China

Here is a short description of the plugin. This should be no more than 150…

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Avatar Project

Receiving a comment on your blog post is great and the more comments the better…

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Custom Post Avatar

Custom Post Avatar gives you the possibility to replace your default avatar by a custom…

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