Local Open Sans

Replace Open Sans with a local copy to speed up admin testing and development.

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TypeSquare Webfonts for Z.com

Z.comのWordPress専用サーバー「Z.com WP」で株式会社モリサワが提供するWebフォントサービス「TypeSquare」を利用できるプラグインです。

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Quickly and easily change your blogs fonts, also download beautiful fonts with 2 clicks. No…

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The plugin will automatically parse all registered styles and import the ressources from Google to…

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Advanced Typekit

Allows you to add Typekit fonts to your site, by targetting them to specific elements…

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WP sIFR makes any font possible in your Wordpress installation in under five minutes.

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mowomo Variable Fonts

An elegant solution for a better typography with beautiful variable fonts. This plugin allows you…

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