Simple Price Calculator

Simple Price Calculator is a WordPress plugin that can transform any html based form into…

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SIP Calculator

SIP Planner & SIP Calculator is a special application that has been deliberately created for…

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"price-calc" is a WordPress plug-in that shows a nice inter-active price calculator for your product…

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EMI Calculator

With an EMI calculator that rapidly calculates the monthly payment on their home loan, personal…

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Easy Calculator

A plug-in to insert a calculator at anywhere in your Wordpress site for easy calculations.

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Offer Calc

Offer Calc is a simple plugin letting your site visitors to calculate your services at…

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App Embed

Appizy App Embed provides a very easy and efficient way to embed your web-calculator created…

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Debt Calculator

Add a debt calculator to your website to help users determine how long it will…

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Zakaat Calculator

A beautiful Interactive Plugin which can be used to add Zakaat Calculator in your websites…

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