Swedbank Pay Payment Menu


Swedbank Pay Payments Gateway for WooCommerce. We support the following methods through our plugin:

  • Credit and Debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Maestro, American Express, Dancard, among others).
  • Invoice (Sweden and Norway)
  • CreditAccount (Sweden)
  • Swish (Sweden)
  • Vipps (Norway)
  • MobilePay (Denmark and Finland)
  • Trustly
  • Apple Pay
  • Click to Pay
  • Google Pay

** Google Pay, American Express and Dancard requires separate agreement with each issuer. Please contact us for more information.

You can contact us through here, https://www.swedbankpay.com/woocommerce.

Who are we?

Swedbank Pay is one of Europe’s largest payment service providers handling 3,5 billion transactions every year with world class availability due to state of the art technology. With Swedbank Pay Payment Menu you will get access to a wide range of payment methods, both global ones as well as the Scandinavian – All in one single agreement from one single provider.

Broad & Scalable offering!

Swedbank Pay Payment Menu offers a sleek payment window covering any payment method you may need to address the Scandinavian market. If you expand your business to other countries or other environments such as in-store or in-app we have the solutions for you.

Local knowledge!

We have local representation in all Scandinavian countries to ensure local expertise. If you need any help our competent merchant support will assist you.


  • Configuration
  • Checkout
  • Payment page


After you have completed the installation of our plugin, it is now time to start configuring and connecting the plugin towards our services.

If you have an active agreement with us already, you can then use the hyperlinks underneath the fields „Payee ID” and „Access Token” to retrieve and generate these values. Payee ID is used to designate and identify the account that the plugin should report the transaction to and the access token will validate that you have the authority to make transactions for that account. You are only required to do this once during the setup.

If you are in the process of becoming a customer or simply curious about how our services work, feel free to use the generic details below so that you can generate our selection and make transactions.


Access token:

You can find information about our cards and other methods here,

  • Please note that in order to fully test our service for invoice, a valid BankID user needs to be configured in their development sandbox.

After performing the tasks above, it is now time to finalize the configuration.

Description – Use this field to describe what methods are available to your customer through our services.

Language – Decide which language you would like to be the default. Currently there is support Swedish, Norweigan, Danish, Finnish and English. We always offer every payer the option of choosing any of the other supported languages during the payment process so your default will not hinder them from finalizing their transaction.

Instant Capture – Be aware that Captures on orders are only allowed to be made if, you as the Merchant have fulfilled your end of the transaction. For physical products, that means when the order is shipped out to the customer. For digital products or services, you are allowed to use this feature but the responsibility to follow the laws and regulations presented by local and global authorities.

Terms of Service – Provide us with an URL that contains a PDF or similar resource containing your conditions.

LogoUrl – Provide us with an URL that contains a .PNG or .JPG with your logotype.

You are now done with configuring our plugin.

Minimum Requirements

  • PHP 7.0 or greater is recommended
  • WooCommerce 5 or greater is recommended


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