CRM Perks – WordPress HelpDesk Integration – Zendesk, Freshdesk, HelpScout


Show user tickets from HelpScout, ZenDesk, FreshDesk and Teamwork Desk in wordpress. Users can create new support tickets and reply to old tickets from wordpress. Learn more at

Supported Ticket Systems

Key Features

  • Display all tickets related to a user in table form.
  • You can use shortcode to display a ‘Create a Ticket’ form and all tickets related to a user.
  • You can prevent spams by enabling Google reCaptcha before submitting a ticket.
  • Displays user tickets and ‘Create a Ticket’ form in “my-account” section of WooCommerce.
  • Plugin works with WooCommerce and HelpScout. When viewing a ticket in helpScout, It displays all WooCommerce orders of that user in Help Scout.

Premium Version.

Following features are available in Premium version only.WordPress HelpDesk Integration Pro.

  • Phone Number field
  • File Attachments
  • Custom Fields
  • Ticket Tags


  • Tickets Table.
  • Create Ticket.
  • View Ticket.
  • Help Scout APP.
  • Ticket System Settings.


Where can I get support?

Our team provides free support at

Zendesk Support for WordPress

  • Give users opportunity to view their tickets from Zendesk.
  • Display User’s old tickets from Zendesk in a table form. Users can view any ticket.
  • users can submit new tickets by submitting a simple form.

Helpscout WordPress Plugin

  • Allow users to view their helpscout tickets on your wordpress site.
  • Users can easily create new tickets with simple contact form.
  • Display User’s old tickets from HelpScout in a table form.

Freshdesk for WordPress

  • Easily connect your wordpress site to your freshdesk account.
  • show user’s old tickets in beautiful table with simple shortcode.
  • users can easily create a new ticket by submitting a simple form.

Website Help Desk Software

  • Show user’s tickets in your website.
  • You can use any ticketing system like zendesk, Freshdesk etc.
  • Users can reply to tickets from your website.

Help desk Software for WordPress

  • This Plugin adds helpdesk portal in your wordpress site.
  • Users can easily see old tickets and reply to any ticket.
  • Integrates with popular ticketing systems like Zendesk, Freshdesk etc.

Best Helpdesk Plugin for WordPress

  • This plugin provides wordpess sortcodes for displaying user tickets and creating new ticket form.
  • Supports many popular ticketing systems like zendesk.
  • Tickets attachments are also supported.


I'm using this plug-in to get Zendesk tickets to my WooCommerce my account pages. Styling is amazing, ticket creation works flawlessly and the support is amazing if you encounter any issues. They also patch issues in the plug-in very quickly, which is great!
I've been looking for a better HelpScout front-end for a long time. This plugin works great out of the box, and super fast!!
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Változási napló


  • added ticket form class.


  • fixed empty shortcode issue.


  • fixed single ticket owner issue in freshdesk.


  • fixed multiple ticket owners issue in helpscout.


  • upgraded helpscout API to v2.


  • added close ticket checkbox for helpscout.


  • added filter for changing tickets table template.


  • Fixed table and forms styling.


  • Initial release.