WP Flot

Adds shortcodes to easily add line, pie and bar charts to your pages using the…

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Data Visualizer

Explore, Visualize and Share your data with Data Visualizer. A simple yet powerful tool for…

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Simple Graph

Draws a line graph of single set of date related data. Graph can be made…

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Product Size Chart

Zestard Product Size Chart helps you to create custom size charts for any products and…

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mFloorMap is a WordPress plugin for sites that need to display floor plans for shopping…

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Plot Over Time

Uses the Google Chart Tools API for charting data in posts. Tracks up to 10…

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Wp Custom Field Chart

Make chart from custom field attached to your post/page using Chart.js javascript library.

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The Hacker's Diet

Helps you track and predict weight loss using your Wordpress blog. Daily weight entry, trend…

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Easily create and manage a piechart .Get a Fancy jQuery Pie Chart with a simple…

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A WordPress plugin for plotting some data in a custom field against time. It uses…

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